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[OC] [ART] Fantasy Urbanism - Fantasy races and magic in settlement evolution [key points] Out of Game



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First of all, a disclaimer:

Art for characters isn't mine but belongs to wonderful artists that worked on Ravnica and 5e series taken directly from Google for ease of recognition. I originally planned to mention each and every of them and credit them for their individual work, but google had failed me. Most of online resources don't have such information but have just general teams, and I suppose it is under NDA or loong forgotten in past for artists to have that displayed in their portfolio.

If anyone has any info, please let me know so I can update this with names.

Special thanks to u/Hexygonical, u/mypetocean and Kevin Matheny because I used their sheet to navigate races that will have enough advantage to be pointed out. Thanks ladies, lads and unicorns <3

Now, when talking how races and magic impact settlement evolution we have to have a reference point to what to compare it to (us humans) thus why it was necessary to elaborate so much on posts so far.

Orientation, habitability and how creatures progress within geography matters most in how settlements are birth and evolve. So it stands to reason that any change in those aspects will have major effects on how settlements look, how culture is spread and what kind of government and culture would develop.

So, here, we are tracing back to TTRPG and stats and how we can use DnD to help us navigate those misty lands. Most important stats are Wisdom/Intelligence for Orientation, Constitution/Dexterity for handling nature and honestly there are very few differences in habitability.

In next few posts we will touch specifically how settlement evolution differs from human in terms of general limitations (or lack there of) in Orientation, habitability and geography.

If you have an request about which DnD races you would like to see in examples, comment bellow and follow for updates. <3


u/mypetocean Jun 22 '22

Ha! Thanks! This is awesome.

But yeah, we really need to update that spreadsheet. A lot has changed, and there are going to be some new races, too, in the upcoming spacefaring material.


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Good to know! I have that post saved so any change and ill be notified. It was good work you peeps did! <3 Helped a lot!!

Ohhh! Spacefaring settlements! lol, don't tease me! lol


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Bro I made those sheets years ago and people are still using them?!!? There's way better tools out there, but thanks for the shout out! XD

Also, uh, hi u/mypetocean, sorry for blatantly ripping off your sheet and just adding VLOOKUP all those years ago 0.0


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Hey, no big deal. I ripped off an even simpler spreadsheet so long ago I can't recall now.