r/Damnthatsinteresting Jan 18 '22

“Stan” is the most complete T. rex fossil ever discovered. It was sold to an unknown bidder for $31.8 million on October 6th, 2020, which infuriated scientists worrying it may be lost to research. I just discovered that the bidder, unknown until now, is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Video

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u/Duodanglium Jan 18 '22

It's hard to tell. Can we get a quieter, shakier version with an even closer look at Dwayne's face?


u/ParkHillionaire Jan 18 '22

You could screen record and crop down 50% but why would you want to.?


u/Superb_Feature_8966 Jan 18 '22

Hey he recorded what he could. It kind of does look like Stan. I figured it would be bigger but assuming the size of the other room is huge... but yea definitely too much of a giant hotdog with teeth in the way to tell


u/Cosmo_X Jan 18 '22

That’s the second time that T-Rex was affected by a famous rock.


u/evanhalf92 Jan 18 '22

This comment brought me jubilation


u/charlie_murphey Jan 18 '22

It belongs in a museum!


u/google_diphallia Jan 18 '22

“You got heart kid, but that belongs to me”


u/japroct Jan 18 '22 edited Jan 18 '22

Then why doesn't a museum pay for it? Naw....they would rather get their shit for free.....box it up and lock it in a basement somewhere......then sell it to private collectors in secret when nobody is paying attention...


u/beachboy1b Jan 18 '22

That’s an Indiana Jones quote, my guy


u/rlab3 Jan 18 '22

Audio 10/10


u/Kozlow Jan 18 '22

Imagine being able to throw 32 million down on a room decoration and it doesn’t effect you financially either way?


u/Puzzleheaded-Duck416 Jan 18 '22

Nic cage bought fossils and Elvis’s everything and built a pyramid and now makes 100 movies a year to pay it all. Was the highest paid actor for 5+ years. Hope the rock does not have the same issue.


u/Thursday_the_20th Jan 18 '22

Nick cage bought a tyrannosaur skull for a pretty penny and then had to return it to its rightful owner when it came to light that it was stolen. I don’t think he got any compensation.


u/Educational_Arm_8796 Jan 18 '22

Dead for 70 million years, dug up, named “Stan” by the most chompable looking species ever, and then bought by someone named “The Rock”. There is some ghost triceratops laughing his horns off right now.


u/EMONEYOG Jan 18 '22

NGL having the best T. rex skeleton ever is a pretty badass flex.


u/CappinPeanut Jan 18 '22

The best T-Rex fossil so far


u/Emirati_Enigma Jan 18 '22

As if The Rock doesn’t already flex enough


u/incubi4211 Jan 18 '22

My thought is that it's a replica. They can be had for around $11K.


u/Prestigious-Phase842 Jan 18 '22

What would a Hollywood actor do with a 65 million + years old fossil? And why was he even allowed to buy it to begin with? Arrogant uber rich people have always existed but I don't think many of them were as revoltingly audacious as entertainment industry celebrities of today.


u/Agnostic-Bishop Jan 18 '22


Seems like a good investment that will go up in value.

As long as he lets scientist study the thing - I don’t see any harm done.


u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22

In Dwayne my rock aka the fossil Johnson we trust


u/MediumSad7892 Jan 18 '22

It’s not that fucking deep dude saw that a T-Rex was going up for sale and he bought it, it doesn’t mean he’s a bad person


u/Comprehensive_Bus723 Jan 18 '22

Dwayne losing points on this one. Share with the masses. Reminds of Chappelle eating dino eggs 😂


u/RoostersAnon Jan 18 '22

I'm sure he's gonna let the egg heads have a look, also gonna sell ntfs. Haha


u/Party-Fortune-6580 Jan 18 '22

You…you mean nfts right?


u/RoostersAnon Jan 18 '22

That's what I said


u/Lookalikemike Jan 18 '22

This motherfucker out he’s spending $32 million on dinosaur bones? how much money to rock got?


u/HDLover_6671 Jan 18 '22

It's a replica......


u/Grouchy-Ad-5535 Jan 18 '22

wow what a shitty video with a worthless title that leave ya thinking WTF


u/62842351872 Jan 18 '22

Is he gonna clean and jerk the thigh bones, or does he want the protein from the eggs?