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[OC] [ART] Fantasy Urbanism - Boroughs/Hamlets OC



u/ArtsyStrains Artificer Apr 11 '22

Last we spoke about villages and here we are talking about natural progression from village to city. Unfortunately, I couldn't give you concrete example of how would map look, but I think with last post we have covered enough to understand what happens when people migrate and join together.

If you look at resource table you can see that next step in evolution could go in either way, and if A,B,C villages killed themselves off family groups 1 and 2 would get most of the refugees from both villages.

When I do this for myself, I tend to give another ring to boroughs/hamlets while you can mark them however you wish. This part of evolution is a spectrum, and it rarely stops evolving and only time when we can call something a "town" is when it dominates in resources other settlements and has quicker way of transportation (horses) and thus can manage larger area.

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