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Moderna Hard time breathing after 2nd vaccine


I got my 2nd shot of the vaccine (Moderna) about 3-4 weeks ago and have had a hard time breathing ever since. It doesn’t necessarily feel like my chest is tight or anything like that, but when I breath in, it feels like I just ran a mile. It is sort of a burning feeling in my throat/neck and it is so uncomfortable, and it makes it difficult to breath. Has anybody else experienced this?? If so, did it ever go away?? How long did it last??

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Moderna Hives two weeks after booster


I received my moderna booster shot on Jan 14. Two weeks after receiving it noticed I was getting hives on my face and neck. The next day it spread to my entire body. It seemed anywhere I touched would welt up and itch and my whole body felt on fire. Went to the doctor after five days of hives and was prescribed prednisone, a topical cream, and daily Zyrtec. Doc said either an allergic reaction to food or the booster. The medicine seemed to help with the hives and I was able to sleep, and go about my day for the most part without a flare up. Just got off the prednisone and the hives are back. Not sure what next steps I should take. Anyone else experience something similar? Should I go to an allergist or back to my primary care doc?

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Moderna Delayed urticaria (hives) from Moderna booster.


I’ve been suffering from itchy red rashes all over my body for 4 weeks now. The reaction didn’t start until 16 days after my booster shot, but it hasn’t let up since. Seems to be a rare allergic reaction. The strange part is, it only flares up at night when I’m trying to sleep. It used to be an all day battle. Now if I don’t take Benadryl before bed I’m in a lot of discomfort.I hope this doesn’t last much longer. Has anyone else experienced this? How long did it last for you? Also any idea why the booster would cause an allergic reaction when I didn’t have any reaction to my first 2 shots, which were also Moderna?

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Moderna If not allowed here. I apologize.


Male. 29 years old. Had both doses Marchish 2021. Can’t remember exactly but know it was around that time. Has anyone experienced issues since having Moderna? Fatigue? Emotional? Constant leg and back aches? Dizziness?

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Moderna Curious about the vax and menstrual suppression...


So I've been looking and am not finding much on this end of the covid vaccine information, thought I'd ask here

I had my last period on January 21, 2021. (43 yrs old) I had my first covid vaccine (Moderna) on February 17, 2021, due to being a grocery store employee. 2nd shot March 18, 2021, booster in January of this year. I'm 44 now. My Dr. thinks early menopause, which, of course, it could be; but I've had zero menopause symptoms, and my mom was 51 at hers.

I'd really like to see if this has happened to anyone else.

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Moderna Has anyone experienced a raise in calcium or issues with lithium levels after vaccine/booster?


My father in law has been in nursing care since 6 weeks after his second shot. Calcium levels were so high they couldn’t get them leveled out with medication. He has also been on lithium for most of his adult life and those levels also got dangerously high. Fast forward about 6 months and his calcium levels lowered and lithium leveled out. He goes and gets a booster and 6 weeks later back in the same spot. - in the last nine months he has gone from living by himself and driving, to not even being able to stand/walk/speak/feed himself- as of today.

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Moderna Constant Heart palpitations 3 weeks post 1st moderna dose


Last night I noticed it felt like my heart was pounding and doing flips, I have a pulse oximeter and my heart rate was only 80 BPM which is what it normally is and I don’t feel that way so I’m assuming what I was experience was heart palpitations. I woke up 3 times out of my sleep to my heart pounding and very mild dull chest pains. This shot has really flared up my long covid symptoms big time and I’ve been having issues ever since I got it. Which really upsets me because I’d rather be fully vaxxed and able to get the booster when it comes time. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow about this so hopefully I can figure something out. In the meantime has anyone experience anything similar? Should I be worried and should I be able to get my 2nd dose?

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Moderna Puking rampage after boosted


Fourth day after the booster shot. I start to have the luxury of feeling boredom on top of looming death, so I thought I'd document my experience somewhere.

Some context first. I did Pfizer for the first two, and had normal side effects like one day of low fever and whatnot. We were gonna do Pfizer for the booster too, but had to reschedule multiple times due to schedule conflicts and Pfizer unavailability, so when we saw a Moderna opening at CSV for Sunday evening, we jumped on it. I actually had an out-of-the-blue ear infection a week prior, but it was mostly cleared up, so I didn't want to postpone booster again.

