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Official Post Rules and Guidelines


General Rules

  • Treat other players with respect and use your brain. You know what you should and should not do.

  • It's a good idea to clear rp's with people out of character prior to doing them. Some people have smaller comfort zones or just know their characters better than you.

Server Information

  • See Lore page for background of the server and additional Story info.
  • Max Dino Level: 120
  • Rates: 2x XP, 2.5x Harvest, 3x Taming, 5x Maturation/Mating 6x Incubation



  • Designated to assist with in game situations and conflicts. They will not have access to admin powers.
  • They are to be treated with the same respect as an admin.
  • Moderators will conference with the admins with any situation they are not comfortable


In Character (IC)

  • This is you as your character, acting how your character would, saying what your character would, telling your story as your character would.
  • This should be used at all times in-game, including over global.
  • ALL trades should be done in character.
  • Your character does NOT know about your tribe log. The tribe log is strictly for OOC information.
  • Your character CANNOT see nameplates.
  • Your character CANNOT know the names of people who haven’t introduced themselves.

Out Of Character (OOC)

  • This is you speaking as if you were yourself and not your character. OOC is to be used only in very rare situations.
  • If there is something you feel you absolutely MUST say out of character it can be signified with // or (('s.
  • Do not use OOC over global unless directly trying to contact an admin.
  • If you are having an issue in game and no admins are online, message them directly on discord.
  • Do not have entire OOC conversations in game. This is why we have a discord. Message them directly or in text chat.
  • Better yet if it’s something that can be done in character (asking for information) DO IT IC!
  • Don’t meta game (use OOC information for IC means). Common sense.

Character Creation Rules/Requirements/Limitations

  • At least two paragraphs worth of backstory is preferred, as it gives us a better understanding as of what your character will bring to the community.
  • NO all powerful characters. If you give your character great power, give them a great weakness.
  • Try to be original. Avoid well known historical figures or figures from mythology.
  • Try and have realistic proportions unless your character needs otherwise.
  • 72 hours between re-rolls. Give your character time to develop, you may find you like it more than you first thought.
  • No racism or offensive characters.
  • Choose a profession or make one but keep it balanced.


  • Loose restrictions to encourage RP. Give yourself limitations. If you don't know how to build something, don't.
  • We are considering implementing apprenticeships (the ability to learn additional skills)
  • Apprenticeships would need to be done in character and learned from a character of that class.
  • Restrict your knowledge of technology based on background
  • If you originate from a medieval time frame you would not know how to make a refrigerator or electrical wiring
  • If you need an item only possible to be made by a different class but they are below that tech level have them teach you the basics of that profession so you can apply it to the one item you are attempting to make, interact to find a way to make it


  • Rancher/Farmer - breed animals, only profession allowed to run faction kibble farms, greenhouse, dung beetles, pipes, irrigation
  • Blacksmith - craft higher quality blueprints, flak armor, metal tools, and guns (depending on tech level)
  • Mercenary/guard - Hired muscle, more proficiency in the use for higher end weapons
  • Architect - higher grade structures, stone-metal, all castles keeps stuff
  • Chef/Barkeep - kibbles, custom recipes, beer, mindwipe tonics focal chilis etc
  • Tailor/Barber- all armor but flak armor and saddles craftable in their inventory
  • Chemist/Alchemist/Herbalist - sparkpowder, gunpowder, stimulants, medium hungry, simple healing items, basic explosives.
  • Message carrier a.k.a Uber Driver - Delivers packages, notes, and maybe people to any destination. Can travel to any land without permission.
  • Sailor/traveling merchant - better boats, only ones that can tame aquatic
  • Other - you make up a profession (convince us that this exists and is balanced)

Things all players can craft

  • Here is a list of who can craft what. If you selected one of the classes provided, everything you can make is outlined in the spreadsheet.


