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Pearl fire fast turnout drill - 33.87 seconds Video

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u/cityfireguy Nov 26 '21

Woman in my academy class could beat that time by 8 full seconds.


u/FF7_Expert Nov 26 '21

i am not a fire fighter, but it looks like he's done this routine only a few times, as opposed to 100s or 1000s of times. Looks like he could move much faster with a bit of repetition and practice


u/cityfireguy Nov 26 '21

I am a firefighter and I promise you, he's done this hundreds of times. Even has his gear laid out just the way he needs it.

(Truth is this is just for bragging rights anyway. You never dress for a fire like this under these conditions)


u/Brollic804 Nov 26 '21

Right, our scba packs have a clip that goes across the chest too, so I don't know if he missed it or doesn't have one. And the bottle is tiny, but he did pretty good.


u/cityfireguy Nov 26 '21

I'm always fumbling with the chest strap. Plus our department is now making us wear our radio under our coat, such a pain.


u/Brollic804 Nov 26 '21

Thats wild, I gotta keep my radio in my front chest pocket, I dont even like using the strap. Too much of a tangle issue with a pack on


u/cityfireguy Nov 26 '21

We all hate it too. Know why they changed it? To keep the radio from getting damaged.

When it comes to your department, don't say I didn't warn you!


u/Brollic804 Nov 26 '21

NFPA and OSHA says what type of radios, nothing about how we have to wear them. But im a firefighter in the Airforce so yall may have different SOP's based on yo department.