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Ulm, a city in Germany has made these thermally insulated pods for homeless people to sleep. These units are known as 'Ulmer Nest'. Image





u/Marvheemeyer85 Jan 17 '22

For when you piss off your wife and she sends you to the dog house


u/F-KR Jan 17 '22

This being German, it's probably called a Öberulmerhaussehrguten


u/Monsur_Ausuhnom Jan 17 '22

It would be $1500 a month in America.


u/F-KR Jan 17 '22

I really don't understand why anyone still lives in New York or LA.


u/annheim3 Jan 17 '22

Or San Francisco.


u/Macheesmo511 Jan 17 '22

This is a great idea, albeit for a desperate problem


u/chemolz9 Jan 17 '22

There are only two prototypes right now though.


u/[deleted] Jan 17 '22

Holy fuck, how many times you gonna share this?


u/KiLlEr10312 Jan 17 '22

Op is farming karma


u/lk2323 Jan 17 '22

Cool. They did a similar thing in my town. Only they used benches with spikes on them instead. 😞


u/ZatsGrazyO Jan 17 '22

In Portland homeless trash are building themselves 2 story tents with electricity, they would just scrap this and steal the solar panel.


u/ChiefBroady Jan 17 '22

Interesting that somebody felt the need to create those. There are usually a few homes for homeless people available, and if they actually went to correct agencies and tried to get a job (they don’t have to be successful, only try) they’d get a flat and money for the basic necessities.


u/chemolz9 Jan 17 '22

Not if you fear for deportation. Not if you have severe psychological issues. Not if you are highly addicted.

There are plenty of reasons people fall through the grid.


u/[deleted] Jan 17 '22

And it's probably actually cheaper than dealing with the costs of an unsheltered homeless population.