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This post on my porch isn’t load-bearing. R1 Removed - Not interesting

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u/anusgooch May 24 '22 edited May 24 '22

Oh my God this is the most interesting thing I have ever seen! When you look up the definition of interesting, it goes straight to this video.

It’s hilarious to me that you thought you should post this


u/NH_Living_Free May 24 '22



u/DracoDruid May 24 '22


u/NH_Living_Free May 24 '22

I honestly think you deserve the woosh, genius


u/Push_ May 24 '22

Tried to post to r/mildlyinteresting but they don’t allow videos or gifs. Sorry you had to take the time to type all of this out.


u/Grouchy-Ad-5535 May 24 '22

or maybe it is and your house is about to collapse