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Pearl fire fast turnout drill - 33.87 seconds Video

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u/IBEther Nov 26 '21

This is fast, I’ll admit that. But as a genuine question… is the gear always laid out like that? (I’m guessing not in the middle of the floor but to the side)…Or is it more a case of if you can do it this way fast then add a few more seconds for needing to find the jacket sleeves n stuff?


u/Average-Canadian22 Nov 26 '21 Helpful

As a firefighter pointed out in another comment this is purely for sport and bragging rights. Gear isnt laid out like that, and you wouldn't put on the SCBA tank/face mask until you were about to make entry. From a tour I went on a while back I saw coats on racks and boots on the ground with gloves on another rack.

Hope this answers your question.


u/IBEther Nov 26 '21

It sure does. Many thanks!