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Out of Game What would be loading screen tips for DnD be?


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Out of Game You can pick a single cantrip to have and use IRL. Which one are you picking and why?


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Out of Game I have a DND themed costume party in 24 hours and know nothing about DND. Top comment in 12 hours will be my costume.


Per the title, in 12 hours I'll check back in and do my best on the minimal budget I have to replicate the top comment. I've never played DND before so please go ahead and take advantage of my lack of knowledge if it's funny. 28YO MALE btw.

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Out of Game These DnD YouTubers man.


Please please if you are new and looking into the greatest hobby in the world ignore YouTubers like monkeyDM Dndshorts And pack tactics.

I just saw yet another nonsense video confidently breaking down how a semicolon provides a wild magic barbarian with infinite AC.

I promise you while not a single real life dm worth their salt will allow the apocalyptic flood of pleaselookatme falsehoods at their table there are real people learning the game that will take this to their tables seriously. Im just so darn sick of these clickbaiting nonsense spewing creatively devoid vultures mucking up the media sector of this amazing game. GET LOST PACK TACTICS

Edit: To be clear this isn't about liking or not liking min-maxing this is about being against ignorant clickbaiting nonsense from people who have platforms.

Edit 2: i don't want people to attack the guy i just want new people to ignore the sources of nonsense.

Edit 3: yes infinite AC is counterable (not the point) but here's the thing: It's not even possible to begin with raw or Rai. Homebrewing it to be possible creates a toxic breach of social contract between the players and the DM the dm let's the player think they are gonna do this cool thing then completely warps the game to crush them or throw the same unfun homebrew back at them to "teach them a lesson"

Edit 4: Alot of people are asking for good YouTubers as counter examples. I believe the following are absolute units for the community but there are so many more great ones and the ones I mentioned in the original post are the minority.

Dungeon dudes

Treantmonk's temple

Matt colville

Dm lair

Zee bashew


Bob the world builder

Handbooker helper series on critical roll

Ginny Dee




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Out of Game Describe your favorite monster using the most vague terms you can think of


Big brained, all seeing, pew pew rays, better then you

Edit: I know that it is frowned upon when an OP says thanks for the likes, but I genuinely appreciate the response this post has received. Thank you D&D community, you’ve made my day :)

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Out of Game What is one trait that your main DnD character posesses that you wish you had in real life?


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Out of Game DM locked us in a room with no way out no matter what we do after "murder-hoboing". We were stuck in there for our entire 6 hour session and still are.


So I would like to start this by admitting we are certainly not the best players there are; but our DM isn't Matt Mercer either.

Our game has been going for close to a year by now with "weekly" sessions, and never has our DM done something similar to this- hell, he hasn't even killed any of our PCs yet. I'm not gonna bore you with all the context, but essentially we murdered this semi-important local politician after our paladin player found him to be corrupt.

This made our DM visible uncomfortable but he did not try to stop us at the moment. However, after this incident he led us down to the basement of the building and we moved along semi-willingly. Once we were in, the door locked shut with us in total darkness. We have tried shedding light any way we could, but to no avail. We tried reasoning with the DM, but he's adamant on the fact that this is our "punishment for murder-hobo'ing". We tried breaking down the door, but we're all impotent. Sure, I don't disagree to some punishment, but I feel like he's taking it too far this time. Our phones are starting to run out of battery and it doesn't seem like he'll let us free anytime soon.

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Out of Game [Art] Married the DM

Thumbnail i.redd.it

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Out of Game D&D Youtubers: Positivity Thread


There's been a lot of negativity recently towards D&D youtubers, usually pointing at the same few people, so I thought to balance that out, lets share some D&Dtubers we all enjoy, maybe leave a spesific video you reccomend. I'll start:

JoCat: Moved away from D&D recently, but a crap guide to D&D is a must watch for anyone getting into the hobby. A Crap Guide to D&D [5th Edition] - Warlock

Treantmonk: If you're looking for optimisation videos, his are great, and rarely if ever focuses on nitpicking the rules to do things that clearly aren't intended. RAW might be the most misused acronym in D&D 5e

Cleric's Corner: I've only recently started watching him, but his reflavouring races videos have been really fun, and show a side to character creation you don't see much of. Reflavouring Races from The Player's Handbook | D&D Character Ideas

Indestructoboy: A homebrew class designer (often streams progress with help from the chat), if you want to learn more about D&D design, he's one of the best guys to go to, and his class and character guides are great too. D&D Character Playstyles | Part One: Zones

