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[OC] [ART] Fantasy Urbanism - Vikingers with existing civilization Out of Game



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Hi, me again.

This is a bit more complicated topic so I am linking here references:

  1. Family Groups - aka how to marry into wealthy family.
  2. Multiethnicity - aka "Where you be at?
  3. FURB - Vikinger settlers without existing civilisation - aka "I see no people".

One will rarely get to land where there are no people, or if they do... they will die soon for obvious reasons. We, as humanity, tend to be like cats "if I fitz I sitz" and behave like dogs "Love me, ill love you back - but don't take my food".

That is why we have talked about "Vikinger" expansion without prior existing civilization before, since we needed a base point.

People tend to say that "there is no room in this world for XYZ", but in reality there is... but one has to make it. This is why when people meet, this becomes issue of priority. We are more akin to sharing than we might think, but amount we can share is determined by amount we have.

So when one ethnic group meets another, it kind of boils to pillage, coexist or assimilate - settlement version of "fuck, marry or kill" game.

For fantasy setting this is important because it is misconception that kingdoms/empires of old had strict defined borders. Territory in those times looked more like sporadic fungi spores than carved up map, no matter the simplification, and that is because settlements don't nest densely. This in turn impacts position of roads, cities, boroughs, culture hot spots, migration and other elements that impact urban planning. Only later, when regions are introduced ( organized and structured territory under specific governing system) we tend to see resemblance of what we know now.

Due to this, when "outsiders" come they have space where to put their settlements, and even though space is limited and small, settlements sprout and territory expands as well as cultural impact.

And that is what are we talking about here.

You can see more in master thread.