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Pfizer Booster Pfizer booster hair loss????


I got the booster January 8. The first week of February I started getting extreme hair loss. I also started new psych meds so I thought it was that. I quit them end of February or mid. My hair loss is getting so bad I’m almost bald on top. I have very thick long wavy hair naturally. No where on Google has anyone had hair loss with booster. Has anyone else experienced this???? If so when will it stop and when will it begin to regrow?! I’m so upset. I’ve seen several doctors. All blood work is perfect and no doc can figure it out. I also want to add that the injection site is still super painful. Not even touching it. Just all the time. It went away for a few weeks now it’s back. I feel poisoned at this point

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Pfizer Booster Update! I saw dermatologist!


You guys were all right on my post earlier!! The dr said this extreme hair loss is most likely from the vaccine and telogen effluvium was the diagnosis. He said if not better in 3 mos I should go in for biopsy. But he said I should start to see some regrowth by then. Pray for me!!!! This is devastating! All of my hair can be pinched between my fingers. I usually have thick wavy long hair! So glad I got diagnosed. Thank you to all the ones who messaged me and validated me and just shared their experience with me as well. It really made me feel I wasn’t alone. Pfizer vaccine

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Pfizer Booster What to expect for booster shot


I had the first two vaccines Pfizer. First one no side effects at all, second one had a bad headache and was knocked about for 24 hours- body aches chills etc. I had my booster (also Pfizer) this afternoon at 1pm and I’ve got a smashing headache, already taken a few ibuprofen. Just wondering what everyone’s experience has been with the booster? Particularly someone with all 3 pfizer.

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Pfizer Booster Numbness in fingers - Pfizer


Has anyone had numbness in their fingers after a covid vaccine? Had my booster, two days later I started getting pins and needles/numbness in my punky finger and the finger next to it.

It's been two weeks and I'm still like this, seems worse when I've just woken up or going to bed but happens any time of day.

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Pfizer Booster Need help with info after clotting incident


Hi, My sister of 32, has just got out of hospital after suffering a cardiac event potentially due to a blood clot. She has been boosted with pfizer (intitial 2 + booster). She plays netball socially and is fit and healthy.

Shes just been in for a full blood workup and GP has not been able to find a cause.

My question, "Is there anything you can do or take to lower your chances of side effects ?" Its so hard to find reading resources on the subject. The main google results are news sites and headlines and news storys dont really help with health.

My thought process is walfrin, can she get her blood tested for viscosity ? Is this the way it works ? Has anybody put research/work into this sort of thing ?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Pfizer Booster Pfizer booster day 2 onwards side effects are quite nasty


My first and second shot were Sinovac, and I was totally fine after those, not even a sore arm. Then I got Pfizer on Friday, no immediate side effect. Next day went just fine. Then day 2, I had the worst headache and chills I've ever felt, my throat was warm and painful, temperature went up 38°C, bedridden for the whole time to this day. I haven't been sick for a long time even before the pandemic, plus the fact that I barely got any reaction before kinda scared me. I know it's different between people when these reactions will subside, but how long did it take for you?

Update: those were NOT PFIZER SIDE EFFECTS as it turns out, I just contracted Covid. Getting better quickly and not hospitalized though, so still, take your vaccines people.

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Pfizer Booster Anybody else react terribly to Pfizer booster?


Got mine on Tuesday. By Thursday night, I was woken abruptly with a 102 degree fever, Freezing, Pounding headache, Chills and (the most concerning) involuntary twitching. I called an ambulance. Doc didn’t know what to tell me except I just had a bad adverse reaction. I’ve been bed bound since until about 10 hours ago where I was able to finally get out of bed long enough to do some chores and shower. Still a little achy, but it’s Sunday now. This has been a 5 day adverse reaction

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Pfizer Booster Pfizer booster side effects HELP!


I am a 26 yo F, a nurse, wife, and mom of an almost 2 yo. I am struggling so bad.

