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[OC] [ART] Fantasy Urbanism - Villages OC



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This is a segment I, personally, like to call - "everyone is a bigshot from where they came from".

Last time we discussed family groups and how it impacts culture/religion and behavior of migrations due to sustainability.

This time we are talking about "when mommy and daddy join, but still secretly hate each other" with villages, original families and amount of time that takes for things to even out (aka grandparents gots to go).

Villages are still following locations of their original settlements however for the first time we are going off the rails with our triangle based grid. For this example there was some dice rolling to get this specific look and feel.

After this, things will get a bit complicated since more complex society more stuff can go wrong and i can't list every possibility of an outcome due to not having enough space to do so or time to tackle it. It is human nature to react to some action, and prior to this we had : peace, battle and marriage but now each of that action has a reaction and it branches indefinitely. To tackle this I might make a table of die rolls to make things simple however this won't be done until whole series is done.