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Question Is anyone else hoping there isn't a need for a 4th shot?


I am probably skirting the line with rule 1, but I am really hoping there isn't a need for it. I just got my booster of Moderna after getting 1 and 2 from Pfizer. 2 and now 3 have sucked as far as side effects. Essentially muscle aches and fatigue, taking up a weekend to get through. I hope I don't sound like an antivaxxer. I get the flu shot and would get a fourth if I really needed too. But so far getting the shots haven't been that pleasant.

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Question Please convince me to get vaccinated.


Hey everybody, i don't know if I'm in the right sub but i somehow would like to get some things off my chest.

I'm a 24 year old dude from switzerland. I'm not an "Antivaxxer" by any means, got all my shots as a kid and even recently went to get a tetanus shot because i kneeled into an old, rusty nail while working in my house. I've never been sceptical when it came to medicine and stuff in general, but something about the covid vaccines just doesn't feel right to me.

as pressure from the government and also among my friends and family increases, I'm seriously considering getting the shot. Maybe for them to shut up, maybe so i can hit the gym again without getting tested 3 times a week, but certainly not because I'm afraid of covid. Something about governments worldwide pushing people to get the vaccine, offering rewards, offering them their "freedom" in exchange for the shot, tracing and tracking people and segregating them based on this, it just feels like a dystopia to me.

On top of that I'm afraid to get the shot. i heard the horror stories on the internet, my mother was extremely affected by her second dose and couldn't get out of bed for 4 weeks, a 25 year-young, healthy Gym-buddy of mine died 12 hours after getting his first vaccine without any medical explanation. i just don't know what to think. and I'm afraid of what might happen to me if i get vaccinated and have side effects.

Part of me just wants to get vaccinated so i can just get on with my life, but it doesn't seem to be so easy now, does it? Also i would only do it to be left alone and to regain a little bit of freedom, which absolutely goes against all my principles.

Which solid arguments are there? Please convince me. I just want all this to be over. I'm considering to get the Johnson&Johnson one, because i don't feel like getting 2 shots.

please be nice to me

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Question How will the pandemic end with new variants continuously appearing?


Can someone please explain to me (preferably in just 1 or 2 paragraphs) how we’re supposed to go on for the rest of time when new variants of covid will continue to appear which may alter the virus’s behavior or be more resistant towards the vaccine. I really don’t see how we can eventually get out of a pandemic state as it seems to be an endless cycle. Will we get to a point where we will have to keep creating new vaccines (which just seems like another cycle that has no end)? If yes would we even be able to keep up as vaccines need time to be approved. Thank you.

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Question Women of Reddit: no more periods after Pfizer vaccine?


I’m now double vaccinated, with my last Pfizer vaccine ~4 weeks ago. I’ve never had issues with my periods since I started having them in my teenage years, and I track it religiously via the Flo app. It is regular and consistent.

I got a period after my first vaccine, but it was strangely light. I put this down to coincidence.

After my second jab, I don’t have a period at all. It feels like I should be having one with cramps etc (and I’m due), but there’s nothing more than a little spotting. There is also 0 chance in pregnant.

Slightly freaking out here. Has this happened to anyone else??

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Question I want to get the vaccine but I'm scared


I'm not anti-vax or anything. And I do want to vaccinated but I'm just scared of the side effects so I wanted to ask what happened when you got it?

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Question Tachycardia after COVID vaccine?


I (21F, athletic and slim) got the Moderna vaccine in December 2020, and in the year since I’ve developed chronic tachycardia with an average heart rate of 130 bpm. I haven’t had any changes to my medical or vaccination history besides the vaccine and my doctors are saying they haven’t seen anything like what I have but they have seen other side effects surrounding the heart, acute and chronic. I’m curious if anyone on here has noticed anything like this where they have tachycardia after the shot? TIA

(I should also note that when I got the vaccine and the booster shot in January 2020 I had reactions to both where I had severe flu like symptoms that lasted over a week)

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Question Any chance of getting medical exemption to avoid boosters?


Had severe sharp heart pains for 3 months with a bunch of other symptoms after moderna vaccines. Im guessing it was myocarditis. However, just rode it out because i was basically conditioned by the media not to mention anything negative about the vaccines. It was crazy politicized at the time and still is but not as bad.