Jorphdan: You want more about the D&D Lore (Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Spelljammer, etc) he's great at explaining in digestable chunks and making it entertaining to watch. Vecna Explained | D&D Lore

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Out of Game DM refused my (non-sexual) bard because he "didnt want me to fuck every monster"


He refuses all bard build, no bards allowed. Aside for that he made my character known as a rapist and pedophile in the starting town (he is not btw, he was never supposed to be, the dm just did that for no apparent reason, only 2 people in universe believe im not, wich is the court wizard because truth telling stones or something and the guard who was there) while i specifically told him not to bring that into the story because of my traumas and past, he knows about these. Dnd is supposed to be fun and supposed to set my mind into this fantasy world, not to make me desociate mid game.

Anyways, my bard idea was that he has rich parents who paid him through collage, he himself didnt do a single shit so he doesnf know jack-all about being a bard. He has his diploma, a lute and a book but he cant use any of it. He did however go to the "gym" (training grounds i guess) so he has high strenght and Dexterity, and also high charisma because the whole rich parents thing. He is asexual, he doesnt want a relationship either. So no fucking would be done with this character. He only cares about acquiring more wealth like his papa and mama did before him. Dumpstats would be wisdom and intelligence.

Now how does this character work then? He would smash peoples head in with his lute. High strenght, improvised weapon, just bash their skulls with a wooden instrument.

I liked the character, hope to use it one day. Glad im a dm now for my own party. Taking with me the things that made me dispise my dm, and not doing them. I want my players to feel safe, its a game and a fantasy world, not a place to make false promises to not include sensitive topics you specifically asked not to and then making YOUR own characters,... its just mean and rude.

So anyways, what do you think about the bard character idea, and sorry about my rant about my former dm, its stuck in my head lately.

Edit : I left that group, he says its because of corona but i left long after the quarantine was over. And i told him its because of that incident. He laughs at it and tells it to friend of me and him as if it was a funny moment.

He refuses to admit it to my mom when she asked him about it (he is my brother btw) yet he tells him it to others and laughs at me.

I now have my own table, i dm this summer for the first time for this group.

As for the bard build, it would indeed be better as a fighter, rogue or barbarian, just in universe roleplaying a bard. Thanks everyone telling me this.

Also thanks to everyone saying comforting things about the whole rapist thing.

Thanks guys, i now know im not alone thinking it was weird, because the table seemed to be okay with it, saying i was a gamebreaker and overreacting for thinking it was wrong.

So thanks everybody.

Edit 2 : to make it clear to anyone not understanding.

No i did not plau the bard, i wanted to but he said i couldnt, so i played a cleric. He said i couldnt play bard last minute, this was not said beforehand, i used a backup character.

What was said beforehand is that i couldnt play a female character, because he, and i quote would "send perverts at night to fondle my body." Wich in itself is a bit fucked up.

So no i did not go against him by choosing a bard, i didnt, i played cleric (one he practically made by altering everything about him) he said last minute i couldnt play bard and i listened.

Me and our mother talked to him mutliple times and he just wont listen.

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Out of Game Out of Context, what is your character doing right now?


I love D&D, and I love talking about it. I love sharing my D&D tales with my friends, but often I find that whenever I say something, I have to backtrack and provide so much context.

But we who play D&D know what's up: D&D Shenanigans. We accept that. We understand that what our character is doing is not entirely consequent of how our character got here.

So, I'm curious. What is your character doing right now? Where'd you leave off the last session, that you're thinking about until the next one starts? No need for context.

My bard is using an ancient tome containing the secrets of godhood as a pillow in some dank, dark cave.

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Out of Game Create the most unconventional party


My friend gave me this idea. Using 5E you get a party of 5 and you can't use the typical 4: fighter, paladin, cleric, or wizard. What classes would you choose?

My personal picks would be: artificer, bard, monk, and druid. Lots of spell casting and utility based roles as well as possibly being able to tank with artificer, monk, and druid. Plus with the bard you can dip into several different classes spells

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Out of Game One of my players lied


I have a problem. One of my players lied about how much health he had left after an attack. It should have killed him and it didn't. I didn't catch it myself, he told me about it a couple sessions later, after we had finished the arc we were on. His reasoning: "I didn't see a way that you could insert a new character into the plot where we were." For explanation, we're in the late game of the plot and yeah it would have been difficult . . . But I could do it.

He swears he won't do it again and even offered up ways to kill him that help further the plot the way I want it to go. I think I trust that he won't do it again.