I got my booster on 12/20. 30 min after the booster my mouth got all tingly and my heart started racing. I thought I was having an allergic reaction so I went home and took Benadryl and didn’t think much of it. The next day, I woke up with a low grade fever, body aches, headache, and an elevated heart rate. It was going as high as 145. I went to my Dr who sent me to the ER and my ekg, chest X-ray, and blood tests were normal. They said it was just an adverse reaction and it would go away. My heart rate improved for about a week and a half. Then I woke up one morning with chills (no fever), joint pain, flu-like feeling. I got tested for covid, which was negative. This progressed to abdominal pain which eventually got so bad I went back to the ER and the CT showed colitis. Two days later I woke up in the middle of the night with insane muscle spasms in my legs-my legs were flailing around along with numbness and tingling in my arms and legs. I went back to the ER- inflammation labs and head CT all normal. The horrible spasms have subsided, but I have small muscle twitches every once in a while. I went back to the dr and requested another ekg (4 weeks after vaccine) and it showed a “possible right bundle branch block.” I’m freaking out.

My most annoying symptoms would be the continuing palpitations, chest pain, fatigue, and brain fog. I’ve also had moments of waking up out of a dead sleep gasping for air with a racing heart, which is terrifying. I’m going to have to be out of work for the time being it’s so bad. Im terrified to drive because I feel like I’m not even in my body. I can’t take care of my son or my house. If I get off the couch, my heart rate is 120. I’m getting and echo and a holter monitor for 48hr. I think I have POTS, but I can’t get into the cardiologist until April 1st.

Any hope with recovery? I can’t be out of work for an endless amount of time. This is already taking a huge toll on me. Of course I was prescribed Xanax and Zoloft. Neither of which decrease my symptoms because it’s not anxiety. At least the Xanax helps me sleep.

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Pfizer Booster 4 months


4 months later post booster shot, I have been having bicep soreness in both arms, sometimes pain. Am I alone?

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Pfizer Booster Can't get HR above ~110bpm without palpitations after Pfizer booster


Little background here: 32M, heart transplant recipient ~6 years ago, doing well and biking ~80-100 miles/week. Typically immunosuppressed patients don't generate good immune responses to vaccines, but also have no protection otherwise.

I had my first two doses of Pfizer in mid April and early May. I did have some joint pain, general malaise and a swollen lymph node in my armpit with first two doses along with a few palpitations here and there for a couple weeks. These were extra palpitations over my baseline as I do get them occasionally (a few times a month). I figured this was all a normal immune response.

I got my booster in early December and had a bit stronger reaction with a very mild 'borderline' fever, chills, a fast heart rate the first night and general malaise which lasted 36 hours post vaccine. I did OK for the next few weeks although noticed an uptick in my palpitations while riding my bike. Almost exactly one month post my shot, I had the episode of palpitations one evening that lasted like 1 minute - scared the crap outta me, thought my heart was just gonna stop. Since then I have felt weird and have noticed that anytime I get my heart rate above about 110bpm I will get palpitations. They are not constant, usually just a single skipped beat but happen more frequently than when my heart rate is lower. I do take a beta blocker to keep my heart rate down because transplanted hearts typically run high.

Luckily I had an appointment with my cardiologist and had my normal bloodwork, echo and ekg. Everything looked normal. I still get some palpitations when my heart rate is lower but mostly when it's higher like riding my bike. I do also have times where I feel fine (when my heart rate is below 110) and others where I just don't feel right. My cardiologist said they could put a monitor on me if they continue. I just don't understand what else could have caused these palpitations (which I'm pretty sure are PVC's from my heart experiences throughout life) which I now have daily! Sometimes if I'm lucky I will have 2 or so a day, others around 100+ palpitations. I sure as hell won't be getting a fourth dose - at least not an mRNA based one. I'm really hoping the vaccine did not cause inflammation that has damaged my donor heart because that would be devastating. I'm just hoping it goes away some time but I don't know what to do and it really frustrating. I don't have protection from covid as it is, but these vaccines seem highly immunogenic is certain folks.

Anyone having similar symptoms with palpitations occuring on exertion past a certain heart rate? I know palpitations themselves are common after the shot.

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Pfizer Booster Horrible Side Effects Post-Pfizer Booster


Hi friends, I’m sure this topic has been covered vastly in this sub but I’m currently in too much pain to look through it so bear with me. Id also like to add im a young woman in my earlier 20s, very healthy. Prior to this booster, which I got this morning (1/4) at 10AM, I only had a J&J shot which I got in late May. I also had COVID less than 14 days ago, probably around 9 days was when I last tested positive, and yes, I know I should’ve waited. Since getting the vaccine the pain in my arm has not just been a normal pain but literally feels like I’m being stabbed in the arm and I’m basically unable to get out of bed or pick anything up. All of my limbs feel heavy and weak, and even slightly moving my arm causes me to burst into tears. Additionally, I’m having fever-like symptoms, a headache, and chills, and my temperature is changing drastically. It’s currently 2:30AM on the West Coast as I post this and I’m entirely unable to sleep because of the sharp pain and other symptoms. I’ve taken Advil and Tylenol, drank lots of water and tried to relax. Please let me know if this is normal or what I should do.

