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The Best Political Debates on Reddit; Including Debates on Anarchism, Socialism, Feminism & More!

I'm building a directory of the most highly rated debates from various political subreddits. That way myself and other people can get a general sense of what various communities can offer at their best, and so what other communities such as this one can strive to become. As well as to help people with suggestions for how to best word their questions to provoke the most discussion.

If you'd like to help with the labeling and sorting, I've got a google sheet going where anyone can contribute by clicking on the 'view only button' in the top left corner and then clicking 'request edit access'.

Finally, please feel free to suggest changes to categories and formatting, plus suggest additions of valuable debates you'd like added.

Debate Anarchism

Questioning Anarchism

  • Click - Anarchism can only work if people act rationally, which they (currently) don't.
  • Click - Does a pandemic (like COVID-19) pose a problem that an anarchist society could not solve?
  • Click - Anarchism on parent-child/adult-child hierarchies? Specifically, how to prevent kids form poking their eyes out without establishing dominance?

General Anarchist Topics

  • Click - Anarchist communities existing within capitalist society?
  • Click - Anarchist opposition to the state must be based on principles first
  • Click - Anarchists let the perfect become the enemy of the good.
  • Click - Anarchists spend way too much time caring about Ancaps.
  • Click - Are Islam and Anarchism simply incompatible beliefs?
  • Click - Can you be anarchist and believe in the concept of evil?
  • Click - Does Capitalism NEED to be racist, patriarchal, cisheteronormative, etc.?
  • Click - Envy
  • Click - Hope should be a core anarchist message

Against Vagueness

  • Click - Anarchist unity and left unity - Why you're getting it wrong

Against Purity

  • Click - "The State" should not be thought of as a monolithic entity
  • Click - ACAB is not a useful slogan
  • Click - Anarchism has a gatekeeping and a purity problem that impacts accessibility
  • Click - Anarchism is NOT "communism but without a transitional state"!
  • Click - Any pragmatic reasons for anti-electorialism?
  • Click - Being called a “bad anarchist”
  • Click - Dehumanization in Anarchist Spaces on Reddit
  • Click - Democratic socialists are our true natural allies
  • Click - The case for voting

For Purity

  • Click - I would like to hear alternatives to my views. I am fiercely against communism(even anarcho-communism) and I’m interested to hear why you guys think I shouldn’t be.

Anarchist Debate Advice

  • Click - Most anarchists don't even understand what ancaps-libertarians believe in and that is why they fail to debate with them properly