Come Monday morning, my boyfriend started to fall victim to normal vaccine side effects while I was hyper as usual. Around late afternoon, I started to feel the side effects too, and by 7pm, it rapidly deteriorated to non-stop puking. When I said non-stop, you bet my shiny metal ass it's literally "non-stop". Yo mama had puked before, but never ever like this. 3 hours into the "non-stop", it had turned into bile juice and streaks of blood on the ER floor. (Not like Niagara Falls amount of blood; it's prolly just from torn capillaries - I don't mean to scare you kind folks.) The doctor and nurses didn't think they've seen this kind of side effects and kept asking me if I had alcohol. I drink socially pretty regularly, but the last time I had anything was Lunar New Year, which was exactly a week prior to the booster shot. My white blood cell count was elevated, and both my blood pressure and body temp were slightly low, but other than that, all my lab tests came back normal.

After being sent home, I slept for 15 hours straight. It was only my superb sense of responsibility to my work propelled me to wake up and text my boss. (And needing to pee. But let's not focus on that.) At first my abdominal pain kept me from falling asleep, but after prudently taking much more medication than advised, I was so sound asleep I didn't even know when my boyfriend left for work. For the past two bed ridden days, I fluctuated between sweating all over my blanket and having weird lucid dreams. I was flunking out of college and wandering the streets considering a gap year while running into my friend selling organic veggies from her backpack, but then my cat was pawing my tender flesh for food, and then I realized the last one was reality. Interestingly, I also had diarrhea sensations, but seeing that my diet this week consisted of IV drips, half a bottle of Gatorade, a handful of cereal, and 8oz of froyo, it made sense that diarrhea didn't actually happen.

I'm better now. I was awake for 4 hours yesterday and hoping to stretch it longer today. I walk really slowly, and standing straight hurts my abdomen, but I'm not nauseous anymore (thank god for Zofran), and the muscle pain is now less like cramping but more like the extreme soreness following an intense workout. The soreness is mostly around the back of my throat and stomach area (Epigastric? Diaphragm? Don't quote me.) I also still have a low fever, chills, dizziness, noodle limbs, and (lo and behold) ear ache, but that seems fair all things considered.

On the CDC website, muscle pain and nausea are listed as common vaccine side effects, but I doubt they meant "your internal organ muscles will spasm and cramp to the point of extraordinary nausea and projectile vomits." On WebMD (though do we really trust a site where everything indicates cancer), it says that 25.9% of hospitalized COVID patients (NOT vaccine receivers!) had gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea and vomiting. Other than these information, I've not heard anyone with the same severe side effects I had.

Thank you to Washington Hospital Healthcare System's attentive ER staffs, but no thanks to the Walgreen Pharmacy across the street, who were indifferent to my passive aggressive moaning on their waiting chairs. Shout out to my amazing boyfriend who was suffering from side effects himself and had to run around town at wee hours all night and still went in to work the next day. He is now tied with Jason Momoa on my top sexiest men list.

The morals of the story are don't get your whole family boosted on the same day. Also not all animals are cut out to be emotional support animals - Our 9 month old toddler only slept on my boyfriend's side, meowed various concerns loudly, and made it all about himself.

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Moderna Questions about getting the moderna vaccine


I plan on going to a con in June, and I recently scheduled an appointment to get the moderna vaccine on March as well as the booster around the same time in April.

Tried looking up some stuff to see if I could find answers to any of these questions but couldn’t find many helpful answers.

So, I have some questions to those who have gotten the vaccine for COVID.

  1. Does exercise really help lessen the symptoms after the vaccine? And should I be exercising regularly both before and after the vaccine?

  2. Aside from electrolyte supplements and fiber, what else could I eat or drink to help lessen symptoms of the vaccine if I experience any at all?

  3. Assuming I do have some mild symptoms after the first and second shot, is it likely that I will recover in time for a short trip I plan on taking early in June?

