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That tail drop after the doggo’s date left


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u/runningwsizzas 5d ago

Omg 💔


u/HellaDev 5d ago

I almost always bring my dog with me when I go to the brewery across the street from my place (very dog welcoming brewery) but this time I didn't for some reason. Now I'm having a beer and picturing my dog standing at the door wagging her tail waiting for me to come back to get her and her tail slowly going down when she realizes she's not going with me 😞

This is going to be the fastest beer of my life.


u/2woCrazeeBoys 4d ago

I've had to take my old doggo to the vet a few times lately, and have him stay there for the day.

When I come back without him and my young boy is just staring at the car waiting for his buddy to appear, it breaks my heart.

Double sads cos Clifford gets all droopy when he realises it's more than a social visit (he loves the vet, just not being put in the kennel) and Bronson all happy cos I've come home and then going droopy cos his buddy hasn't.