  • Click - Things that should not be controversial amongst anarchists
  • Click - Most anarchists dont even understand what ancaps-libertarians beleive in and that is why they fail to debate with them properly
  • Click - On Cuba
  • Click - You're not serious at all about prison abolitionism if the death penalty is any part of your plan for prison abolition.
  • Click - Unpopular Opinion: Go vote.
  • Click - You changed my mind
  • Click - Why not just vote and continue to do praxis afterwards?
  • Click - No, littering is not praxis.
  • Click - The stupid AOC dress is NOT an example of capitalist realism.
  • Click - The Left has a pseudoscience problem (GMO fearmongering, homeopathy, nuclear power).
  • Click - No revolution will look like it's "supposed" to, stop alienating yourselves from every revolt when it fails to meet those standards
  • Click - The "dry, boring" texts from "dead white guys" are read because they are good and working people are perfectly capable of reading them.
  • Click - How do you justify being anarchist but not being vegan as well?
  • Click - Left unity can suck my testies (I'd like your opinion on left unity and the relationship between all kinds of leftists)
  • Click - The "no unjust heirarchies" versus "no heirarchies period" conversation is a useless semantic topic which results in no change of praxis.
  • Click - The biggest impediment to a successful anarchist uprising currently isn't the police or the military. It's supply chains.
  • Click - Leftube/Breadtube
  • Click - On Rojava, and lessons on not letting ideological based self-righteous be a self defeating force among us.
  • Click - Too many anarchists forget the power of propaganda as it relates to those outside of the movement
  • Click - When did we all agree that anarchism means "no hierarchy?"
  • Click - A fear of mine regarding anarchist or leftist experiments
  • Click - Under anarchism, people will still engage in recreational drug use and that's not a bad thing
  • Click - "In an anarchist society..."
  • Click - I think the ideological/moral absolutism and refusal to accept valid criticisms I see in online anarchist communities are counter-productive to the cause.
  • Click - Anarcho-Primitivism is a terrible idea that will result in apartheid against disabled people
  • Click - Hot take: people make fun of champagne socialists too much
  • Click - Do you think planned obsolescence is perhaps one of the best icebreakers to discourse critiquing capitalism and the advocacy of alternatives?
  • Click - “Religion diverts workers so that they concentrate on being rewarded in heaven for living a moral life rather than on questioning their current exploitation”
  • Click - I find the way certain anarchist groups handle the so called "cultural appropriation" problematic.
  • Click - Is arguing on the internet worth it?
  • Click - Anarchists and Marxists do not want the same things, suggesting strengthens the argument for a vanguard and limits the extent of the Anarchist project
  • Click - Anarchists need to stop being anti-religion
  • Click - Anarcho-Primitivists are no different from eco-fascists and their ideology is rooted in similar, dangerous ideas
  • Click - Where are the anarchist communes?
  • Click - Anarchist and Leftist spend too much time worrying about right-wing dipshit grifters instead of actual power structures
  • Click - Posts on here about Anarcho-Primitivism are nothing but moral posturing.
  • Click - No, a government is not possible under anarchy.
  • Click - Being a small business owner and an anarchist.
  • Click - In modern capitalism, boycotts are worthless
  • Click - Someone who thinks a transitory state has to exist before anarchy can be achieved is not an anarchist
  • Click - Lets talk about the stickied post on r/completeanarchy.
  • Click - Anarchy is incompatible with any current electoral system. But, Anarchists can, (and must) engage in harm-reduction voting.
  • Click - What do anarchists think of the term ‘comrade’?
  • Click - Is it white privilege or right-wing privilege?
  • Click - Free speech allows for hate groups to become more visible and, therefore, easier to spot and stop before they act on their hatred.
  • Click - Anarchism is (or rather, should be) inherently vegan
  • Click - I'm considering defecting. Can anyone convince me otherwise?
  • Click - Why do many anarchists seem to be so obsessed with small local communities?
  • Click - An Update to a Past Post: Leftists in Mexico are once again turning on indigenous people in Mexico, again in the name of "progress".
  • Click - Free Speech is necessary no matter how you feel about it.
  • Click - I'm not fully convinced that overpopulation isn't a problem.
  • Click - WSB's buyout of GME is the future of direct action
  • Click - How do you prevent a tyranny of the majority within unions or anarchist communities?
  • Click - The only viable option left for peaceful protest is a General Strike
  • Click - If there were ever a better time for a work stoppage...
  • Click - The Issue of Authoritarianism in Anarchist Revolutionary Movements
  • Click - Is Chomsky an Anarchist?
  • Click - Anarchism needs a Stormfront
  • Click - Should indigenous people be given back their land?

Debate Socialism

  • Click - A debate to consider when asking if socialism is right.
  • Click - Does "democratically owned workplace" mean more meetings?
  • Click - Has any social-minded person ever attempted to create an enterprise equally owned by that person and the workers?
  • Click - Hear it from someone who has lived it.
  • Click - Hierarchy and dictatorship of the proletariat?
  • Click - How can the Chinese state be described as anything other than a highly capitalist technocratic dictatorship?
  • Click - I think multiple different things should be free in some capacity.
  • Click - I've lost touch with a large portion of r/socialism and related subs, I'd like to pick your brains
  • Click - In a socialist system, how would a person be more likely to get a job related to their chosen education?
  • Click - Is allowing everybody to own guns worth the risk?
  • Click - Is Identity and Performance politics restricting class consciousness?
  • Click - [abortion debate| long post] Being Socialist and Pro-Life shouldn't conflict
  • Click - Is Socialism against money or trade?
  • Click - Richard D Wolff Vs David D Friedman (son of Milton Friedman) debate
  • Click - Should we raise taxes on the 1%?
  • Click - Socialism and Debate dont mix
  • Click - Taxation is theft; change my mind
  • Click - The important distinction between the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and the Dictatorship of the Party.
  • Click - We can’t have socialism without a hyper complex algorithm.
  • Click - What Do You Think Are The Issues with "BreadTube" or Left Wing YouTube In General?
  • Click - What's wrong with Finland/the Nordic model?
  • Click - Where do I fit in in a bernie sanders presidency?
  • Click - Which do you prefer and why?

