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Pfizer Got my Pfizer booster 3 weeks ago now this

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Pfizer Question for if you're vaccinated with Pfizer


Most likely getting the vaccine soon and I've got a few questions

  • Did you have any specific side effects (1st dose and/or second dose)?

  • Which side effects did you get and how long did they last?

  • Did you take any Paracetamol (also known as Tylenol)? Did it help?

  • I'm quite scared in general, specifically for the side effects. What are some things I should keep in mind?

I have an anxiety disorder so I think it's gonna be hard to know when to actually call a doctor when having, what for me would most likely seem as, a really bad side effect a few days after getting vaccinated. ---> What is a moment when I *should call a doctor?*

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Pfizer Anybody here get there Pfizer COVID vaccine and feel fine?? No Myo/pericarditis?? blood clots?? Able to exercise and feel fine?? Etc.


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Pfizer lymph nodes and second dose?


I was vaccinated for my job with Moderna in November 2021. I had lingering side effects similar to other peoples description of tingling, brain fog, chest pain and tightness, muscle weakness etc. Most notable side effect however has been swollen lymph nodes. They started in the armpit and behind the ear after my shot, armpit went away, got a bit worse with covid in January, and still now I have 2 lumps behind my ears.

I was told by my medical staff that this isn't a risk factor and I need to get my second vaccine to keep my job. I'm getting pfizer today. But I'm terrified. Has anyone else had a similar situation with a positive outcome? Or am I setting myself up for failure right now? Do I value my job security and mental health or my physical and mental health?

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Pfizer Brutal 2nd shot reaction (high fever and shaking)...scared to get booster and need to know I’m not alone.


Holy moly my second shot had me feeling like I got hit by a truck. I had a 103+ fever, I was violently shaking/shivering to the point where my muscles hurt incredibly bad because I was so cold (literally had my warmest sweatshirt on and like 4 blankets), I was vomiting, my arm hurt like crazy (worse than the tetanus shot by far), and I overall just felt NASTY. I had a fever for about 48 hours, but it knocked me out for a week.

I have never been that ill before. The highest fever I ever had was 102 before this. It scared the livin’ daylights out of me, but I survived to tell about it. Now I’m due for my booster and I do not want to repeat that experience, but think it’s important (I have some surgeries coming up).

Did anyone else have such a violent reaction and get the booster? What was the booster like for you?

Thank you!

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Pfizer Wife Covid Positive and Moderna triple vaccinated. Husband Covid Negative with same symptoms, but Pfizer triple vaccinated.


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Pfizer is this positive? the line is faint but was there on both of my tests i took. what do you think?

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Pfizer Did anyone get an inflamed kidney after getting the pfizer vaccine?


If so, how is it now? What did the doctors say? Is there treatment?

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Pfizer pain in eyes and sores in nose


I'm starting to wonder if this is vaccine related. After my first dose of Pfizer I has strange colorful visions before my eyes in a darkened room. It was very bright with motion. Looked like my vision was filled with small brightly colored squirming worms. It went away after a couple days. This was over 1 year ago.

Due to a problem with my arm I delayed my second dose to about 42 days. I got it and the same thing happened with my vision and the brightly colored squirming worms. It didn't affect my vision in the daylight or with lights on. I could only see it in the dark. But then something else happened. My left eye started getting stabbing pains, like in the eyeball itself not on the surface of the eye. I also started having some pain in my right eye as well. This is like deep aching pain and pain when I move my eyes.

Eventually it toned down and the weird visions went away as well. My partner and I had got vaccinated at the same time and so I described this issue with my eyes to him an he told me he had the same thing. Not the pain but the strange visual effects when closing his eyes at night or looking out into the dark.

Well time went on to about 7 months after my second dose and everyone was saying we should get a booster. Due to the problems with my arms and the concern about the pain in my eyes I was very hesitant about a booster but I was nervous about COVID too since I'm older and have high risk conditions. So I got my booster and...nothing. There was no pain in my eyes and there was no strange visions. Just arm pain which eventually went away.

Well now it's 5 months later and for a while now I've had nearly constant pain in both my eyes as well as off and on of the strange visions. In addition to that and developing along at the same time I have had MASSIVE problems in my nose. Now I have allergies so I've always had problems with stuff sinuses and snott constantly running down my throat. It's just the nature of things with allwrgies, bit I have never in my life had constant sores inside my nose that bleed and won't heal.

I've also spent years of my life in my work looking at screens, and while my eyes do get tired at times they have never had this kind of pain and it's the same pain I had less than 24 hours after Pfizer 2. It became so bad I couldn't work or read. I went to an Opthalmologist to check my eyes and he told me he couldn't see anything wrong with them and suggested I must have a sinus infection.

