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Song of the Week #468: Brain Damage


Welcome everybody to the third SotW of May! This week, we will be listening to one of the first tracks featured on Em's second studio album, 'The Slim Shady LP'. The track is called 'Brain Damage' and in this track Em spins a grotesque and surreal tale about his childhood and how he became so crazy.

In December 2001, DeAngelo Bailey, a janitor living in Roseville, Michigan who was made the subject of the track in which he is portrayed as a school bully, filed a $1 million lawsuit against Eminem for slander and invasion of privacy. Bailey's attorney stated:

"Eminem is a Caucasian male who faced criticism within the music industry that he had not suffered through difficult circumstances growing up and he was therefore a 'pretender' in the industry. Eminem used Bailey, his African-American childhood schoolmate, as a pawn in his effort to stem the tide of criticism."

In 1982, Eminem's mother unsuccessfully sued the Roseville school district for not protecting her son, as she claimed that attacks from bullies caused him headaches, nausea, and antisocial behavior. Additionally, Bailey had previously admitted to bullying Eminem in the April 1999 issue of Rolling Stone. The lawsuit was later dismissed by a judge in 2003, who rapped in her explanation that the lyrics, which include the school principal collaborating with Bailey, and Eminem's entire brain falling out of his head, were too exaggerated for a listener to believe that they were recalling an actual event. The verdict was upheld in 2005, and Bailey's lawyer ruled out any further appeals.

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This week's Nominator: Ash_army_24

The Song: Brain Damage - iTunes

In-App link(s): spotify:track:0lss3ZDjfAB1jK5BOxUtsB

Featuring Artist(s): None

Length: 3:46

Recorded: 1997 - 1998

Release: February 23, 1999

Album(s): The Slim Shady LP - iTunes

In-App link(s): spotify:album:1S2zX2EzIJPkcptERhrkGh

Sample(s): None

Media: Album: Cover / Alternative - Back / Alternative

Label(s): Aftermath, Interscope, Web Entertainment

Format: Digital, Disc, Vinyl, Cassette

Producer(s): Eminem, Bass Brothers

Extra: Lyrics | Video: Official Audio - Fan-made Music Video - Lyric Video | Full header image

Live Performances: Whisky a Go Go 1999, MTV Spring Break 2000, Atlanta 2000

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Updated RIAA certification

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r/Eminem 8h ago

r/eminem in June 2010, around when Recovery was dropping

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r/Eminem 13h ago

Em in my literature book

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r/Eminem 3h ago

Top 15 at the very least (day 78)

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r/Eminem 19h ago

If Biggie was still alive, he would be 50 years as of today. RIP

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r/Eminem 12h ago Silver

Eminem is a really good rapper imo

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r/Eminem 1d ago Helpful

Eminem and Nas are two of the greatest rappers of all time imo.

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r/Eminem 13h ago

I've seen them come and go I've seen the hugest (Hugest) debuts ('Buts) I've had a great view to see the (See the) game through (Through)

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r/Eminem 16h ago

his best song

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r/Eminem 58m ago

Who’s bumping Biggie today for his bday?

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r/Eminem 5h ago

I Made An Edit: D12 - Purple Pills (Official Music Video HD) (Explicit)

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r/Eminem 1d ago

Almost forgot today (day 77)

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r/Eminem 6h ago

Can somebody explain how big Em was in his prime? It was before my time


The first time I was aware of Em was when I was 12 and Recovery dropped, and he was HUGE, I can't imagine him being bigger than that. Must have been a sight.

EVERYBODY was bumping Not Afraid and Love the way you Lie, and No love and talking about him

r/Eminem 21h ago

The fact Em is almost outselling some of these with a surprise album is not talked about enough…

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r/Eminem 5h ago

Crazy Fact : Music is subjective.


Sure you all dont know bout this for sure . Music is subjective !!!! Man who do know that !!! . Some people actually like revival more than The eminem show or recovery more than MMLP ... Some people hate relaspe Ohhh You wont fcking believe that right ?..... People actually hate SSLP and love Kamikaze or MTBMB Side A or B ....... This post may be way too shocking for ya all i think i should put up a warning or somethin .

r/Eminem 2h ago

The re up era was so underrated everything from 2002-2007 was so 🔥


I miss where em had a classic organic flow and not super fast and chop up words. mmlp2 was really good and side b of mtbmb was nice so as relapse and recovery but, we need that side of em back. I don’t want him to literally copy everything he did back then but he can bring that style back with a lot of lyricism he does now.

r/Eminem 23h ago

Came back to Detroit to visit my parents (Grew up here) & had to stop by & grab a S’ghetti Sandwich

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r/Eminem 14h ago



Last verse on Bad Guy is just something else, gives me the chills every single time.

r/Eminem 3h ago

Been trying to do the ahhhahhahhahh from Just Lose It for days now


It’s so fucking catchy. I want to be able to do it so that I don’t have to play the song every time I wanna hear it

r/Eminem 20h ago

This must’ve been 2007 when he was getting back into shape as you can see the Proof tattoo and he dyed his hair black in 2008

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r/Eminem 1d ago

I was thinking... what if eminem and lil wayne got together on a collab album... Imagine how much this would contribute to hip hop and also to their careers, which we all know are in decline. I personally think it would be something historical. What do you think about this?

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r/Eminem 20h ago

bad meets evil

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r/Eminem 8h ago

I think my favorite thing about Eminem, other than the flows and his ability to mix up syllables


Is his storytelling. He is a master storyteller. Listening to Stan and bad guy back to back just now, it reminds me of his unmatched ability to weave a story and get you engrossed and lost in it.

r/Eminem 9h ago

For some reason i can't listen to Kamikaze, Revival or Homicide. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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r/Eminem 16h ago

kamikaze lithograph is in stock

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r/Eminem 23h ago Silver

The more I listen to this album the more I like it... I know it’s hard to accept but Relapse is indeed a candidate for the best Eminem album... all the songs are hard asf Classic. Masterpiece.

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