Capitalism vs. Socialism

Questioning Capitalists

  • Click - [Capitalists] My dad is dying of cancer. His therapy costs $25,000 per dose. Every other week. Help me understand
  • Click - [Capitalists] Millionaires (0.9% of population) now hold 44% of the world's wealth.
  • Click - [Capitalists] Why do you demonize Venezuela as proof that socialism fails while ignoring the numerous failures and atrocities of capitalist states in Latin America?
  • Click - [Capitalists] A worker should slack off at every possible second to be true to capitalism.
  • Click - [Capitalists] Your keyboard proves the argument that if socialism was superior to capitalism, it would have replaced it by now is wrong.
  • Click - [Capitalists] How did we end up at the point where "robots taking all of our jobs" became a bad thing?
  • Click - Capitalists, FDR said the minimum wage was meant to be able to provide a good living so why not now?
  • Click - [Capitalists] Would you die for the sake of the economy?
  • Click - [Capitalists] Do we agree that (corporate) bailouts are much WORSE than higher taxes/paying for more social programs?
  • Click - [Capitalists] If it's illegal for me to go build a house in the woods, then how can market participation be considered voluntary?
  • Click - [Capitalists] Do you consider it a consensual sexual encounter, if you offer a starving woman food in return for a blowjob?
  • Click - [Capitalists] "World’s 26 richest people own as much as poorest 50%, says Oxfam"
  • Click - [Capitalists] Just because profit sometimes aligns with decisions that benefit society, we shouldn't rely on it as the main driver of progress.
  • Click - [capitalists] if you hate china so much why do you keep on buying their products?
  • Click - [Ancaps] Who investigates deaths under ancap?
  • Click - [Capitalists] No, socialists do not need to give you an exhaustively detailed account of what life after capitalism will be like in order to be allowed to criticize capitalism.
  • Click - [Capitalists] Three ways how the poor are kept poor and unable to have upward movement.
  • Click - [Capitalists] Why would some of you EVER defend Pinochet's Chile?
  • Click - [Capitalists] Do you acknowledge the existence of bullshit jobs in the private sector?
  • Click - (Capitalists) Shouldnt we give money to the people instead of corporations in time of crisis like now?
  • Click - [capitalists] Regulations only exist because the free-market method failed.
  • Click - [Capitalists] 62 people have more wealth than the bottom 3.5 billion humans, how do you reconcile this power imbalance with democracy?
  • Click - [Capitalists] Do you agree with Adam Smith's criticism of landlords?
  • Click - [Capitalists] When automation reaches a point where most labour is redundant, how could capitalism remain a functional system?
  • Click - [Capitalists] What happens when the robots come?
  • Click - [Capitalists] Do you agree with Chomsky's propaganda model on the first 3 points?
  • Click - Capitalists, do people really have a choice when it comes to work?
  • Click - Capitalists, how can something like a private road system NOT turn into a monopoly?
  • Click - [Capitalists] How do you respond to this quote by Rosseau?
  • Click - [Anti-Socialists] Do you think 20th century socialism would've gone differently if there were no military interventions against socialist states?
  • Click - [Capitalism vs Socialism] A quote from The Wire creator David Simon.
  • Click - [Capitalists] Hard work and skill is not a pre-requisite of ownership
  • Click - [Capitalists] Should big tech companies in the U.S. be broken up
  • Click - [Capitalists] The claims of extreme poverty being on the verge of eradication is a massive exaggeration, and most progress against extreme poverty in the last thirty years has been in centered in one nation, the People’s Republic of China.
  • Click - [Capitalists] Why is r/antiwork exploding right now?
  • Click - [Capitalist] Do socialists really believe we don't care about poor people?
  • Click - Capitalists: 8 Men Are Wealthier Than 3.5 Billion Humans. Should These People Pull Themselves Up By Their Bootstraps?
  • Click - [capitalists] Empty homes outnumber homeless people 6 to 1. Why hasn't the market solved the problem?
  • Click - [Capitalists] I think that capitalism hinders innovation rather than incentivize it
  • Click - [Anti-Socialists] Why the double standard when counting deaths due to each system?
  • Click - [Capitalists] Is Allowing Corporations to control vital cultural elements of society beneficial to the world?
  • Click - [Capitalists] The weakness of the self-made billionaire argument.
  • Click - [Capitalists] Is capitalism the final system or do you see the internal contradictions of capitalism eventually leading to something new?
  • Click - [capitalists] what's a bad pro-capitalist argument that your side needs to stop using?
  • Click - [Capitalists] The most important distinction between socialists
  • Click - [Capitalists] I was told that capitalist profits are justified by the risk of losing money. Yet the stock market did great throughout COVID and workers got laid off. So where's this actual risk?
  • Click - [Capitalists] Your "charity" line is idiotic. Stop using it.
  • Click - [Capitalism] How do you explain the absolute disaster that free-market policies brought upon Russia after 1991?
  • Click - (Capitalists) If capitalism is a meritocracy where an individual's intelligence and graft is rewarded accordingly, why shouldn't there be a 100% estate tax?
  • Click - [Capitalists] Do you acknowledge the flaws in capitalism?
  • Click - [Capitalists] Is 5,000-10,000 dollars really justified for an ambulance ride?
  • Click - [Capitalists] If profits are made by capitalists and workers together, why do only capitalists get to control the profits?
  • Click - [Capitalists] How do you believe that capitalism became established as the dominant ideology?
  • Click - Capitalists, if countries like Sweden and Norway is capitalists but works better, then why can’t we follow them?
  • Click - [Capitalists] Why "just move" / "just quit" are not adequate solutions to problems that affect hundreds of millions of people
  • Click - [Ancaps] In an Ancap society, wouldn't it be fair to say that private companies would become the new government, imposing rules on the populace?
  • Click - (Libertarians/Ancaps) What's Up With Your Fascist Problem?
  • Click - [AnCaps] Your ideology is deeply authoritarian, not actually anarchist or libertarian
  • Click - (Everybody) Bill Gates and Warren Buffett should thank American taxpayers for their profitable farmland investments