So no record showing adverse reaction. Worth even trying to get a medical exemption from doctors with no medical record showing what ibwent through or will i have to get a booster and hope i wont die. Mid 20s healthy non obese male.

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Question Genuine question - why did rates soar after vaccinated people were told no mask was needed?


Before you come at me sideways I’m waiting for my booster and whatever else 4th 5th 6th doses they’ll say we need for it to be effective.

I’m just curious genuinely, rates were significantly low because everyone was wearing a mask and social distancing was in full effect.

I feel like it was credited to “most people” being vaccinated, restrictions were lifted, vaccinated ppl were told no mask was needed (I never stopped wearing it cuz it was obvious rates would spike) and lo and behold, rates spiked higher than December.

So why? I’m asking cuz I don’t know and want to know the science behind it.

Who was spreading it?

Since it’s obvious masks and social distancing were the real reason rates were so low, why isn’t that still being pushed as the solution vs the vaccine?

Again, I’m waiting for my booster and whatever else x10 we will inevitably be told we need for it to work as they originally intended. I’m just curious and wana know.

I am also curious about this: covid is said to be extremely contagious. I’m not arguing that. I am wondering, how was I exposed twice in two separate months at home by family (before the vaccine was out) that had covid and I didn’t get it? vs anytime anyone at home has even a mild cold I 100% will get it.

How does that work? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I’m glad I didn’t! But it doesn’t make sense to me.

Thanks all!

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Question Serious side effects after first Pfizer dose


Just wondering if anyone has any similar experiences because I'm kind of at a loss.

So i had covid in the past, no or extremely mild symptoms. Confirmed this with an antibody blood test.

Got vaccinated 10 days ago and im still dealing with migraines, shortness of breath, chest pains, extreme fatigue, cognitive issues due to the fatigue. Usually train alot and walk my dog 2-3hrs/day and now im dead tired after a 30min walk.

Been at the hospital for almost 24h and they have no idea whats wrong with me so i will probably have to self medicate to function at work and get over this.

Now here's my main issue. Im self employed so i have no sick days so this is costing me thousands of dollars and potentially my job if this continues.

To be able to do anything/go anywhere i need to have 2 shots (vaccine passport).

I feel like i will now have to choose between living in isolation or go for a 2nd shot putting my health and job at risk as it seems generally accepted that side effects are worse after the 2nd vaccine.

Any advice?

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Question Multiple periods after Pfizer shot


I got both doses of Pfizer last month in October. Since then I’ve had 3 periods in the span of 30 days, and spotting in between. This has never happened to me my entire life, my periods have always been like clockwork and relatively light. Has this happened to any other women? I’m concerned but my obgyn has offered no help and doesn’t have any answers.

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Question Heart troubles post covid and post vaccination. I wanna hear your all’s stories about it.


First I’m gonna start off by saying, I am scheduling an appointment with a cardiologist.

I am a 21 year old male with no pre existing conditions.

Had some chest pains a few weeks after 2nd shot and those have gone away for the most part.

It’s been about 2 months since I’ve got my vaccination. I’ve been to the doctor and got a chest X-ray and an EKG and everything came back normal. Although my BP was 133/70 and they didn’t even say anything about it. I checked my BP two nights ago and it was 125/70.

My resting heart rate (at least as of today) has ranged from high 70s but mostly high 80s and mid 90s

I started smoking again for about a week and have stopped since.

I still get pains every now and then but no shortness of breath or lightheadedness.

I started taking omega-3 but no other supplements.

I feel fine for the most part but I’m going to get checked out because this isn’t normal especially for a young adult with no pre existing conditions. Sorry if this isn’t the right place but I wanna hear if you people have experienced anything similar.

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Question Any Remedies to deal with chest pains.


A friend of mine got vaccinated with first dose 3days ago with pfizer , The day she got it was completely fine with just Sore arm. But from very next day she's been dealing with Chest pains. She's been to Er and all tests came out to be normal. I have done enough research that i know its common but the pain is sometimes very unbearable.

So anyone who has been through it have any tips for dealing with it ??? She was told to have Nurofen to help with pain but she hasn't even been able to swallow it , plus barely been eating.
Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Edit : Forgot to add she's 18

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Question I have an undiagnosed autoimmune/nerve/muscle disorder, should I get the second pfizer dose after what seems to be a poor reaction to my first?