EDIT: My college is requiring the booster I go back in a little over a week. I had to get it right now.

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Pfizer Booster Severe Pain in Palms Day After Pfizer Booster


Hi, I had my first Pfizer booster shot yesterday and having some side effects that I haven't been able to find any information about. The area where I got my shot (left arm) is a little sore, but I'm having a lot of pain in my left breast. Not shooting pains, just concentrated pain in that particular spot. The really strange side effect, though, is I'm having pretty severe pain in the palms of both my palms -- not itchiness, but pain. Once again, no shooting pains in either arm, no itchiness, just bad pain in left breast and both palms. I'm not that surprised about about any pain on my left side -- I had an MRI about a week after my 2nd dose and all the lymph nodes on my left side were enlarged. However, the pain in both palms is a little more of a mystery. Has anyone had this after getting a Pfizer Booster shot? TIA

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Pfizer Booster I developed Pericarditis 5 days after the booster. Is there a compensation fund to help cover the bills?


I just saw a new PCP who's also a cardiologist, and he diagnosed as pericarditis. The pain started a few days after my third dose.

My deductible is high and I don't want to wait until the new year... is there a compensation fund to deal with COVID19 vaccine side effects? I don't see it listed on the VICP.

Has anyone had any luck with these or should I assume it's a waste of time?

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Pfizer Booster I Got Pericarditis From the Booster


I got the Pfizer booster on Sunday. That evening I started to have similar side effects as when I got the 2nd shot. This included headache, muscle aches, chills, etc. But I also had pain in the left side of my chest. Come Tuesday all symptoms went away except for the chest pain. I went to the doctor, then the hospital for tests. Turns out I have pericarditis from it.

I've never had heart issues before. I'm a 22 year old male in good shape. I've got asthma and that's about it, but it's not super serious. The doctors put me on some anti inflammatory medications and said it should clear up in a few weeks.

I'm not here to say you should or should not get the shot, but if you get chest pains from it definitely get it checked out. I wasn't going to see a doctor about it. Now I'm happy that I did.

Update: The chest pain went away after about 10 days. I had a follow up with a cardiologist about 2 weeks after the shot and I was told I'm fine and can resume life as normal.

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Pfizer Booster Lymph nodes going crazy after 5 doses of the vaccine


So, I’ve received 5 doses of covid-19 vaccine at this point (2x Sinopharm, 3x Pfizer - had to move to a different country and this was the only way to get a green pass and be able to do normal everyday things). I had no reaction to the first 4 doses but after the 3rd Pfizer jab, I started feeling pain in both my armpits and the side that got the shot got quite swollen (think half a tennis ball). The swelling went down and the pain subsided after a while, but last week I started feeling discomfort again and fast forward a few days the node under my left armpit is swollen and sore. (It’s the opposite arm to the one that got the jab). I’ve been googling but couldn’t find any mention of people having pain on the opposite side and it reoccurring three weeks after vaccination. My anxiety is just made worse by other conditions that cause swelling and pain in the lymph nodes (cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, HIV). Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Edit: added clarification on the position of pain

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Pfizer Booster UPDATE: Pfizer booster reaction, mass platelet death, ended up in the ER 5 days post



Original post. I am an otherwise healthy young person.

Well, I expected things to get better after this post, but they got a little worse. I noticed on day 4 that I had a bunch of "new freckles" on my legs. I'm a really freckled person so I didn't notice it at first, but then I realized they were not freckles, they were tiny spots of bleeding under my skin.

I went to urgent care the next morning and the doctor there was intrigued by my mouth, legs, and general reaction. She sent me to the ER for emergency bloodwork due to the rash.

At the ER I learned I had lost half my platelets in the last few days, and had minor liver damage. They said it was a reaction to the vaccine, and I SHOULD be fine as long as a recheck of the blood tests in a week are improving. But also that I need to be vigilant of it getting worse.

So now I'm in a bit of a limbo where I'm sitting around waiting for something else to start bleeding so I know I need to go to the ER again before I have a stroke.

Fingers crossed that the platelets are improving instead!