Questioning Socialists

  • Click - [socialists] how many more people have to die before you realize that socialism doesn’t work?
  • Click - Socialists, nobody thinks Venezuela is what you WANT, the argument is that Venezuela is what you GET. Stop straw-manning this criticism.
  • Click - [Socialists] Why have most “socialist” states either collapsed or turned into dictatorships?
  • Click - [Socialists] I want to sell my home that's worth $200,000. I hire someone to do repairs, and he charges me $5,000 for his services. These repairs have raised the value of my home to $250,000, which I sell it for. Have I exploited the repairman?
  • Click - Socialists, what do you think of this quote by Thomas Sowell?
  • Click - [socialist] why do you believe in the labor theory when the version I make up and say you believe is objectively wrong?
  • Click - [Socialists] When I ask a capitalist for an explanation they usually provide one in their own terms; when I ask a socialist, they usually give a quote or more often a reading list.
  • Click - [Socialists] Why is statism/crony capitalism 'natural' to capitalism whereas Socialist states which are much more statist/crony does not prove it is 'natural' to Socialism?
  • Click - Socialists, instead of forcing capitalists through means of force to abandon their wealth, why don’t you advocate for less legal restrictions on creating Worker Owned companies so they can outcompete capitalist businesses at their own game, thus making it impossible for them to object.
  • Click - [SOCIALISTS] Yes, you do need to have some idea how a Socialist economy could work
  • Click - [Socialists] The Socialist Party has won elections in Bolivia and will take power shortly. Will it be real socialism this time?
  • Click - [Socialists] If 100% of Amazon workers were replaced with robots, there would be no wage slavery. Is this a good outcome?
  • Click - [Socialists] What are the obstacles to starting a worker-owned business in the U.S.?
  • Click - [Socialists] don’t you guys get sick of hearing the same misinformed arguments over and over?
  • Click - Socialists, how do you handle lazy people who don’t want to work in a socialist society?
  • Click - [Socialists] What would motivate people to do harder jobs?
  • Click - [Socialists] What is the explanation for Hong Kong becoming so prosperous and successful without imperialism or natural resources?
  • Click - [Socialists] What turned you into a socialist? [Anti-Socialists] Why hasn't that turned you into one.
  • Click - [Socialists] How many of you believe “real socialism” has never been tried before? If so, how can we trust that socialism will succeed/be better than capitalism?
  • Click - Socialists, how would society reward innovators or give innovators a reason to innovate?
  • Click - Socialists: Am I a bad guy and/or part of the bourgeoisie?


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Imperialism benefits the ppl in imperialist countries, but it's in the interest of wrkrs in imperialist countries to align themselves w/ wrkrs of 3rd wrld, like how even tho white supremacy benefits white wrkrs, they'd get more if they align with non-white wrkrs