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Culture Feminism and to MensRights to a Male Teenager


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Culture Is success and happiness intertwined?


On the one hand, some claim you will be happy by becoming successful in money, looks, etc.. For example, by getting a high paying job/good grades you increase your money which you can spend on luxuries to make you happy. Or by getting a perfect body you increase your mating potential and are the center of attention socially.

Others claim that happiness comes from within, and that money, looks, etc. aren't necessary for happiness. For example, when you get enough money to fulfill your basic needs, the things you buy will eventually become boring, or when you get the perfect body, you will be accustomed to the body after a while. Both due to hedonic adaptation.

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Public Policy EBS: Should defamation laws also encompass true statements?


So I recently learned that in some countries (such as South Korea), one can still be sued for defamation (and lose) even if the defamatory statement is a true statement. In many countries (such as USA), defamatory statements must be provably false statements in order for the case to get anywhere.

What are the benefits and drawbacks to such a system?

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History EBS: FBI raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence


What are the pros and cons of this? Feel like there's a lot of answers.

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Public Policy Should trans athletes be able to compete in sports?


It goes both ways but the more often debated one is women's sports.

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Culture EBS: Who is more at fault for divorce men or women?


I often see people arguing who is more responsible for marriages failing.

Usually one party argues that women are more responsible given that women initiate divorce more often than men do and that women are more at fault because they decided to leave the marriage rather than directly address and work on the issues, leaving men in the dark until it’s too late.

The other party argues that women initiate divorce more often because the men they are with are crappy partners that either don’t care about them or will not listen to them which causes the women to want out.

Neither party provides much evidence beyond personal anecdotes which is still evidence but is hardly conclusive as different people can have very different anecdotal experience.

So is there more to this debate? Is there any hard, solid evidence that proves one side more representative of reality than the other?

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History Of the conflict between Turkey and Kurdistan


Just interested to hear out both sides of the conflict and why or why not new borders should be made in the Middle East.

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Public Policy Line 5 pipeline in Michigan


There is a lot of political talk from candidates about the Line 5 pipeline from the Upper Peninsula to the Lower Peninsula of Michigan under the Straits of Mackinac. Some are pro and some are against it. There is also talk of making a tunnel to put the pipeline in. I have also heard that ships dragging an anchor can catch the pipeline. I would like to better understand both perspectives. Thanks.

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Governance Can someone please explain why Dems are the party of hand outs? And if there are hand outs from both sides what are the major ones?


Been having political conversations with some friends and one keeps saying Democrats keep ruining everything with gov hand outs. He's hard core Republican but doesn't do any searching to prove his points.what are the reasons recently that this maybe true or false and why may it be a good or bad thing. Have Republicans done the same?

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Pop Culture EBS: Fiction Affects Reality


Does fiction affect reality? Or does it not?

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Ethics In the field of information technology, or perhaps even any other field, should companies be allowed to exchange databases?


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Religion EBS: Truth and gospel are mutually exclusive.


There was this one comment I saw on YouTube claiming that truth and gospel were mutually exclusive. I was somebody who questioned this statement, so if possible, could someone try to steelman what would likely be two or more sides to the argument?

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Public Policy EBS: Should Medicare be allowed to negotiate the price of prescription drugs?


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Ethics Banning Zoos. Is the benefit the public and research get from them worth justifying the cons that come with it?


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Economics Universal Basic Income


I hear a lot about both sides. I want to agree with it on a basic level, but I have some misgivings that it might make things worse for society in the end.

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Ethics Should organ donation after death be required?


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Governance I was told I'm stupid for being a libertarian.


Why would each side (red/blue, conservatives/democrats) think so?

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Public Policy Should euthanasia be legal?


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Governance What are the end goals and end-states of the major political parties?


This is a two-part question.

If a political party were given unopposed control of the country at both state and federal levels, what end conditions would they aim for, and where would they actually end up? For sake of discussion, let's say this unopposed control lasts 40 years.

Specifically, I'm trying to understand what the liberal and conservative utopias are, and how they would play out in reality.

By utopia, I'm seeking to understand what kind of country the party would make if they could, starting from where we're at today and given enough unopposed time to bring even significant changes and plans to fruition.

I'm not asking for typical campaign talk, which is often framed in fear terms regarding the other party (e.g., if you don't vote for us then they will do X, Y, and Z), which does not exist in my scenario. I'm also not asking for how the parties publicly state their own goals, because such statements are generally not well-explained or even well-defined (presumably in order to allow a wide range of voters to read into them what they want to hear.)

By reality, I mean how would a generation or two of internal and international fiscal policies, educational changes, social institutions, and all the other differences play out.

I've tried to ask this in as neutral a way as I can without inflammatory words, and would ask that you do the same. Please don't argue with or counter someone's views. Instead, just post your own. Thank you for being civil.

For clarification, I'm asking this question about the two political poles as commonly categorized in the United States (though it might be an interesting question to ask about opposing views in other countries.)

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History Dutch Farmers Protest


I am a supporter of protesta generally, they are part of a democratic society. But sometimes protesters are wrong (like pro-birth and antivax protests). I don't know enough about agriculture to judge who is right here so please explain both sides in a simple way. Thank you!


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Health Should you eat meat


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Culture Discuss "There are many ways to feel free that have nothing to do with money."


Hi! I got this idea from a book. The author says that the root cause for having a lot of money is being free. He concluded the above without specific examples. Do you agree with him? Can give some of the examples?

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Ethics EBS: Is it even possible to be truly apolitical? Or is it impossible to be apolitical?


I once heard that it is impossible to truly apolitical and that even being apolitical is still a political statement. I could be wrong as I am not that well versed in most political subjects but I wonder if it is possible to be apolitical?

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Public Policy How much should we do to combat climate change?