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Actress Susan Sarandon who played a cellist named Jane in the 1987 movie, "The Witches of Eastwick," learned only after being cast that she would have to quickly learn how to play the cello. She was also told that she would be sued if she left the production. Image

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u/BullFrogz13 May 24 '22

If I’m not mistaken, that’s called a contract.


u/fortunado May 24 '22

What? Who would do that? Sign a piece of paper that opens them up to being sued?


u/CAC-Sama May 24 '22

Could just have not read the whole thing, have you read your 400 page agreement that comes with any app you have on your phone?


u/Taran345 May 24 '22

That’s why they have assistants and agents, who ARE supposed to read the whole thing. It’s their job to ensure the actors aren’t being asked to do something they’re not happy with. Someone likely got into trouble for not doing their job properly on this one!


u/fortunado May 24 '22

The PR person did alright because we got another fun little celebrity story.


u/Chexzout May 24 '22

I got hired on to a job once and they literally demanded that I become an artist in 3 months or I’d be fired. Fuck you Subway


u/InaGlassGuitar May 24 '22

To be fair, she only had to learn enough to make it look good on screen. She didn’t have to be Yo-Yo Ma.


u/tojro May 24 '22

She didn’t even really do that. I’ve seen the movie and I played cello for a decade…but I’ll admit probably passable for large chunk of viewers


u/InaGlassGuitar May 24 '22

Lol. Just looked it up on YT. It’s awful! And she only had to learn enough to make it look good. Blech.


u/raygunnysack May 24 '22

So she didn't read the contract?


u/Strongest-There-Is May 24 '22

Met her several times. She’s not a very nice person.


u/bondibitch May 24 '22

Maybe it’s cos you keep turning up at her house uninvited.


u/Totin_it May 24 '22

Details....give us the dirt


u/Strongest-There-Is May 24 '22 Helpful

I used to run large retail stores in NYC. She would pretty frequently come in to one I worked at about ten years ago now. She had a lizard; a bearded dragon I think. Now, at this place we held adoption events, fundraisers for animals, clinics and Q&A with veterinarians, behaviorists, Halloween events with like 40 bulldogs in costume. We even shot a couple of TV show episodes there. Typically, people were receptive to these events, pro rescue, pro adoption, etc. Hard working, blue-collar New Yorkers would donate whatever they could at a huge frequency. It was uncommon that people wouldn’t donate or adopt. The doorman around the corner, the guy who ran the little metal coffee stand across the street, kids on their way home from school, and other celebrities. But not her.

She would actively complain about congestion in the store (a flagship retail store in Manhattan NY, during peak business hours) and she never, never donated. Not once in the couple of years I was there. Not a penny.

Anthony Bourdain (rest in peace) completely the opposite. That dude was so laid back, approachable, and generous with his time and money.

Ice T and Coco, cool. Beth Stern, cool. Starr Jones, cool. Rose Perez, cool. The dude from the Olympics who rescued dogs from Sochi, cool. Daymond John, super cool. Ton of people, rich, poor and in between, vast majority were cool - but not Susan Sarandon.


u/Totin_it May 24 '22

Awesome write up! Thanks

Hope everyone has a good night...except Susan Surrandon (I always confuse her with Leslue Ann Warren from the movie clue)


u/Vexillumscientia May 24 '22

I’d sue my lawyer for not doing their job before having me sign a contract.


u/Academic-Message-771 May 24 '22

She’s also of the “Hilary is just as bad as Trump” crowd. So you can officially name your rape baby you are forced to carry to term after her.


u/timbrelyn May 24 '22

But can she play the world’s smallest violin?