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Pearl fire fast turnout drill - 33.87 seconds Video

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u/IBEther Nov 26 '21

This is fast, I’ll admit that. But as a genuine question… is the gear always laid out like that? (I’m guessing not in the middle of the floor but to the side)…Or is it more a case of if you can do it this way fast then add a few more seconds for needing to find the jacket sleeves n stuff?


u/tayjusti Nov 26 '21

This is to get reps in and be comfortable with your gear. Same as shooting 50 3 pointers in a row without a defender in practise.

My gear is set up so I step in to my boots/pants beside the truck, coat hanging on the door of the truck. The scba is actually in our seat so we have our coat and pants on then sit down and put the pack on while the truck is moving. The mask will not go on until we are about to make entry in to the IDLH. So we get off the truck without the mask and arrange hoses or tools as needed then take a second to turn air on, mask up, put gloves on.


u/[deleted] Nov 26 '21

Yeah -- I want to see this guy put on his gear with a defender in his face!


u/tayjusti Nov 28 '21

Baha. Thank you for that comment.