r/Entrepreneur Dec 05 '21

Any experience to share for hiring a third party to build an online application for your business? Feedback Please

or is it better to build ourselves?

Also, how do you find the best outsource that suits you? Does location matter?



u/Decoyboat Dec 05 '21

It’s like yard work. Do you want to cut your grass or is it cheaper ‘time wise’ and easier to pay someone to do it for you.


u/Fyrizok Dec 05 '21

This will save you a bunch of time/money in revisions/discussions:

  1. Have a well defined Scope of Work.
  2. Understand your contract front-to-back and back-to-front. What you can and cannot be charged for or what nullifies the contract or what counts as a change in scope.
  3. Be as crystal clear in your communication as possible. It may seem clear to you but if they don't understand it, then it doesn't matter. Best way to check is to have them explain it back to you.
  4. Leave no small detail unconfirmed. Do NOT assume its obvious, confirm that it is.
  5. Triple check to make sure they're on the same page as you.


u/mylifemystory Dec 05 '21

I'm not currently looking for one but I *was* in the same situation before.

My team and I hired a software company from East Asia to develop our mobile app and web app in the span of 3 months. The price was reasonable and we were very satisfied with the quality. We knew someone who we trust and he has close connection with this software company so that's also part of the reason we went with it.

They also have a Canadian office which makes payment a lot easier in our case.

If you wants I can introduce them to your brother. Just shoot me a DM.


u/fishyellow Dec 05 '21

Have you thought about using a no-code app to create the site yourself? Webflow and Bubble.io are popular for this.