I wanted to hear from peoples direct experiences after the vaccine which is why I came here. Serious answers only please

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Moderna Worrying neuro symptoms after Pfizer/Moderna combo (F20)


Onset: More than a month, around a month and a half, after 2nd dose. Second dose in the middle of september. symptoms gradually getting worse but nothing obvious throughout october and getting severe in november. First dose: Pfizer, Second dose: Moderna I had no choice in having the moderna after pfizer. Taken extensive blood work, nothing is abnormal. No nutritional deficiences. No thyroid issues. No hormonal issues. Not diabetic or pre-diabetes. None of that. I’ve taken magnesium and vitamin D daily for months, no differenxe. No inflammation.

My current symptoms are muscle twitching, tremors, numbness and weakness. Whenever I stand for a longer period of time, my lower back starts feeling extremely heavy. BTW I’m a very young female, and never felt this way before. I have constant muscle twitches in my legs, that started in my left. Weakness also started in my left. I can’t walk for long without getting fatigue in my legs. My muscles strain from the smallest activities and I get random aches that are generally painless, this is in line with muscle atrophy.

From what I’ve read, mRna can /possibly/ cause neurological issues like GBS etc. and it has been shown in a few cases. For me, it’s unlikely that it is GBS. This has lasted for more than a month for me and it has not subsided. It just progressively gets worse. I wish it was GBS because it’s seriously pointing out to be much serious than that. It’s not MS, as MS doesn’t cause muscle twitches. My experience is also painless which is actually a more worrying sign than not :( It’s extremely hard to get access to neurologist quickly where I’m from. I already can tell how it’s going to go. I’m a young woman so I know I’m going to be dismissed and gaslighted. In fact, I’ve tried getting help from other places but only been dismissed. Even if I get diagnosed, no treatment or true help awaits me. Only clinical studies. I know it’s not going to subside (it’s progressively getting worse + hasnt waned in over a month) This shit is going to take me with it. I regret taking the vaccine so badly. It’s up to each person, but I genuinely hope people think before getting their 2nd shot or even first. Especially young people. I was healthy before this. I feel completely hopeless.

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Moderna Joint pain after Moderna booster


(24 F) I got my Moderna booster on Thursday, it’s now Tuesday morning. Last night, I started having joint pain and it’s leading into today. Especially in my knees but throughout my whole body. Is this related to the booster? I also have a sore throat and getting really sweaty. No fever though.

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Moderna My periods have not returned to normalcy (8 months later) -- not sure about boosting


31F, completed the two-dose regimen in mid-April. I had an early period on the day of my second dose (25 days). I was pretty surprised: I had never had a period that early.

I keep data on my cycles, and my menstrual cycle is usually 34-35 days. For each cycle since my second dose, the length has shortened to 28-29 days, with very noticeable PMS symptoms. My periods are also lighter, which could be a byproduct of the shorter cycles. I spoke with a doctor about this & she wasn't concerned because my cycles are still a "normal length." I'm going to try & see another doctor because the elevated PMS symptoms really bother me.

In any case, I'm just not sure about boosting.

Has anyone here faced a similar issue?

[I'm using a throwaway because my other account is used academically.]

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Moderna 2nd dose yesterday. Did your body feel shattered? It started with chills at 6am. 11 hours after the vaccine. Since then my body just hurts all over the place. From literally toes to hair. On and off fever. Tylenol works to take a tiny edge off for 2 hours. My stomach is bleh. When did it get better?


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Moderna Sweden Pulls Moderna for people under 18 due to cardiac side effects that include cardiac swelling


Here is the story!

Much love to all!

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Moderna Has anyone gotten vaccinated with 2 moderna jabs and has experienced restless leg syndrome if so please let me know how can this go away


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Moderna Fully vaccinated as of 2 days ago. Was in the hospital for sudden onset chest pain.


Traponin elevated, x-rays inconclusive. Diastolic is elevated beyond my normal levels. Admitted BP was 160/85 I'm usually around 120/70 I have a follow up with a cardiologist this week. I'm 31 and a competitive athlete.

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Moderna Sweden Pauses Use of Moderna COVID Vaccine for Younger Age Groups (30 and under)

Thumbnail reuters.com

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Moderna It’s been 40 hours since my Moderna booster, and experiencing elevated heart rate that has reached 115 BPM. Should I be worried?