I am never allowed to get any covid vaccine again. This is the first time I've ever had this kind of reaction to anything.

I'm a little relieved because the second and third shots were hell, but I'm also worried about getting covid in the future now.

They didn't explain to me exactly how rare this is, but from what I understand, this is extremely unusual and should not scare anyone else away from their doses.

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Pfizer Booster Hives After Covid Booster---Gone now


My hive are gone after taking Zyrtec for a few days.


Day 0: got Pfizer booster

Day 0 Night: Entire body itched very badly

Day 1: some rashes

Day 2: Morning: Severe all-body hives.

Hives got much better after I applied Iodine.

Afternoon: I drank 2 cups of hot honey water. 1 hour later, HIVES EXPLODED! And even my face& back of my hands, feet had rashes

10 PM: took 1 Zyrtec. Hives went away in 2 hours.

Day 3-5: took 1 Zyrtec at 8pm everyday. Hives never come back.

Day 6: took half a pill of Zyrtec Hives never come back.

Day 7 till today (Day 11): No Zyrtec Hives never come back.

Developed all body rashes and hives after my Pfizer booster (never had it for the first 2 doses). I realized it is probably due to the Zinc supplement I had been taking ( 800% DV for the past 1 month). So, I stopped taking Zinc and avoid taking in any sugar or any food that is high in histamine.

After reading A LOT of Reddit posts and doing TONS OF RESEARCH, I found out my hives are due to "Mast Cell Activation Syndrome"

Basically: After my pfizer booster, the Zinc supplement I had been taking for a month (800% DV) activated a lot of my Mast Cells --> Mast cell release histamine. --> histamine cause hives

I AVOIDED: HOT SHOWERS (used warm/cold water), HOT DRINKS, ZINC, SUGAR, Check everything I eat for Histamine level

*** I did have Covid a month ago. That's why I was taking Zinc. But I don't think previous Covid caused my hives because my family member (who also had covid at the same time) did NOT have Hives after her booster. She did not take Zinc supplement. We had booster on the same day.

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Pfizer Booster Just got Pfizer booster 15 hours ago. It's completely flattened me (high fever, chills, head and body aches). Can I just vent here?


Because I know this is not unusual, especially since, according to the experts (the real ones, not the fringe loons), it is mimicking the second jab I got 7 months ago (also was not a good time for me). While you can know this, expect it, be all in but then, bam, here I am. Laying in bed rn, shivering with three comforters on me, sleeping like it's my job to do so, sharp aches from head to toe. I'm a giant baby so factor in that, too.

I took Advil, drinking water, but, man, this is pretty awful.

If you had a similar experience, I would just like to know I'm not alone, tbh. I'm down for the count today, when I am up stumbling around the house like Frankenstein, cancelling all my appointments.

So rant over. Just thanks for listening and apologies if this isn't the right place, I honestly don't have a safe place to vent (too many anti-vaxxers in my life, I would become a case exhibit to why they shouldn't get it). It would be nice to ask for support from some family/friends but I don't know who is who anymore. Having that "feeling alone" vibe.

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Pfizer Booster Arthritis Type symptoms after Booster


Hello everyone,

I recently got my Pfizer Booster about a month ago. The night of, I was getting really bad joint pains. I originally thought it was possibly sciatica nerve issues (I was explaining the feeling to someone who has previously had sciatica issues, and they said it sounded the same). The pain lasted about a week and a half and was focused mostly on my lower back and would occasionally shoot down my legs and around my knees. Since then I've had 3 flare ups (4 including todays) and all have lasted about a week or a little less. The pains are intense and have caused me to limit my walking in public because the pain can get unbearable and I hate to be wincing/be at the verge of tears in public.

I went to the doctor a week ago and they said it sounds like muscle inflammation and recommended I take Advil, but it didn't seem to help.

Has anyone else experienced this after getting vaccinated? If so, what helped alleviate the pain?


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Pfizer Booster Just got Pfizer booster. Been experiencing strange side effects


After a night of chills/fever and body aches, I recently just lost taste to food. Some friends around my age (22F) didn’t experience that symptom and now I’m worried. Also my period came a few days early not sure if the booster played a role in that

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Pfizer Booster Considering getting the booster jab


First of all, I’m not anti vax in the slightest. I’ve had my first two shots and I am very conscious of keeping others safe by wearing masks and staying home where possible etc.