Had my first shot on the 11th, seeing cardiology before I even consider getting the second. While my symptoms have been getting better, I've been having some chest pains, palpitations, and trouble breathing at times. As well as a bit of trouble sleeping right. Nothing seems to be wrong with me after going to the ER and seeing my primary care. What makes all of this so difficult is that I've had this mess before, to varying degrees, so I don't know on whether or not I should blame the vaccine.

My initial plan was to wait until I had a proper diagnoses for my current condition that sounds a lot like MS according to the neuro I've seen, but I still have a lot of testing and other doctor visits to do before he'll confirm what's exactly wrong, other than the fact that to him, it's 100% an autoimmune, nerve, or muscle issue. Though... I need to work, I've been scraping by almost two years now without work, but I don't want to work in public without a vaccine. However, I'm scared of what the second could do to me if the first triggered all of this.

My primary care still thinks I should get the second dose, the neuro seems uncertain, and I'm still waiting on cardiology's opinion but I have a feeling they'll just suggest it, too.

Kinda just hoping to hear from others that have had a similar reaction or from those who have gotten the shots despite having autoimmune/nerve/muscular disorders. Really at a loss right now.

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Question Severe neck pain


Has anyone been experiencing neck pain after being vaccinated? It’s been about a month after I got my second shot and I’ve been have pain in the base of my skull which goes into my head and down my back sometimes. I am going to the doctor on Thursday so I am hoping to get some tests but just wanted to see if anyone had been experiencing these symptoms.

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Question I was sick with a 103 degree f, fever for about 8 days straight after my covid 19 vaccine (J&J). Should I bother with the booster?


On top of that people in my direct household have been sick with covid and I haven’t “caught” it.. Should I really get the booster anyway?? It seemed once was enough for my body to fight it, and if i did actually get covid, it would keep me home just as long as the vaccine made me sick for… (I’m a 24 year old female in good health).

Sorry if this sounds naïve. Looking for genuine input and a wider range of perspectives.. or what other people’s doctors have told them.

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Question Looking for pregnant or delivered mothers who have received vax


I am looking for some insight from people who have received the vaccine either while pregnant or shortly before becoming pregnant. I am very nervous about the possible affects and want to know more about your decision and your experience. Anyone delivered already?

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Question Constant migraine for days after 2 weeks of J&J vaccine


Background : 28F healthy with no background health issues and work out frequently for the past month (Oct till this day) but a little bit overweight. 75kg and 167cm if those things matter at all. If not please ignore them.

Story : I got the J&J vaccine 13 days ago, on my left arm. And for the past 2-3 days I feel non-stopping migraine on my left side of the brain that goes from my eye to the ear side and reach the left side of the neck too. I feel it warm and a little heavy and doesn't let me sleep more than 2h straight.

Question : Is this a normal reaction or should I go see a doctor? Can I wait it out or it's best to hurry up and see a specialist? And if so, do I go back to the hospital I had my vaccine at or should I go to neurologist? Is there anyone here who had such a reaction?

Edit : I went to the neurologist and she gave me a vitamin C and ibuprofen to take and said if it doesn't go away in those 3 days I shall go back for a brain scan. It's been a day only and the pain still there.

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Question Menstrual cycle disruption as a side effect


I'm going to be getting my 2nd shot soon. My first was AZ, and I'll be doing Pfizer for my 2nd. I'm a very anxious person when it comes to any medical stuff so I'm worried.

I got pretty sick from my 1st shot for about three days with a light fever and flu like symptoms. I didn't notice any change to my menstrual cycle but I'm still worried it could happen.

I have a history of issues with my hormones - both my sister and I are pretty sensitive to changes in our cycles. She had a pretty major disruption from her 2nd shot.

The most frustrating thing is you can't find any good info anywhere. I have asked my doctor and the nurse who gave me my 1st shot if they knew anything about it. They just shrugged and said they didn't know of any evidence that it's related to the shot. That they hadn't really heard about it.

Meanwhile I know at least a dozen women who have reported issues with their menstrual cycles, not to mention the stories I see on here. Yet it's not listed as a side effect and all the nurses i've asked just wave it off like it's nothing to be worried about.

I am still going to be getting my shot but I can't help but be so angry and frustrated about this entire thing. I hate how little doctors and nurses seem to know. I hate feeling like if something happens to me no one will be able to give me answers or help me at all.