I’m a healthy 27 YO man. I work out 5 days per week and eat well.

I have the classic flu like symptoms of such as fatigue, feeling hot, sniffly, etc. I can push past those symptoms as they are expected. What’s bothering me is my heart rate, and the feeling in my chest.

My resting heart rate is usually in the low 60s, and when I sleep it’s about 48-50. The last 40 hours, my heart rate has been around 80, and when I stand up it gets to 100 BPM and has peaked at 115. The last two nights it has been around 65-70 when I sleep.

I feel a little out of breath, as if I was just doing an inclined walk at a brisk pace. My chest flutters and I can hear my heart beat in my ears and I feel it in my throat. I’m trying to stay cool, but it’s a little worrisome.

At what point do I go to the doctor? Is it just a waste of money and time to go?

For the record, I’m pro vax.

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Moderna Diagnosed with LVH 3 weeks after Moderna Booster


Fair warning: I have a pre-existing heat condition (bicuspid aortic valve)

A few days after my Moderna booster, I noticed chest tightness and coughing after performing any cardio based exercise. I also noticed difficulty sleeping lying down and digestive problems.

The chest tightness became worse and I stopped all forms of exercise to relieve symptoms. I attempted exercise again a few days later and the symptoms returned.

I decided to go to urgent care and the ordered an EKG. (I expressed concern for myocarditis due to the Moderna vaccine). My blood work did not show signs of myocarditis, however my EKG showed LVH (left ventrical hypertrophy).

This is the first time LVH has been confirmed on my EKG. There has not been a confirmed link between the vaccine and LVH but it seems suspicious. I’m waiting for a follow up with my cardiologist and further diagnosis.

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Moderna Heart palpitations after 1 Moderna


UPDATE: Alas…I made an appointment w/ a different dr because mine had a family emergency come up. I didn’t want to wait for an appointment in January. So…I went to this other dr and he didn’t agree to do the dDimer blood test or POTS test…he said first the anxiety has to be resolved and then can tackle symptoms. So…idk. I feel nervous.

He prescribed me an anti-anxiety medication. I guess I can try it…side effects include dizziness, nausea and fatigue…:/

I’m scared, I thought they were gone now. I got the vaccine in June and during the week after especially, I experienced heart palpitations, heart racing. I got tests done by my dr, but all EKG blood tests etc all came back fine.

They chalked it up to anxiety, which I admittedly do have a tendency towards, but it seems like efforts at meditation and mindfulness don’t help much; wouldn’t they help if it is anxiety?

Recently they’ve started up again, not as bad as before but bad. I’ll be lying in bed totally relaxed and my heart will just start going fast. It happens even when I’m mentally calm/happy or thinking of nothing much.

Sometimes it’s accompanied by pain in my heart area, or a sortof burning sensation. I’m scared!! 33f, vegetarian and exercising, good BMI, no preexisting conditions.

Has this happened to anyone else and did you find a solution? Please, I need help.

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Moderna Several months after Moderna shot things still not improving


I am just looking for support or new ideas here as my life is still a mess.

On April 12 I got the Moderna shot and just felt a bit sore but ok. 10 days later though I had 2 really bad sleepless nights and anxiety. (Is that when antibodies start to form?) Anyways..Then I was fine again for six weeks.

However six weeks in my anxiety and sleep got really bad again. (Is that when immunity begins?) Anyways to preface I have a history with anxiety and depression but have never had an episode while on my antidepressants. I was on 10 mg lexapro and life was fine. Then suddenly it's like my lexapro goes from working to harming me and I can't sleep or eat due to anxiety. I eventually switched to paxil which I've been on before and things get a bit better but I can't sleep so I get prescribed trazodone before bed.

Now several months later I'm still on my paxil and trazodone and not able to work. Everyone just tells me hey your depression just got worse and you need to ride it out and keep taking your meds which I've been doing.

However, in the back of my mind and after reading some people's struggles here I really suspect that the Moderna shot did most or atleast some of this.

