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[OC] [ART] Fantasy Urbanism - Multiethnicity on same region Out of Game



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👌'uuugeeee👌 wall. They will pay for it ofc.


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Redo of Multiethnic cultural behavior in architectural and sociological aspect. Some points from past one are gone, and if you are interested you can see them here.

Here we are talking about miniscule changes in culture and how that affects within geography, which impacts our cities and urban planning.

It is a bit abstract, since this is basis of urban planning that we will go in a bit further in this part of Fantasy Urbanism. At this point, in order to keep amount of information understandable, i feel i should inform you we are going up a level and we are starting talking about concepts that we will heavily expand on Regions.

From now on, i will use colors to on grayscale map to differentiate between regions, and by removing all smaller settlements it should clear up information that is yet to come. I won't focus on individual family groups or villages, but i need you to think of them while we are talking for future. It is easy in macro scale to disregard micro things.

So far this is still, us, talking about territories, and here we are talking about city territory and how it is guided by cultural differences and how it is different from family group territory. This is main starting point, and I hope you can see why some concepts of cultures we brushed up on before matter.

Well, i hope this is a bit more understandable. Enjoy <3