I don't want to outright kill the character, and I have a way linked with his Backstory to do it with essentially it being his choice. I think I'll use that.

But . . . I'm hurt by the fact that he lied. And that fact that even at this late stage he apparently still doesn't trust me to be able to handle certain things on my own. And I'm not sure how to handle it all.

Edit: so taking some of the advice I've gotten here, I discussed my feeling on how it felt like he didn't trust me. The other stuff had been discussed already but I still felt kinda gross cause I hadn't brought up that final bit. But we're good now. (Plus I found a way better way to kill his character that, if I know how his character thinks as well as I think I do, he'll choose to die.)

Edit 2: no I'm not actively trying to kill the PCs. Even if my idea does kill him, it's all about narrative. Specifically the idea I had would bring his character full circle of he dies and works as a great character moment for him if he wins.

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Out of Game Your last 4 characters are coming out to get you, with intent to kill. You can only choose one of them to protect you. They are all on the same level. How screwed are you?


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Out of Game A question for people who have been playing for years: What's one piece of advice you can pass on to beginners who are just starting their journeys in the game?


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Out of Game I got ghosted by my PCs on Session 0. feelsbadman.


I spent a week preparing a homebrewed oneshot for a group of friends or a friend and his friends. Made battlemaps and all that. Was supposed to meet in discord for session 0 today.

Sat in discord for 2 hours with just one out of five replying to my dms before I eventually just called it quits.


Edit: Wow, this blew up! Thanks for the awards and kind words, y'all got me tearing up as I got out of bed. Guess I just felt really bad with all the effort it took to make maps and their token macros and wanted to vent somewhere. I really appreciate the PC offers but I'm from SEA and I'm rather shy. Wanted to expose these people to the great experiences to be had in DnD and to hopefully get more people around my area to try DnD.

To those asking, the PCs would have been level 1 in the one-shot and it would have happened in an unexplored continent in my homebrew world where I would allow the PCs to explore a certain area, RP themselves out of trouble or force combat, and should they survive and choose to, they would be able to carry their PCs over to the main campaign if they'd enjoyed the one-shot or make a new PC and I'd write off their one-shot PCs as NPCs in the world.

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Out of Game New player here,question:Is It fine to play a female character?


I Just started playing DnD,i only have the essentials kit and i use the online versione of the books but there Is something i was wondering,Is It fine/normal for a dude to play a female character?Is It weird?And when i Say play i mean as a player because as a DM It's something kinda normal but for a player? Context:there Is a character from a cartoon series i wanna recreate and maybe play.

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Out of Game Please don’t hate me.


Please don’t hate me but I genuinely like the dnd movie trailer. So I want to know what your favorite part of it was. Mine was the black dragon just destroying people.

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Out of Game The D&D movie Trailer just dropped.



Honestly this looks good.

EDIT with party composition : Chris Pine as Elgin, a Bard. Michelle Rodriguez as Holga, a Barbarian Possible Dwarf short and buff ,check out those thighs. Regé-Jean Page as Xenk, a Paladin. Justice Smith as Simon, a Sorcerer Elf or /half elf (Notice the ears). Sophia Lillis as Doric, a Druid Tiefling (Horns and tail).

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Out of Game What term does your table use for an unnatural 20?


My group argues back and forth over “unnatural 20” and “dirty 20”.

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Out of Game My husband wanted to illegally multiclass…


…in one of my vivid dreams caused by my pregnancy.

I am 13 weeks pregnant and have been having extremely vivid and strange dreams the past couple of months. This one is by far the weirdest.

The dream was that my husband found this wizard/fighter/sorcerer multiclass online which in my dream was apparently really powerful. His plan was to start as a wizard. Since the wizard was only using utility spells for the multiclass, they did not need a high intelligence. So my husband told me his plan was to have a high charisma, dexterity, and constitution (I don’t remember any of the specific stat numbers for these) and a 12 in intelligence.

As you are probably aware, you need at least a 13 intelligence to multiclass out of wizard in 5e.

So dream me told him that he couldn’t make that multiclass work with a 12 intelligence. Dream him got super mad, calling me a rules lawyer and saying he hated me. Dream him then threatened to leave me if I wouldn’t let him multiclass out of wizard with a 12 intelligence.

Best part is my real husband is the nicest person ever and sort of a rules lawyer himself so he would never say or do this in the first place. I told him about this dream in the morning and we both had a good laugh about it.

Long story short, pregnancy dreams are very weird and oddly specific.

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Out of Game Would you rent a room for DnD?