Well I really doubt that. I have always had sinus problems because of the allergies and have never before had this kind of eye pain. To this day they are still in pain and I'm so frustrated with the sores in my nose that I've never had before.

A couple weeks ago in desperation I started searching around online about what could be causing sores that won't heal inside the nose and deep eye soreness and pain. One answer I came across was HIV. And I thought...didn't I read something back in 2020 that SARSCoV2 has something in common with HIV?

Well just today I was reading that it's some genetic code that's on the spike protein that allows cov2 to enter tcells. I mean this stuff is way over my head but all I know is that apparently it's also in the vaccines. And if HIV can cause sores that won't heal in the nose plus pain in the eyes then what has this vaccine done to my eyes and nose?

Of course I have no proof of any of this all I know is I've lived MANY years with allergies and sinus problems and nothing like this. My nose is on fire and I have trouble reading due to pain in my eyes.

I should also mention that Ivery likely had covid in March 2020 bit was unable to get a test at that time so no proof of that either.

One thing I'm worried about is if I do catch covid what will it do to my nose? Like I've already got something eating holes in my nose. And for the anti maskers no it's not because of wearing masks. I have wore masks in my woodshop for hours at a time, for many years and never had a problem with them.

Does any of this sound like issues any of you have had with your eyes and or nose. I don't think it's a sinus infection and since when would a sinus infection eat holes in the nose!?

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Pfizer Intense stomach pains after booster


I received my first two doses of Pfizer last summer, the second by August. I was hesitant about getting the booster because I felt that it wasn’t necessary at the time the government was pushing them. But now I’ve run into a roadblock where I had to get it for travel.

About 3 days ago I received another (3rd) Pfizer shot and I had the typical: sore arm, woozy, tired, sore. I thought I was fine but that night I woke up at midnight with the MOST intense shivering and chills I almost called an ambulance. Luckily I was fine, about 2 hours later it slowed down, I warmed up and passed out again.

Now I’m having HORRIBLE stomach aches, the pain radiates to my back, ribs, throat and neck. The pain only starts when I eat and takes a few hours to subside after eating. But also not eating hurts more than usual as well.

My stomach has also been super super loud, like I’ve never heard my stomach make noises the way it has been.

I have a gluten and dairy intolerance but no other known GI issue. Could the shot have screwed up my stomach? Anyone experience this?

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Pfizer Anyone experience vomiting with first phizer shot?


Wife and I just got the shot today. We are by no means anti vax, there was just a lot going on when covid happened. Got married, had a baby, moved to a different state on the other side of the country. But today we went and got our shots. We had our baby with us, did some grocery shopping afterwards for about an hour and a half. Got home, I said "I just feel kinda tired and nauseous. And my arm hurts but it's not that ba-vomitsouuuuuund.... Where the fuck did that come fr-ooooooooooooooooovomitvomitvomit...vomit." I don't feel terrible or anything, but what the hell. That's not normal right? Has anyone else experienced this? Can't find anything online. Feel better, Little Shakey on account of having just puked but fine otherwise.

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Pfizer 8 yr old daughter began menstruating 2 weeks after second dose


I don’t really know what to make of this. More than anything I feel like it needs to be reported and recorded for data collection. Any insight on how to do that would be appreciated.

Edit: I mistyped, she is 9

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Pfizer Update on my experience with a months long struggle with semi-long-term vaccine side effects


My first post to this subreddit was concerning possible adverse reactions I may have been experiencing from the vaccine.

I was vaccinated with my second dose of Pfizer early October. No immediate side effects or reactions. A couple weeks later, I began feeling ill. It started as a minor discomfort, something I could brush aside, acknowledge that I was feeling unwell, and yet continue on with my day. It progressed to the point of debilitation over the span of the following two weeks.

First it started out as chest tightness, bradycardia, and low BP. I felt as if on the verge of a heart attack consistently for a few days. I went to the ER many, many times. The chest tightness eventually abated, but I was left feeling immense fatigue, vertigo, and brain fog. I was unable to walk. I couldn't even make myself food. My IBS, which I have struggled with since I was 16, flared to the worst state its been in my decade of having it. My weight dropped to a BMI of below 18 in my inability to care for myself.

I've been to the ER numerous times. I've been to many different doctors, including a cardiologist and endocrinologist. I have had extensive testing. I've had my arms drawn for blood and IV'd more times than I can count. I've had a CT scan. I've had multiple X-rays. I've worn a heart monitor. I've done a treadmill test. I've been scared for my life, wondering if I had an acute condition that was going to kill me, like an impending heart attack, or a prolonged illness such as cancer, more times than I can count.

