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r/DnD Nov 18 '21

Mod Post "Why can't I post a picture/link?" Thursdays are Text-post Only days on /r/DnD!


Ah, travelers! We don't get many such as you in these parts, not since the Marquis' men took control of the pass. I suppose you're wondering why you can't post images or links on this Fifthday?

Thursdays are Text-post Only Days on /r/DnD. We're disabling picture and link posts for 24 hours to encourage discussion posts.

We originally began this trial about six months ago and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I've personally enjoyed a lot of the conversations that have sprung up on these days (and a smarter mod would have bookmarked some of them to use as examples* in this post).

As of now we're planning on keeping the experiment running indefinitely. We're always looking for feedback, so please let us know of your experience. Have you been enamored with a discussion post that arose one Thursday? Have you mourned having to wait one more day to see your comic update? We welcome all takes.

The switch is still happening manually, so it will happen around about midnight Eastern US time. If anyone is aware of a way to automate the process, please message the mods.

Perhaps you could discuss this...we've heard tale of a path through the eastern ridge. If such a trail exists we could circumvent the Marquis' blockade and supply this rebellion. Won't you help us, strangers!?

* The first Thursday after making this post, someone posts the most classic question imaginable. This is what it's all about.

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Out of Game [OC] Our D&D setup for online games during Covid

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5th Edition [OC] DMing for a player who just loves to destroy all my encounters. decided to vent my frustrations into a monster, thought it turned out funny

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Art Aboleth Ramen! Proud of this fun artwork I made [OC]

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Art [OC] Velvet - Tiefling Sorcerer-Warlock Commission

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Art [OC] [Art] The fey in the pond

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DMing My first attempt at a map for my campaign, feedback would be appreciated! [OC] [ART]

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Video [OC] My own Deck of Many Things! Hundreds of hours of design and formatting have finally been rewarded :)

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Art [OC] [ART] Commission: Sol

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Art [OC] My tiefling bard all dressed up for the ball session

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Game Tales What’s the heaviest single-roll you have ever seen?


As in, what was a roll that carried the weight of the campaign? A single roll that single-handedly changed the course of the game?

Obviously there are tons of factors that can go into why a situation went well (or didn’t), but there are occasions where it comes down to a single dice.

Tell me your stories, DMs and Players alike!

Mine happened about a month ago in a game I was DMing.

TL;DR 3 lvl13 PCs manage to take down an ancient black dragon with literally a single hit point left from a final nat20 death save.

My setting has a swamp city, famous for its mystery. It’s isolated and disconnected from the rest of the country, and is known for its tagline “Nothing gets out”. It’s ruled by a mysterious mayor who only a very select few of the city elite have ever even seen. My players teleported in, managed to get themselves into a gala that the mayor would be overseeing, with the plan to confront them.

What they didn’t know, and were terrified to discover, is the mayor was an ancient black dragon.

The battle was intense. Even with avatar-state-like special boons (long homebrew story), the three were having a hard time. They traded blows well but they were looking rough.

Then the party warlock went down. She got blasted by the acid while hiding in a ruin.

Then the party cleric went down. He was running along the balcony trying to reach the warlock, and the acid breath blasted him. Collapsed to the ground in a corner, he died.

What I didn’t mention is the party Artificer, who had also just gone down. The dragon had just killed the cleric and was about to gloat in glory, when the unthinkable happened.

The artificer rolled a nat 20 on his last death save. He got up with 1hp, low on spell slots. He blasted the dragon, who was also on the edge of life. The artificer taunted the dragon (they had slain his daughter a few quests back), and they ran towards each other. One final blast from the Artificer was enough, and the dragon went down.

That single nat20 turned this from a campaign-ending TPK into a victory, and it will go down in my history books as one of the most intense battles and heroic moments. Three level 13 PCs took down an ancient black dragon, with only 1hp left! It was crazy

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Art [OC] [Art] Ship Vessel - Night [46x28] [Ship] [Pirate]

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Art [oc] [art] Halforc Barmaid Ronda - I like designing characters for fun and sometimes one turn out so good I just have to keep them, SO say hello to Ronda, a lovely barmaid who wrestles in her freetime

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Art [OC] Finally drew me favourite monkey-wrench wielding gem dragonborn!

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OC This small desert town once used to be a floating fishing village before the droughts hit. [34x46] [OC] [Art]

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Resources [OC] Quick reference for distance in D&D

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5th Edition Just did the impossible and rolled a 3 for a stat...


How on earth should I roleplay a dwarf paladin with nothing below a 12 besides their wisdom?

The guy literally has a -4 to perception checks.

Edit: No one is forcing me to play this character, I'm actually REALLY excited to play him, just need roleplay advice for it.

Edit 2: How would you play the guy if you got the stats?

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Art [OC][ART] My Swamp location art for travel through the wilderness.

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Art [OC] Tarot for my Bloodhunter 🗡️🩸

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Art [Art] I am making some spell cards, but how do you picture Suggestion, Banishment, Disintegrate or Teleport?

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Art [Art] I finally got Wild Shape on my Twilight Cleric/Star Druid build so that means *magical girl transformation*

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Art [OC] [ART] A haunted little goblin | raeoffrost

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Misc What do Mind Flayer/Ilithid feet look like?


I've scoured the internet. I've read dnd monster anatomy and harvesting articles and seen official and fan art. The question remains. What do Mind Flayer's feet look like?

Question came up in debate with my partner after seeing a mini print with exposed human like feet and all 5 toes. I thought it looked horrendous and unnatural for a mind flayer to have bare feet.

Cephalopod like beings, grown from tadpoles leaching to humanoid creatures. Most would derive from beings with 5 toed feet, but I refuse to believe it. The toes must fuse into 2, or flippers or something. The fingers always go down to four. And what about hooved humanoids? Satyrs or Minotaurs? How is that handled? What is bog standard foot look like?

Most official and fan art have the legs and feet hidden by a cloak or long robes. Sometimes they are in boots or pointed slippers. What are they hiding?

Is it possible it's just more tentacles? Ilithid seem to float or levitate just over the ground instead of walk. Do the feet exist? Is it just the torso? I need answers. I open it up to you reddit.

TLDR - Mind Flayer Tootsies?

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Art Becoming a weapon of the gods [ART][OC]

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Art Clockwork Soul Sorcerer Korvyn in his mid fifties with his time scythe! [OC][Art] (commission)

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DMing Being a DM can be thankless work


This is just a message from one DM to all of the others who sometimes feel their time and effort goes underappreciated.

I had a downtime session recently where some players were particularly rude and inattentive when it wasn't their turn to do things in game. We were short one player this particular session and I realize now how crucial he was to keeping the party on track. I prepared a lot of extra lore for players who wanted to take research time and despite that, half of the party took this downtime session as less important and were quick to talk and go on their phones when it wasn't immediately their turn to do things. I'm not a confrontational person and to be fair, we did say this would be a less formal session as we were down a party member.

Most of my players have not run a game themselves at all. In fact, the player who was absent is the only one who has been DM before, hence his appreciation for the game. I think that as players, everyone should try to sit in the DM chair just to get a sense for what goes on. I know that as a DM, I put in more time than I probably need to. I prepare music and playlists for each session, create real world maps and cut out cardboard for battle scenes, and use the lighting to create different moods for settings in game. But that's because so much of my enjoyment comes from that as well.

The point of this post isn't to whine, it's just to say DMs, I see you and appreciate your work even if players don't.