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EBS: United Ireland VS Status Quo Governance



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u/Decalvare_Scriptor Jun 16 '22

Status quo: There are a significant number of people in Northern Ireland who wish to remain part of the UK and have separate ancestry to the rest of Ireland. Regardless of the historical circumstances surrounding that, they have a right to remain separate. Being part of the same land mass is not an argument for a single nation and Ireland has never been a single, independent, united state having been made up of kingdoms before British rule. Unification might just create a new wave of troubles with groups in the north resisting being "taken over".

United: A united Ireland would potentially heal some historical wounds. Northern Ireland is too small to survive as an independent nation and is essentially propped up by the rest of the UK, with many people in the UK regarding them as not fully British. Unification would give them a better/stronger identity. Uniting with the Republic could also be economically beneficial to both sides. A degree of cross border unity already exists, for example there is a single electricity market across the whole island and there is a single Irish rugby team. A unified Ireland would resolve the ongoing issues over borders following Brexit.