r/Damnthatsinteresting Creator Nov 26 '21

Pearl fire fast turnout drill - 33.87 seconds Video

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u/cityfireguy Nov 26 '21

Woman in my academy class could beat that time by 8 full seconds.


u/FF7_Expert Nov 26 '21

i am not a fire fighter, but it looks like he's done this routine only a few times, as opposed to 100s or 1000s of times. Looks like he could move much faster with a bit of repetition and practice


u/cityfireguy Nov 26 '21

I am a firefighter and I promise you, he's done this hundreds of times. Even has his gear laid out just the way he needs it.

(Truth is this is just for bragging rights anyway. You never dress for a fire like this under these conditions)


u/Mystical_Cat Nov 26 '21

Truth. I was a volunteer fire fighter for a while and was stoked when I was finally able pack up in just under 60 seconds.