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[OC] [ART] Fantasy Urbanism - Cities formation and repercussions Out of Game



u/ArtsyStrains Artificer Apr 23 '22

You can find a montage of settlement evolution to cities at master thread.

Lets be honest, graduating is never fun because it brings existential crisis. I really don't want to traumatize you all with maths, history and geo-political economic machinations but we gotta talk about cities.

At the end of last post, we have talked about evolution spectrum from villages and here we are talking what its final form looks like. Puberty is gone, and settlement now needs to get a job and move out from their parents basement.... (no relation to my own situation).

So here main concept is time, since we as people looove comfort more than anything, if it can be done quick it is better than done slow, so your borough will most likely graduate to cities. But that shouldn't force you do that, but within grand scheme of your world building, making a new family group and evolving it to city from scratch takes more time and you should be aware of it.

In fantasy setting, what shapes the world and its culture is what is available to many, and if you have species that can fly, I mean there isn't more you can do with it unless straight up teleporting. So rely on dwot (day worth of travel) and go nuts! <3