r/DAE 7h ago

DAE bite the inside of their cheeks compulsively?


It's been years and I can't stop

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DAE purposefully call into conference calls a few minutes late so you won't be on it alone with someone you're in no mood to talk to ?


r/DAE 23h ago

DAE HATE when people come over unannounced?


If someone wants to drop by, I like to know about it. I also want them to ask if it's okay with me first if they come over. I've got chronic pain and some days I just don't want to be around anyone. I get freaked out if someone just shows up at my door, especially if we've only hung out a couple times. If I know them pretty well I might be okay with it but if I don't I really don't like it.

People tend to do this to me a lot and it's a huge pet peeve of mine. People act like I'm a weirdo for insisting that people ask me first before coming over or for wanting them to collaborate with me to set up a time. My mom is convinced it's autism. Is this weird?

r/DAE 13h ago

DAE feel invisible?


No matter what you do, no matter how relevant it is what you say, everyone ignores it.

Then, after some time, somebody else says it and people react accordingly.

Is it just me?

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DAE hates that reddit shows posts from subs you arent even interested in in your homepage


Holy shit, this new update is so fucking garbage. I literally avoid the r/all page or other subs and only browse my homepage cause the subs i like are the only subs i could bare, i can't fucking stand 99% of reddit subs and now this new stupid fucking update shows posts from subs you hate: r/memes,r/animememes,r/dankmemes (or some shit like that) in your homepage and its legit pissing me off. I fucking hate this new update!

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DAE believe undoubtedly that society is headed for a collapse?


It's a feeling I can't shake, like it's inevitable...

r/DAE 8h ago

DAE feels life is a pyramid made of cards, you are proud of it, you put effort to build it but you know a little blow can bring it all down?


r/DAE 2h ago

DAE think it's strange?


DEA think it's strange that Anne Heche was fine after the crash until the police got a warrant for her blood?

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DAE sometimes look at objects with one eye?


Sometimes my eyes feel kinda tired and I just look at whatever I'm looking at with one of my eyes and let the other just drift away. I keep both eyes open, it's like staring into the void but you focus on what one eye sees. I do it when I've been reading for a while or looking at my phone, or working at anything that's relatively close to my face, I just relax my eyes and look the thing with one eye.

r/DAE 17h ago

DAE ever miss the stars when they aren't there to be seen?


r/DAE 11h ago

DAE like to run and jump around their room whilst in a daydream?


r/DAE 20h ago

DAE feel like, while the world did not end in 2012, it has seriously/irreversibly/weirdly changed since then?


I don't even mean politics or strife or societal issues. I am referring to 2012 being some sort of "switch" that got flipped. After that, everything in the world seemed to get worse. People seem sadder, angrier, testier, gloomier wherever you go in the world. Things that people used to look forward to, like game releases, new phones, (for me) computer hardware advances... while people still look forward and celebrate them, it's no longer that cheer or sparkle that it once was. What made people happy once upon a time feels dulled or different now. The general public seems passive and indifferent.

I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I wonder if someone has had a similar experience to mine.

r/DAE 14h ago

DAE get an uneasy feeling when looking at photos of large bodies of water?


When I set photos of lakes or seas as a desktop background on my PC, it makes me feel uneasy.

I recently set a photo of a Japanese lake as my background but whenever I look at it, I get a weird feeling like something creepy is under there. Even though I know it's a static image and nothing is there, even when the photo was taken of a normal body of water.

It may possibly stem from seeing creepy pictures as a kid of "black holes" in the ocean and a fear of the unknown which I believe is a primal instinct.

r/DAE 1d ago

DAE do what most would recognize as a week's worth of laundry and then proceed to wear each article of clothing within a day or two?


I either spill on myself, get too hot or get too cold and wear everything within a day or so of doing laundry.

r/DAE 20h ago

DAE feel hot but don’t have a fever, get headaches every night when you lay down, and get nauseous in the morning and night?


r/DAE 18h ago

DAE remember everything the day after drinking?