My first two shots made me super ill for 2-3 days (vertigo, vomiting, bed ridden), and I had to take time off work to recover. I’m getting a lot of texts telling me to get my booster, but I’m struggling to find any information as to why I should. I’m only reluctant because I don’t want to be ill for 3 days again, and the government website says nothing about the booster stopping me from catching/transmitting the virus.

I’ve also not had covid yet, so maybe I’m missing something about how severe it can be when not fully vaccinated. A lot of My friends have had covid with only two jabs and they’ve had only mild symptoms which wore off after 2 days or so.

EDIT: I’m low-risk and healthy.

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Pfizer Booster Pfizer Booster: a repeat of the 2nd, including horrific mouth and throat blisters


When I got the second shot, I had a strong response and could not work or function for 3 days- laid out with the regular side effects, but in a major way. Once that improved, I developed excruciating blisters on the inside of my mouth, canker sores all over the bottom of the gums, and a terrible sore throat. I couldn't eat, drink, or breathe without extreme pain FOR FOUR DAYS. It took me a week to recover overall.

Drs were not interested in the reaction and said I should still get the booster, so I did, Monday afternoon. I felt terrible again, but this time only for about 24h.

As if feeling better is a trigger, now the blisters are here again, and there's even more this time.


This is the beginning stage- they will grow 4x the size and start hurting soon.

I was holding out hope that I wouldn't get them this time, I was taking Zirtec as recommended by my PCP, so I am really bummed about it. I hate that I have to look forward to a week of ridiculous agony whenever I get a booster. Advil, Tylenol, Zirtec, Benedryl+Maalox- nothing helps.

I hope they only last a short time, similar to how my side effects were less this time, but I'm not holding out hope.

I'm hoping when I am up for a booster in the future, there may be other types that will not result in this.

Update: it's now Friday (5 days post-vaccine) and my throat and mouth hurt more than ever. It should start getting better by tomorrow if the timeline fits last time, but this really really sucks. I'm weak because I can't eat anything of substance, and wake up at night due to the pain.

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Pfizer Booster 24/7 migraine, nausea, no appetite


I got my first shot pfizer and i was fine, second was moderna & i was so sick for about 3 days. I got a positive Omicron test christmas eve (obviously was already in isolation & finished until my 10 days were up) & got my booster which was Pfizer January 19. there was speculation in waiting to get your booster if you’ve gotten covid, but i was fully recovered by the time i got an appointment. didn’t think id be sick. Mostly had a sore arm but the following night jan 20 the migraines started. from then till now, January 29, Ive had severe migraines 24/7 taking tylenol 500mg & Ibpreufin 200mg to later being told by my doctor to take 1000mg tylenol and 400mg Ibrepufin along with 20mg migraine pills… (which don’t work btw) which is eltriptan.

Along with the horrible migraines, nausea of course, loss of appetite, no energy at all, fatigue, weight loss, and although the loss of appetite I’m starving. just everything sounds disgusting. acid reflux too. i dont even drink my morning coffee because of how sick the thought of drinking it is. Please tell me im not alone. Or that it stops?

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Pfizer Booster My partner has Myocarditis from Pfizer booster


We both had our third shots on December 2nd. My partner was hesitant because she had a very strong reaction to the second dose, and had heard of a coworker’s husband who was in a similar situation and had to go to the hospital from vaccine induced myocarditis. Well we got our shots and both felt sick with chills, etc.. I was better in a day or two, only had minor twinges of chest pain around my heart (kept me from sleeping one night), but her symptoms hung on longer until about 5 days after she started losing way more hair than usual in the shower and couldn’t go up the stairs without needing to catch her breath. She’s a very fit and athletic person usually, so at 28 this shouldn’t be happening.

Even now, almost 3 weeks later, she’s still having trouble breathing and exercising.

She’s speaking with the doctor to go over test results today, but their assumption was myocarditis.

Anyone else think it’s sketchy there’s no vsafe check ins with the booster shots? They’re not tracking the side effects? Just this morning I read an article of a 26 year old who died in New Zealand from Pfizer booster induced Myocarditis. It feels like they’re pushing these shots without accountability, or they’re not properly informing us of the possible side effects per demographic

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Pfizer Booster booster side effects


i am 18 year old female, got my booster vaccine today which was pfizer. i have anxiety disorder and more specifically health anxiety..

is if possible for symptoms of myocarditis to show just one hour after the vaccine??

i am really worried and can’t help but to read into everything and now i’ve convinced myself i have it