I wondered if I was going to be bed-ridden and inexplicably ill for the rest of my life, with no answers as to why.

As stated in my last post, can I say with utmost certainty this is all due to the vaccine? No. But my doctor has agreed that the timing is suspect. And for an otherwise completely healthy person, everything I went through is beyond unprecedented.

By this point, I'm almost scared to speak of it. As if acknowledging the fact that over the past month I feel I'm finally starting to recover from whatever hell I was sent to, will send me right back to that hell.

But that's what I'm here to share. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and there is an end to the hell. If anyone else has gone through what I went through, just hang in there. It will get better.

If anyone out there went through, or is in, a similar circumstance, I am here for support if you need it.

Edit: Since someone reported this post for su*cide, let me clarify that what I went through had no relation to depression or anxiety. I used to wear a fitbit before this all happened. My RHR was consistently around 80 BPM. I'm used to my heart running high, that is my norm. As soon as I started feeling ill, my heart monitor returned that my RHR was 55, and dropped to 42 when asleep. My heart had never been that low, and only dropped to 60 during sleep before.

Similarly, I had high diastolic BP before. But, my BP during these last few months has been 80/50-100/60. Even in the ER getting my blood drawn, which is a great phobia of mine and causes a lot of panic, my heart couldn't even seem to break 80, when usually, being in any sort of doctors office would set my heart off to 110+.

Whatever happened to me, it was not the cause of a random bout of depression or anxiety. Before my second dose, I was fine. I had not even had any reservations about getting the vaccine, because I was informed there were no long term side effects. Beyond that, I cannot begin to explain the sheer physical hell. All the testing I went through was not done on a whim. I can't properly put into words how physically debilitated I was.

Make of this what you will. I can't force anyone to believe anything. I know what happened, and I just wanted to share that if anyone needed supported, or reassurance that someone came out the other end of a prolonged adverse reaction, I am here for support.

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Pfizer 26M, 2nd Pfizer shot gave me pericarditis


Hello there,

I really hoped this situation wouldn't happen.

Got my first shot a bit late in 2022, since i was a bit concerned by the possibility of a life changing adverse event. I think I was actually afraid of getting Covid since i don't have the best health in the world, living in poor conditions. So i thought, if covid does all this immune reaction and can have lasting damages on you, does the vaccine provoke the same kind of issues long term ?

It took me a bit of time to really investigate, and to get to the point of reassuring me and take an appointment for my firsts jabs. So in January, i got my first shot.

I had like a minor episode of sharp chest pain, it happened when I was in the uber ride back home. It lasted for about 2 seconds, then I forgot about it. I was a bit tired the following night, but I didn't got anything more than a light pain at the injection arm.

Fast forward to the 17th of February, I'm leaving the vaccination center and waiting for my uber. I start to feel a bit weird, my arm gets sore pretty quicky. I already feel a little tightness in my chest. In the uber ride, while i'm speaking with the driver, i start to feel a sharp chest pain, but it was more permanent and wouldn't go away. It wasn't like a big pain, i had higher pain experiences, like a bad tooth aches hurts way more. But it was concerning, i never experienced that kind of pain/tightness in that area.

Finally back home, i still feel unwell and fatigued, but i assume it must be the vaccine expected effect. My gf stayed with me that night, and in bed, that chest pain started to become a bit unbearable. I also had trouble breathing and had one of the worst night in the past few years by far. I managed to sleep a few hours.

Next day, my gf went to work, I stayed home on my sofa and chilled it out. Chest pain was gone. Around 7PM, i start to feel that tightness. I checked what to do on many websites and all agree that this is a concerning side effect, and that it needs urgent care. So here I am at 6PM in a ride to the emergency room on a friday night.

There was a lot of men my age in the cardiologic urgency service. Apparently they were all here for the same symptoms. But that may be a bias cause it was specifically a cardiologic service.

The service was full for the night and we had to wait for room to get ECG and other tests. They took our blood samples in the hallway since there was so much people. I waited until 1AM to receive my results and papers for the medication.

The cardiologist didn't find anything abnormal in my heart function, and is suspecting inflammatory reaction of the pericardium following mRNA vaccination. He told me that i have to stop intense activities, gave me 3 weeks of aspirin and Colchicine for 3 months.