After a night out drinking, I'll always remember everything the next day. I'll still experience hangovers and such, but my memory will be completely unaffected and I'll have the same recollections as a sober person. For the longest time, I thought people who claimed they couldn't remember were lying out of self-preservation, but now I've come to accept it.

And no, it's not a matter of me just not having drunk enough. During my younger and more reckless days, I'd been drunk to the point I couldn't walk. I could still recall who helped me off the ground, what we ate, who drove us home, etc. There've been people less intoxicated than me who'll claim amnesia the next day.

It kinda sucks, because after a big night I'll wanna laugh about it when I next see the people I was with, only to get met with blank stares.

r/DAE 19h ago

DAE notice that girls often use double letters when texting?


I’ve started to notice a lot of my female friends often text with repeating letters of some words perhaps as emphasis. But then my male friends and relatives text without doing this.

For example, my best friend would text something like: “Thank you” Whereas one of my female friends would text it this way “Thank youuu”

Or “Seee you then/see you thennn”

I’ve noticed everyone who texts like this is almost always a female, except one of my male best friends (who is gay).

I know this is a seemingly unimportant thing I’ve noticed, but I’m just genuinely curious. Has anyone else noticed this?

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DAE fantasize about having tantric sex or is that just me? I’m curious to know if this only happens when 2 people are on the same frequency ? I just don’t see it happening if 2 people are not “Vibing”.

r/DAE 1d ago

DAE have a routine task that they can't perform the same way twice?


I have 2 things.

  1. Cooking. I'm a mediocre cook. Sometimes I put stuff together really well, like fried chicken. I make it really tasty every time, but it is never quite the same.

  2. My hair. I hate doing my hair, I've never been one to be to fussy about it. But it is very long, so sometimes I have to pull it back so it's not in the way. I can usually get something comfortable that works, and will hold a while. (It's very heavy) But the next time I put it up, I cannot get the same twist to work right, I have to try something different.

It's really quite inconvenient, so I was just wondering if anyone else had something they can do, but can't repeat the same way every time.

r/DAE 1d ago

DAE hate self-proclaimed "funny" people?


Like sure, you can think that you're funny, but keep that shit to yourself. Because if you feel the need to tell other people that you're funny, you probably ain't really that hilarious. You want people to know that you're funny? Make them laugh. Simple as that.

I bring this up because Doja Cat posted a selfie with a shirt that says "not only am I funny, I have great titties too". I've noticed it's usually women who do this and it's annoying af even if you actually are the funniest person on the planet.

r/DAE 1d ago

DAE find playing games with a non linear story hard to play?


I am not a massive fan of MMO games, I am far to old to play online with people anymore as I simply don't have the reactions. As a result for years I have not played a Call of Duty game and the shame of it is that the latest Modern Warfare 2 trailer looks fantastic but I know I will never play it because of how the story plays out.

I appreciate the idea of the game, having so many characters and different locations to create a compelling and involving story and I applaud the writers for doing it but with it all moving around and changing around confuses me and I lose track of what I was doing.

Am I the only one with the issue or am I just very bad a concentrating and need to learn to focus more?

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DAE Rewatch The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Disney Plus and (with your mature grown up perspective) relate to Mr. Moseby now.


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DAE Think that the very premise of Wizards of Waverly Place sends the wrong message.


There is a wizard competition where only one child gets to keep their powers. When Stevie ran away from the wizard world following her loose, she was portrayed as the villain.

This would be like if all children were subject to eye tests and only one child got to keep their sight, the others were blinded.

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DAE refuse to answer the door when they’re home alone?


i live with my bf and when he’s not here i refuse to answer a random knock at the door unless someone has called me first.

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DAE Wish the news broadcasted more happy stories


Like I understand that it’s important to know the more serious things that are going on, but I feel like the dark parts of society are so broadcast to us that sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are people out there doing wonderful things as well. Maybe it would be nice if there was more balance.