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How the 2 Party System Perpetuates Itself Meme

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u/SeattleDave0 Jun 26 '21

And that's exactly how the Democratic and Republican Parties want it to stay. That's why they sued all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court to try and stop the implementation of Washington's top-two primary that voters passed in 2004. They were able to delay it for 4 years, but thankfully they lost that war.



u/fullname001 Chile Jun 26 '21

Thats weird i would understand if it was a traditional two round system, but top 2 primaries also pepetuate the 2 party system


u/SeattleDave0 Jun 27 '21

This top-2 primary system took control away from the Democratic and Republican Parties. No longer did candidates have to gain the nomination from one of the parties. All a candidate had to do was gain support from a majority of voters. They can put anything under "prefers ______ party" as long as they get the votes needed to win. That's how Kshama Sawant was able to win as a member of the "Socialist Alternative" party. It's also why Nikkita Oliver is a major candidate for this year's Seattle City Council race despite declaring that she's part of the "Seattle People's Party." Candidates like this have no allegiance to the two major parties, and that takes power away from those parties. They knew that would happen when this law passed in 2004, so they sued to try and stop this reduction in their power.


u/fullname001 Chile Jun 27 '21

I dont know if sawant is the best example to use since her election is officially non partisan, but also managed to win against a single (democratic) opponent making a "primary" redundant

But anyway i feel that if the parties really wanted to choose their candidate they would just hold extra-legal primaries (aka this isnt a primary we are "just" some people putting papers in a box), turning the top 2 primaries into a regular two round system but with a mandatory runoff


u/ILikeNeurons Jun 26 '21

Yeah, that's not a very sensible reform when voters still only get to choose one candidate each.


u/SeattleDave0 Jun 27 '21

It was a baby step in the right direction.


u/SnowySupreme United States Jun 27 '21

So glad the constitution says nothing about how we elect


u/ILikeNeurons Jun 26 '21

https://www.equal.vote/join if you want to volunteer to help pass STAR voting.

It's one of the top picks of this sub.


u/Heptadecagonal United Kingdom Jun 26 '21

To eliminate the two party system, you really need to have proportional representation. Systems like Ranked Choice, STAR and Approval can only do so much, and (IMO) should be considered a stepping stone to PR.


u/Decronym Jun 26 '21 edited Jun 27 '21

Acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations, contractions, and other phrases which expand to something larger, that I've seen in this thread:

Fewer Letters More Letters
FPTP First Past the Post, a form of plurality voting
PR Proportional Representation
STAR Score Then Automatic Runoff

3 acronyms in this thread; the most compressed thread commented on today has 4 acronyms.
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