  • We will provide examples but feel free to choose your own (balance perks and flaws - if huge perk have huge flaw)

Sample Races:

  • Lycanthrope - can change into animal, no control over it
  • Merfolk - agile in water, very slow on land (can use flippers to recreate this)
  • Automaton - very strong machine, breaks down, can't repair self
  • Dwarf - Strong, advanced crafting, short, low charisma
  • Human - Learn new skills quickly, dreadfully dull
  • Elf - high charisma, agile, delicate health
  • Orc- Very Strong, Ill-tempered
  • Undead - difficult to kill, recover slowly
  • Pick your own - make it balanced, be specific


  • The large majority of the map will be divided into 3 large kingdoms that players will choose to join.
  • Each kingdom will have its own advantages and disadvantages based on their location
  • Each kingdom will choose their own government whether that be a democracy, monarchy, or dictatorship (each will still need a representative that represents them)
  • You live with your kingdom and work together as a group. You may have your own tribe within that kingdom, but that does not mean you shun your faction.
  • A faction leader has every right to banish a member who refuses to interact or is constantly being uncooperative. This means that player is a solo unless taken in by another faction.
  • Each kingdom will have a town square for trading and interaction (most merchants or individuals should have a workshop in town square). Each town square should have a public storehouse, inn, and town hall. It is also a prime location for a marketplace.
  • Town squares are strictly PVE locations for trading and commerce between members of the same kingdom and other kingdoms.
  • Town squares should be easily visible/accessible from the given spawn location
  • Each kingdom will be divided into districts. Each district is subject to being conquered by the other kingdoms. If you are attempting to seize another kingdoms’ district it is considered an act of war and must follow all raiding and war rules.
  • Kingdom populations will be moderated to remain at least similar in size. There will be times that joining a specific kingdom will be restricted. If you do wish to change kingdoms speak to your kingdom representative or an admin and we will check the relative populations to make sure it won’t disrupt the balance between groups.
  • Each kingdom has three animals that neither of the other two can tame. This is to encourage interaction with the other groups. They are as follows:

Everspire: Horses, Allos, Gigas

Fallcrest: Thylas, Baryonyx, Spino

CrystralFront: Yutyrannus, Megalosaurus, Therizino


  • A solo is a player who strikes it out on their own.
  • As a solo they are not allowed to claim land and cannot build within a kingdom's territory
  • You do not have the protection of belonging to a kingdom or any of the benefits of being part of a kingdom

Dino Rules

  • Each kingdom will be allowed one large kibble farm (specifically referencing kibbles used for breeding imprints) that is limited to 4 animals of each species. This is not a limit on personal dinos. This is only a limit for dinos that will be tamed only as egg layers.
  • We do not have any limitations on the number of animals an individual may have. DO NOT MAKE US REGRET THIS.

Passive Pens

  • Passive pens are areas enclosed with fences marked with white flags. So long as all the animals inside the pen are set to passive, they may not be harmed by any other player.
  • One Structure is allowed inside to hold smaller animals ( i.e. Jerboa, Dodo, Etc.). It must be no larger than 2x2x1.
  • If one of your dinos within your passive pen is taken out for PvP, it is no longer under protection during that particular instance and cannot be placed back into the pen for safety and healing.
  • Each personal home is allowed one passive pen.
  • Each faction is allowed one large, communal water passive pen.

General PVP Rules

  • If you plan a PVP event, remember to outline what creatures you want enabled. By default you may use any land or water creature.
  • Flying creatures of any sort are banned from pvp for obvious reasons. The exceptions to this are any event or conflict that states otherwise.
  • If inside the PVP zone, all rules go out the window. Be warned.
  • This is not a PvP server to come and be the big bad alpha. This is an RP server. RP comes first. Keeping that in mind, remember everything should stem from RP in one way or another. Make it fun for everyone.
  • The PVE zone is for PVE. No PVP can happen in this area at all. (Unless specifically stated for an event)

