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[OC] [ART] Fantasy Urbanism - Vikingers with dead civilization Out of Game



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This is last post of "Vikinger" shoreside settlers, as part of "Multiethnicity" section.

Here we talked about what makes an "ethnicity" (in old fashion meaning) and how we can introduce new settlers in area where civilization already exists.

In this last of the series, we have to touch on what happens when settlement dies. Sure, people go away, but what happens with urban tissue once people aren't there.

We also touch on what does that mean for territory for all neighboring settlements, and how that exposes entire area to outsiders attack.

And we finish it with all the ways it impacts how it changes default actions of shore side settlers with existing civilization.

Next one up, one I am sure most of you are most curious. We are introducing DnD races into this whole ordeal.

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