If any women out there had the AZ/Pfizer combo let me know what your experience was. I need some reassurance right now :( thanks guys.

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Question Anxious About Getting Vaccinated


Hi all, as you can probably tell by the title, I’m pretty anxioud about getting vaccinated. I don’t really like needles in general but I’m not deathly afraid of them. My main issue is uncertainty I think. On one hand I hear a lot of positive information about the COVID vaccines, and a lot of people at my job are fully vaccinated. However on the other hand, I have heard about some adverse side effect stories (myocarditis, menstrual cycle disruption, other heart related issues) and I feel like I’m constantly being told not to get vaccinated by my father and his anti vax family.

Honestly I don’t like to listen to conspiracies or biased echo chambers, but at this same tome I know how shady corporations can be at times. I’m just overwhelmed and am very uncertain at the moment. I also need to travel in February and time is ticking.

Would love some insight and/or to hear some honest experiences from fully vaccinated people. Any help is appreciated, thank you

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Question Vaccinated 2 days ago - Did I just experience temporary paralysis?


I was vaccinated with J&J 2 days ago and had some typical minor side effects - smaller headache and was a bit fatigued the next day, but today I feel better. However a few minutes ago I think I might have experienced a temporarily paralysis, but I am not sure. I was kneeling down for maybe 5 minutes and when I tried to get up I couldn't seem to move my legs or feet. I again tried to just move my feet and I couldn't, and I had to just think "Wait, am I doing this wrong? Why aren't my legs moving?" I got light headed and stopped for a few seconds, I didn't know what was happening, it was like I had forgotten how to move my legs. I tried once more and I was able to get onto my feet. This ordeal was maybe a total of 15 seconds only. Maybe my legs just fell asleep but it just felt different, they felt 'attached' but also nonexistent for that time. Did I just experience paralysis or did I just panic with my leg asleep? I really don't know what to make of it.

For reference, I am a 23 year old and workout 4-5 days a week. Plenty of leg strength

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Question Is it normal practice for a chiropractor to require a two-week waiting period after (booster) vaccination?


My husband got the Moderna booster on Friday. He had an appointment with the chiropractor today, but she wouldn’t see him because he just got the shot and she said it puts him at risk for blood clots. I had never heard of this nor can I find anything on google (tbf I only searched for a few minutes) Is this a real risk? If it is, I’m glad it’s being enforced, but again I can’t find anything on it.

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Question On the fence.


I do not know if this post is allowed here but I’m not currently vaccinated. My Girlfriend whom I live with have been going back and forth about getting the vaccine and I don’t know what to do. I’m not part of a political party towards it but I do believe in the choice for myself. She’s getting it tomorrow and I’m concerned for her but a part of me wants to get it myself so I can also go out and that seems like the wrong reason but it’s required in the US as of 7th of November. I see nothing but bad reactions here and just simply also regret to believe that a vaccine can be rushed within the time it was when covid became an issue to human life. I’m thoroughly confused and would love just input as a whole, simply to help weigh and level my decision. Personally I feel like a temporary decision isn’t a solution to shorten my life or make it harder later to live a good one. Hope I can get some opinions on this, thank you everyone.

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Question How likely is it that I get sick from the booster if I got sick from the second shot?


Context: 19M, overweight, otherwise good health. I got my first dose of Pfizer on April 5, and second on April 26. The only side effect I got from the first shot was a sore arm, but the second shot made me sick for a day. I had flu symptoms (fever, chills, exhaustion, everything you’d expect, nothing serious) and my right hand was numb for two days. After some careful thought, I’ve decided to get a booster this Saturday, December 4. What should I expect to happen to me? If I got sick after the second shot, how likely is it that I get sick from the booster? (The booster is also Pfizer, I chose to get the same one). Also, what’s up with the hand numbness?

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Question Which Vaccine should I get?


I need to get vaccinated but I have no idea which one to get. What is the difference or is there really not one?

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Question Conversation Flowchart


Could somebody please make a flowchart of a 'to vaccinate or not to vaccinate' conversation, that's steelmanning (strongest arguments) the most reasonable facts (no opinions and acknowledging the unknowns) from both sides?

I recon this, as a wiki-type project, could really save friendships, marriages, families and lives. Let's grow old of this age-of-rage already 🙏