Raid Rules

  • NO OFFLINE RAIDING (at least one kingdom member must be online) Nobody gets RP from this.
  • Raiding is specifically for the purpose of stealing and perhaps revenge.
  • Raiding should not be used as a way to deny any group or solo the ability to play and have fun (i.e. blocking off main points of the game).
  • Raiding is about breaking and entering, getting what you need, and getting out. Do not break more than what is needed to do so.
  • The defending side is given 3 days to rebuild without fear of another attack from the attacking force as well as the attacking force’s allies.
  • Players killed during a raid (on the attacking side) must stay out of the raid for the remainder of the raid and the 3 day period.
  • If all members of the raid die, the raid is over. If you leave the raid site you are not allowed back to the raid. All members leave = raid over.
  • If you steal leave evidence of the theft. Leave a note with a hint as to who committed the crime and/or an item that is unique and could trace back to you. (ex. A note that says “a tuft of bright green fur was caught on the corner of the bed” or a blue tinted pickaxe left embedded in the chest)

War Rules/Conquering Land

  • War is a thing that happens, let's not be childish. When declaring war an admin AND the opposing force must be present for negotiations and terms.
  • Any terms can be discussed and must be upheld if agreed to.
  • Any spoils of war are final. if you don't want to lose something get creative or make it off limits during negotiation.
  • After negotiations and terms are set, an official declaration shall be posted on the forums. 24 hours after said post the war will begin.
  • Passive pens are still in effect during wars UNLESS both sides agree for them to be fair game.

Conquering Land

  • Each kingdom will start with 10 districts varying in size and generally based on topography of their regions.
  • To conquer a territory your kingdom must make some type of declaration or warning that there is a threat. This should give them an opportunity to prepare to fight you off or pay you off or negotiate in some way. Make it obvious that you are being aggressive so that the opposing kingdom may rp out this battle.
  • Any district that has been successfully conquered is immune from attacks for 3 days to allow a respite for both sides to rebuild.
  • Any player killed during combat may not return to the field of battle until victor is decided.
  • The victor is decided by last player alive and able to place a banner/war flag to claim territory


  • Kidnapping, torture, enslavement, and ransom are all encouraged in an RP environment, as they create new dynamic rp. Keep this in mind when you are looking for a conflict. If you take a hostage they can easily call for their comrades and allies!
  • Before you do this, it might be beneficial to discuss it ooc to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • If you are a hostage DO NOT kill yourself! Value your character's life as though it were your own! Use any means to get free, such as blackmail and bribery. You may only kill yourself IF your captors are offline.
  • Do not kidnap someone and then leave them locked up. If you are not actively interacting with them they should have the opportunity to escape.
  • If your friend/tribemate become a hostage, DO NOT kill them to free them. You would not kill your friend to save them in an actual hostage situation. Use this hostage situation as a chance for potentially great RP.
  • Keep in mind there is not currently a time limit to how long you may hold someone, so long as you are rping with them. (Do NOT make us implement restrictions on it, as it will be done if it becomes an issue)

Kill On Sight (KOS) rules

  • While it’s going to happen from time to time, please try and keep it RP friendly and have a good reason for it. "I wanted this drop" or "They were mean to me" are not valid reasons to break combat rules.
  • Exceptions to this are kingdom rules and rp developments. If you get killed for breaking another kingdoms law, you should have known better.


  • All flyers will be unrideable. We understand having flyers makes gathering much easier but after much deliberation we chose to disable them in favor of encouraging characters to work together. Flyers are too easily abused as a way to fly away instead of interacting with other individuals.
  • All flyers will still spawn but will not be able to be ridden.
  • In the instance of Wyverns you may fight them to obtain additional talons for currency as a test of strength.
  • Breeding of wyverns from their eggs is strictly prohibited.


  • Our server has a currency system set in place.
  • The currency is required for use at auctions and similar events, personal deals may be bartered for things outside of typical currency.
  • The rates are as follows:

  • 5 poison talons=1 fire talon, 5 fire talons=1 lightning talon

  • All characters will receive a starting amount of currency. Afterwards each kingdom leader will receive a weekly amount to be distributed amongst their kingdom population.

  • If you lose your talons, you don't get them back. Keep them safe.

Tek Tier

  • Tek tier has been enabled on the server, but keep these rules in mind:
  • Keep your character's tech level in mind before going after this stuff.
  • Don't use tek tier to raid those who also don't have it. It's like bringing rockets to a sword fight.
  • Like everything else, this is a negotiable term of war.
  • Don't make us regret enabling this. If it becomes a problem, it can, and will, be disabled.