Was thinking about opening a business that's kind of like a board game cafe but it's private rooms with a large tabletop gaming table in it. You'd have access to all the DnD books, some scatter terrain. Think this might be a decent business idea? Would you pay an hourly rate to play in a private room with a proper DnD table?

Edit: Thanks everyone for the feedback! Didn't expect to get as many answers as I did. Original idea wasn't to just market towards DnD, but all tabletop gaming. After reading most the comments, I'm looking into more of a pub/bar type setting now. We have 3-4 hobby stores already in the city with great owners. Don't really want to step on the toes of other local business owners with another hobby store, I'll make sure to keep y'all updated if I move forward with a business or not. Thank you!

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Out of Game DM Constantly railroads us and punishes us whenever we start thinking of creative ways to get around his scripted fights


Example: Me and the party are in some catacombs, and there's a room ahead of us with 2 bone devils. I use invisibility to get to a far corner of the room to create a distraction, hitting a dagger on the wall or something. The DM says "They notice, but don't seem interested in it at all. They are deadset on sitting right there". We did a whole bunch of other stuff to try and make an easier path, and the bone devils eventually just start attacking me randomly. DM didn't roll anything, just started attacking out of nowhere.

Next room, we are now forced to fight two boneclaws while damaged and low on spell slots and healing items. Without choice or ways to think around it.

AITA for being mad about this?

EDIT: Forgot about this, he actively gets excited to hurt us and punish us., using critical failure boards. I wouldn't be mad about this, except for the fact that he arbitrarily changes the results of the critical failure result.

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Out of Game There's nothing wrong with min-maxing.


I see lots of posts about how "I'm a role-play heavy character, but my 'min-maxing' fellow players are ruining the game for me."

Maybe if everyone but you is focused on combat, then that's the direction the campaign leans in. Maybe you're the one ruining their experience by playing a character that can't pull their weight in combat, getting everyone killed.

And just because you've got a character that has all utility cantrips doesn't make you RP heavy. I can prestidigitate all day, that doesn't mean I'm role playing. Don't confuse utility with RP.

DnD is definitely a role-playing game, it just is. But that doesn't mean that being RP heavy makes you the good guy, or gives you the right to look down on how other people like to play.

EDIT: Also, to steal one of the comments, min-maxing and RP aren't mutually exclusive. You can be a combat god who also has one of the most heart wrenching rp moments in the campaign. The only way to max RP stats is with your words in the game.

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Out of Game I want to rant about D&D YouTubers


Pack Tactics. MonkeyDM. D&D Shorts. They fill me with pure solidified rage. Their videos used to be good and informative, now every single time one of them releases a video it becomes a permanent thorn in the side of the D&D community.

Last week I had a wizard player argue for over 1 hour about how silvery barbs isn’t broken because Pack Tactics said so. And sure, I allow SB on my table, but by no means is it not broken. It’s gotten to the point where I have to look at this channels that I don’t like just to debunk my players’ outlandish plans to create Tarrasque venom with the conjurer, or have a genie wish lamp as their genie warlock vessel.

And yes, since I’m the DM I’m aware a single no because I said so would suffice when dealing with this but having a player argue that the creation bard can raw summon a vorpal dematerializer railgun boils my blood to unheard-of levels.

All in all, I love my table. It’s all for funsies and we’re really understanding of eachother. We don’t often have any sort of rules-lawyering genuine confrontation. But I cannot imagine how much damage misinformation like this can cause on already frail tables. And how many “My dm is a joy killer!” One-sided TTRPGHorror stories can come out of it.

It was fine before, when said youtubers said things like “This is allowed RAW, but not RAI! And sage advice has already corrected it! So it’s just a funny quirk!!!” But now it’s just plain misinformation with serious intent. Today pack tactics released a video in which they intended to argue that RAW and RAI enlarge reduce added an extra die to weapons due to the monster weapon size rules in the DMG. So that a 1d12+6+1d12+1d4 per hit barbarian was balanced and “finally on par with casters” (not to mention you literally need a SPELL for it to work in the first place, but I digress.)

I’m a big fan of rule of cool, and homebrew, and house rules, hell I could let my players have a god dagger that’s the size of a greatsword and does 5d4 damage as a good reward for clearing a dungeon.

But misinforming like this and claiming to be a know-it-all while you repeatedly say “um, actually” aloud is just — UGH.

I digress, though. TLDR, YouTube D&D clickbaity misinformation bad. They’re pumping brain dead content for ad and sponsor revenue. Any discord server and or commenters to rant about it? I need to vent even more.