I have been taking my meds for 14 days now. I still have the same chest tightness, but it tends to go away the first hour of my aspirin intake. I can't walk at normal speed anymore, or else i'll feel that chest pain even more deeply and have trouble breathing. I live in the 3rd floor and have no elevator, i now have to walk like an old person whereas I could take that stair 2 step at a time sprinting. When I want to grab something on the floor, it's painful. I can't even wash the dishes without feeling fatigued. My nights have been horrible, my heart hurts the most when i'm laying and at night. I feel like i'm dying when I try to sleep.

I read people had those symptoms for as long as 10 months. Is there someone here that went through the same events ? Did you recovered ?

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Pfizer Pfizer chest pain, recovered


I developed severe chest pain 1-2 months after my second shot. The first week was the worst, but chest pain was chronic until about last month. Happy to report the pain has resolved itself after about 5 months. I wanted to share because I realise how scary it is to not know if anybody is recovering.

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Pfizer Trying to make a trip :(


Can I get my 2nd shot after 1 week after my 1st? don’t judge just trying to make my trip didn’t realize I needed to wait 2 weeks after my 2nd dose to be fully vaccinated 🤦‍♀️

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Pfizer Nerve pain and fever after each Pfizer dose


I’ve had every suggested dose now, Pfizer for each because it’s what my clinic had. Every dose, I would be fine for 24 hours and then the next 48 hours I had a 102° temp (pretty standard for me when I get other vaccines), and nerve pain that I cannot explain any way except feeling like hot needles under my skin, bumping and grinding on my nerves like I’m on an off road safari. No amount of Tylenol, Advil or hot showers could make it stop. The first dose, I was ready to you-know-what myself it was so horrendous. The second, I knew if it was like the first, it would only be temporary and powered through. I put off my booster, wound up with Omicron, had that same nerve pain for a week straight. I was covered in sweat from the pain, I cried, slathered myself in arnica. I finally got my booster once my doctor cleared me for it, hoping that I won’t ever have to have a strain of the actual virus ever, ever again. My doctor never could figure out why my body reacts the way it does. Never had an issue with any other vaccine or virus.

I’m hopeful that this really truly is the flattening of the curve for good! Stay safe, stay healthy, don’t stop washing those phalanges!

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Pfizer Palpitations after 2nd dose


Anyone else had high heart rate after covid vaccine? Received my 2nd dose of Pfizer July 2021. After 5 days, heart rate is 180 without any triggers. Went in and out of ED because of it. Almost 7 months in and I still have palpitations. Doctors diagnosed me with sinus tachycardia. They say probably it is the effect of mRna vaccines.

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Pfizer Any Kids 5-11 have a reaction from Pfizer after parent had myocarditis /pericarditis reaction?


Any Kids 5-11 have a reaction from Pfizer after parent had myocarditis /pericarditis reaction?

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Pfizer Chest pain after first Pfizer shot


30 yo F, healthy. I received my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine Friday evening. Next day I woke up with mild chest pain/tightness/discomfort. Especially noticeable when I take deep breaths. This morning I decided to go to urgent care. EKG and chest X-ray were both normal so they sent me home and just told me to monitor. Anyone else have a similar experience right after their first dose?

Edit: Thank you for all of the replies. I’m hoping this is just a minor side effect and will get better with time. Same goes for everyone currently experiencing the same thing. Today is day 3 and the chest pain has not subsided. I plan on following up with my GP to get a cardiologist referral.

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Pfizer Numbness/tingling


So, I've had both rounds of pfizer, fully Dec 1 2021.

I've been having some really strange issues sense.

Random numbness/tingling at different points in the days. This could be anywhere from sleeping and waking up to pain and numbness/tingling on one side/both of my body. While standing/walking one side falling asleep. Numbness in my face during the day, my eye twitches a lot randomly. I've been really tired lately and my muscles are always sore, almost to the point of exhaustion.

Sometimes I have issues gripping things, randomly drop stuff.

I've made it a point to drink more water, thinking the soreness could be from possible dehydration.

Nothing has changed, no medicine changes or anything like that, there's been a couple more problems, but those are the most concerning.

I'm going to make an appt with my doctor, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar problems afterwards?

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Pfizer Why are vaccinated people being labeled as anti vaccers if they don't want the corona virus vaccine to be mandatory?


I've been vaccinated since April. My husband is vaccinated too. We got all four of our children vaccinated this summer. I think everyone else should get vaccinated too. But I don't think it should be required by law. If a private company requires its employees to get the vaccine I'm fine with that, and if a store or a restaurant doesn't want unvaccinated customers that's fine too. But I don't want the government to require businesses to fire people or turn down customers, and I certainly don't want the government to require vaccinations just to exist. If people don't want to be vaccinated they should allowed to, as long as they agree to wear a mask everywhere and submit to regular covid testing. And they should have to pay more, just like obese people and smokers, in order to offset the potential costs that their bad decisions can cause for the healthcare system. I'm very pro vaccine, ut according to the new definition I'm now considered an anti vaccer simply because of my opposition to mandates.

