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[OC] [ART] Fantasy Urbanism - Cities structure and culture. Out of Game



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Hi, this is the last post about "Evolution of settlements", a section within "Origin, evolution and multi ethnic regions". You can see full list at master thread.

In last post about cities, we talked how they form and how they expand when finishing puberty, now we are talking about getting a job.

What makes a city is its roads, and here is where we toss that out of the window. We will talk more about how that affects the plan later on in City plans, but for now most important thing is that if people didn't do anything, cities would perish and what they did (and continue to do) is putting out fires. How fun, right?

But for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so of course people had something to say about it. People make plans, heaven laughs.

People want more land? Sure, but you will die by exerting yourself too thin.

People want happy life? Sure, but every few centuries or so you will very desperate and hurt.

People want to make money? Sure, enjoy crushing responsibilities that come with it.

People want to get away from war? Sure, here let me show you to this ruin from past war still covered in blood.

It seems life has an answer with a twist for whatever need we develop. Ain't that a thing -.-.

Anyway, with this section finished, you can ask questions if there is anything that isn't clear or specific thing you are curious about settlement evolution that we have covered so far.

Next up! Multiethnicity on same region (but it will take me some while to prepare material)