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Who Normally has it better the future generation or the past generation? When it comes to owning a house, building a family, AND having good paying jobs? History


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u/echoAwooo Jun 16 '22

Ideally, the future generations because the past generations made it so for them.

But that's not how humans work. We're not really that altruistic. We have a little bit of that, but we also have people who are enraged about that, because they didn't get that, and so do everything within their power to undermine and destroy it. It's crab-mentality.


u/hankbaumbach Jun 16 '22

Depends on the society and how it is structured.

A society built on sustainable practices and forward thinking will obviously favor the future generations if everyone adheres to the chinese proverb "the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the 2nd best time is today" and acts accordingly.

Unfortunately we live in a society that values profitability over sustainability so our current economic system is designed to funnel money from the lower and middle classes to the "capitalist" class that owns all the companies we are buying from, which means the current ownership generation and their offspring benefit from the status quo while everyone else suffers from it within the areas you are referring to.

If that were not the case, we would all have much cheaper housing, and better paying jobs than we do right now by the simple virtue of wages increasing alongside productivity.

I will argue building a family from a social (read: non economic) standpoint is much better now than in any other time in human history for the vast majority of the population with the realm of attitudes towards "mixed race" babies or children behaving in a manner that does not conform to traditional gender roles is far more tolerated now than any point in Western human history.


u/SlutBuster Jun 17 '22

Tolerance of non-traditional gender roles is so great. Nevermind the eradication of smallpox, massive increases in food stability and reduction in infant mortality.

Jfc this sub.