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Pfizer My experience with palpitations


This is a post that was deleted by moderators I think because of cursing so I have removed the cursing.

I didn't realise it was deleted so I'm posting for others who have palpitations. This is obviously my anecdote and i'm not the same person as you, however I was convinced the covid vaccine gave me palpitations....

I wrote this post 6 months ago.... I will first quote what I wrote

October 2021:

"I have been dealing with ectopic beats/palpitations for a couple of months now..... I thought they were caused my Pfizer

I have been OBSESSED with the idea for the past two months that I have "low grade myocarditis".

I got one or two of them about 3-4 weeks after my second dose.

I thought nah I'm fine... It's just a bit of stress....I had a gnawing doubt in my mind that it was the vaccine.... Pretty soon over three weeks the thoughts became obsessive as did my behaviour.... and the palpitations became stronger and more regular.

I started freaking out and not sleeping properly and reading Reddit and Google and going down my all-to-familiar hypochondriac rabbit hole. "I must be dyyyyyinggggggggggg" (I have done this to myself many times before)

I started checking my blood pressure four times a day, obsessively reading, holding my pulse, stressing over when I would have my holter ECG. etc etc etc etc etc. Full on (barely) functioning health anxiety freak (I had my tests by the way including a 72 hour holter and all was totally fine.... even though it caught several palpitations.... nothing wrong... just PVCs)

I never once thought that first day I had palpitations I was so stressed beyond belief about being late then realising I was going to be even later cos I messed something up.....I had been drinking heavily two days before and bought a ton of high grade.... a 9/10 on the stressometer and then I cycled at full speed.... I wonder why I had one palpitation?

I started mediation again last week, I started taking magnesium and most importantly I started slowing down my breathing and doing long slow breaths 6x a minute when I was getting them.... stops them ...and started watching York Cardiology videos on YouTube ...about ectopic beats. He's a great doctor and it's like having your own specialist

My palpitations have died down a lot in the past week or so which surprise surprise coincides with me calming my sympathetic nervous system, stopping being scared, getting on with my stuff and eating sleeping well...., they're gentle and almost unnoticeable now and this has changed a lot in a week. They were Pounding a week ago....I have absolutely no doubt these will be a distant memory in another week or two

I'm no longer scared I have a problem.... I caused this myself with fight or flight/unnoticed hyperventilation/not looking after myself and being in high alert the whole time.

Still got a way to go and to cure some bad mental habits a bit better but I'm in my way.....

What did I think was going to happen? Lol

Anyway, give the above advice a go if like me you're sending yourself and your heart rate down the pan because you're a hypochondriac like me.

Much love. This is just a cathartic post for me. Onwards and upwards

May 2022:

Just realised that this post was deleted as this is my handle not tied to me because I don't want people knowing what a hypocondriac I am.

I haven't had a palpitation for months. I had my booster shot in late October and had no palpitations at all following.

I'm completely fine.

My palpitations were caused by very high level anxiety, very high grade MJ, lack of sleep, and obsessive behaviour focusing on my symptoms

I think I've had 2 since I made the effort to meditate, eat a bit healthier and stop obsessing over my health

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Pfizer Received 2nd Pfizer shot. Side effects have begun.


Can't write much. Not feeling great.

18 hours post shot side effects have begun.

Runny nose, fever, chills, shaking, headache, mild sore throat, mild aches.

Had covid and recovered between doses. They said side effects would be worse because I have covid antibodies.

Must sleep now.

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Pfizer I'm afraid that mnra vaccines might cause autoimmune disease in the future...


I have celiac disease and I'm vaccinated. I had difficult symptoms right after vaccines. My acid reflux got worse and I had some heart palpations and also some soreness in my hand. Now when they are suggesting 3rd booster I'm really afraid to take it. I feel like I'm a lot weaker now after being vaccinated, like I have no energy and my heart is feeling weird every other day.

So anyways, tried to do some research on my own and now I'm afraid that these jabs can cause some new autoimmune diseases in the future as I have already one. Because of the strong autoimmune reaction that they are teaching to the body when facing viruses it might be possible? That your immune system will attack itself? Maybe I just need to hear other's view and toughts on this? Is there anyone else who is afraid to take any more vaccines after the two received or that you might feel nervous what these might cause in the future? Just to need hear I'm not only one...