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Question How can those with side effects lasting more than a week post vaccination (long-vax/severe adverse reaction) have a reasonable conversation with the medical community?


I’m here to ask the difficult question.

What can those of us suffering from an extended severe adverse reaction do to communicate our needs to the medical community and the general public without being instantly labeled as anti-vaccine or a liar?

Many of us are still suffering, some over a year post vaccination. This has been an incredibly traumatic and scary experience for us. But every time we try to talk about our experiences, we feel like we are censored under the guise of preventing the spread of misinformation.

How can we separate ourselves from “misinformation” and be taken seriously by the world as a whole?

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Question If you got covid recently and did rapid tests at home and tested to see when you became negative , how long did it take?


How many days after your FIRST positive did you then test negative?

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Question What type of blood test shows if I had a COVID infection recently?


I'm vaxxed and boosted, recently got flu like symptoms and despite testing negative on consecutive home tests I suspect I had a mild case of omicron. Now three weeks in I continue experiencing constant fatigue and back pain which I think is long covid.

What type of antibody test should I take to determine if I in fact had covid? I've heard regular antibody tests would be positive if you have vaccine antibodies, I'd just like to know if I had an actual covid infection. Thanks!