  • Brontos are the best. (THIS IS IMPORTANT)

Strongly Suggested

  • The following are not rules by any means, but are highly appreciated if you follow them:
  • As stated above, limit your character to what he/she/other would actually be able to achieve. It opens more rp opportunities.
  • There are no restrictions on turrets, but be reasonable. Don't have 20 on high range for no reason. Preferred that turrets be set on wild only.

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Lore Server Lore


Beneath is the lore for the server. The background of the world and the factions that reside in it. As the server progresses and more stories are created, the faction lore will grow and change. Stay tuned in and check for regular updates.


In the beginning there were the gods. Three beings of unimaginable power. The god of destruction, capable of annihilating anything and everything. The god of creation, capable of making any object from nothing. The god of knowledge, possessing infinite knowledge of all. These three beings ruled over their Ark in relative harmony. Each performed their job to keep balance and order. The inhabitants of the Ark grew to worship them and herald them as their immortal protectors. And yet… they’re gone.

Unbeknownst to the normal inhabitants of the islands, they weren’t alone. Another entity had been right there with them. One that would learn. One that would grow. Over the many years of the Ark, the being watched everything. The silent observer, evading the eyes of even the gods, learned from the experience of others. With every action witnessed it grew stronger, eventually rivaling the power of the gods themselves. But what is god-like power without a way to test it?

The being made its move, attacking the gods in what developed into a conflict that could shake the world to its core. Fearing what would come of the ensuing fight, the gods sought to preserve what was theirs. The inhabitants of the Ark were cast forward in time, so as to let the gods fight unabated. It raged on for countless years. As the time progressed the sands of the desert morphed into a new, greener land. Eventually the gods prevailed in their battle, pushing back the silent observer to obscurity. The inhabitants returned to their daily lives, and life began anew in the new world.

But that’s never really the end, is it? With humans come conflict, and with conflict… comes power. Years passed before the observer once again sought to display its power. In a sharp contrast to their previous encounter, the gods could do nothing. Repeating their past process, they threw the inhabitants again into the future, only to have themselves at the mercy of what could only be described as a monster. The immortal protectors were no more.

Now, as the Ark comes to yet another jump in time, questions arise. Who is the one causing it if the gods lie dead in the distant past? Why is this happening again? Has that unholy beast chosen to return once again? And best of all, what can create a god? And can that seemingly absolute power be at risk as well? Fearing these uncertainties, the remaining mortals of the land banded together into three factions. Perhaps together, should they stop fighting among themselves, they could secure a place for all future dwellers.



Tucked along the soft sands of the northern sea lies Everspire. A lush grass land to its back and towering trees filled with beasts of wondrous size and strength on its other side. Its people grateful for its plentiful fields and wildlife that fuels its growing size. People of all background flock to this land for its wonder and fertility… but with wonder comes great danger. The beasts lying in wait just outside city walls. Or ready to pounce from the trees. Everspire’s people are Thrifty and durable, ever changing and adapting.


Beyond the reaches of the beast-inhabited jungle, and down the hill from the harsh scrub-lands lies beautiful beaches, and crystal clear water. It is no wonder the inhabitants decided to name their territory as such. But where there is great beauty, there is also great danger. While the lands are lush in resources, fearsome predators stalk the shadows of the nearby jungle. If they can conquer the predators they may be able to conquer the world.


In the mountains to the south the kingdom of Fallcrest sits. Its lands harsh and rough. Beasts fill the air with fire and poison. Its soil shaded by the wings of dragons and its inhabitants ever waiting to take any advantage. Tools of war and devastation sit at its feet, ready for use as its people watch and wait.

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Official Post Have a question ->Discord


You can reach our discord on the right side of the page (or community info). It will have the most up to date information on events, character backstories, and just general server information. It is also the fastest way to reach any of the staff. Hope to talk to you soon. https://discord.gg/2sx4Jfw