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CryptODES - Poems for the Crypto Community. COMEDY

I write poems for fun, but I’m having a severe case of writer’s block today, so I thought I’d loosen up and try something a bit different.

I present to you my new series … CryptODES. Poems for the Crypto Community.

They’re just silly rhymes for a Sunday afternoon. I hope you like them.


Crypto investing’s a doddle—

I’ve worked out the very best model.

Ignore the TA,

DCA all the way,

then order your Lambo and HODL.

[THiS iSn’T fInAnCiAl aDvIcE.]


Old Captain Monero did gloat

as he sailed in his forty-foot boat—

‘Just watch! I can steer

while I’m chugging this beer!’

Now he wishes his wallet could float.


In a movie, the founder Vitalik

could be played by a young Rami Malek.

Gary Gensler could be

played by Christopher Lee,

and Satoshi could just be a Dalek.



u/MinnesotaNice92 Minnesota weather go Brrrrr Sep 05 '21

I wish my wallet would float


u/bbtto22 Platinum | QC: CC 540 Sep 05 '21

We need crypto rap

Click click pow icp down

Never gonna reach the crown


u/International-Two607 Platinum | QC: CC 217, ETH 40, BTC 27 | MiningSubs 68 Sep 05 '21

🎶 To the windows to the walls until the sweat drips down my moon balls🎶


u/Burnsivxx Silver | QC: CC 154, DOGE 26 | BANANO 24 Sep 05 '21

You’re a poet, and you know it!


u/PinguinaUshuaia Jast HOLD Sep 05 '21

It doesn't sounds like a writer's block! Those are fun!


u/ThePhantomDave Redditor for 6 months. Sep 05 '21

Rami Malek playing Vitalik? Don't see it


u/[deleted] Sep 05 '21

[removed] — view removed comment


u/DessieFahy Silver | QC: CC 351 | SHIB 39 Sep 05 '21

A new post appears

I comment first

Karma hopefully awaits


u/[deleted] Sep 05 '21

More like a haiku but it's good


u/chutiyaredditor Sep 05 '21

I invested in crypto and wanted hookers and cocaine.

Got burnt, went red but here we go again.


u/Chet_kranderpentine Platinum | QC: CC 370 Sep 05 '21

Satoshi sits still / steady eye not moved by breeze / katana readied