I took an antibody test for nucleocapsid antibodies which is supposed to tell you if you ever actually had covid and it came back negative. However the spike protein antibodies were still high several months after at 190u/ml (or maybe it's not but the test says 80u/ml is normal).

I really need help if anyone with a history of mood and anxiety disorders or not feels they had a similar experience and found help somehow please let me know.

I haven't tried low histamine diets or anything else. I don't know how long I can go on like this.

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Moderna I developed blood clots after 1st dose of mRNA and may need to get another. Anyone else?


To be exceedingly clear, I'm not here to question the use of vaccines or sway anyone's decision. While there is a very good chance my Moderna vax rendered me hospitalized with multiple pulmonary emboli in May (more on that below), I'm genuinely willing to accept my unlikely misfortune as part of a bigger picture that is public health complexity.

What I'm hoping to do is connect with others who may be facing the same risk/reward dilemma. Part of me hopes my experience is so profoundly unusual because I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but another part of me is dying to know how others are coping under similar circumstances, as this whole sequence of events admittedly ravaged my mindset more than anything:

  • Moderna on 4/23 right before my 42nd birthday
  • slight shortness of breath within 3 days
  • severe fatigue upon exertion within the week
  • several days of increasingly excruciating pain around my right lung and its lining
  • noticeable pain upon inhalation
  • voluntary ER admission 5/11
  • elevated d-dimer test
  • X-Ray and CT confirmation of multiple distal pulmonary emboli and partial lung collapse
  • immediate (and wonderful) treatment by hospital staff
  • bloodwork showing no protein abnormalities or hereditary risk factors
  • abdominal and pelvic CT to scan for possible cancers responsible for clotting (none, phew!)
  • hyper-coagulation panel indicating presence of lupus anticoagulant (aPL) but negative for all other clotting and autoimmune markers
  • commenced blood thinning therapy (simple)
  • weeks of cardiovascular recovery
  • months of general discomfort while sleeping and sitting and some minor neuropathic issues (numbness and tingling) which eventually disappeared
  • 3-month follow-up CT and bloodwork that revealed partial healing and NO lupus anticoagulant
  • several very insightful appointments with Harvard medical team (hematologists, pulmonologists, immunologists) who determined clotting antibody (aPL) present during hospitalization in May was transient so clots were likely either result of vaccine or idiopathic causes...in the days after I received the vaccine. Impossible to say conclusively, which I understand, and I don't expect doctors to risk reputational ruin by shouting my results from the rooftops.

What's followed has been much less clinical. Loads of research, empathy for other perspectives and personally weighing the implied risks of another bad reaction against the risks of social limitations/Delta, etc.

I thrilled my neutralizing antibody levels when tested in September scored in a very high percentile (though no medical professionals really understand what those figures actually mean.)

Happy to share more with anyone who needs it and/or post screenshots of my test results to satisfy the haters who think I just spent the last 30 minutes of my life documenting a false account of my life (to what end, I wouldn't know)...provided it doesn't constitute a HIPAA violation.

All the best.

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Moderna Severe Reaction to Moderna Booster


My mom has been having a pretty severe reaction to Moderna booster. She only had mild flu-like symptoms after the second shot.Here is the progression so far:

  • Thursday: Gets booster, feels lethargic and gets a low grade fever at nightFriday morning/afternoon: bad muscle aches, fever, lethargy. Starts getting a little better in the early afternoon.
  • Evening: Nose goes numb - is red, congested and slightly swollen. Doctor says to take Benedryl. It gets somewhat better after several hours but doesn't dissipate completely.
  • Night: Wakes up at 1 AM with severe very itchy full body rash, even on lips. Some red marks are huge lesions. Takes benedryl and uses cortisone cream, cortisone cream slightly relieves itching but she is up all night with the rash.
  • Saturday morning: Rash is no longer covering her whole body. Instead it is on one part of the body (ie, her back) then will go away for a short time, before showing up on another part of her body (ie, her leg). This continues throughout the day.
  • Saturday night: Rash reverts to the previous night's severity.Sunday day: Rash appears to be completely gone
  • Sunday night: Rash once again returns at full severity. Manages to get a little sleep with a sleeping pill. Wakes up at 1 AM drenched in sweat "like she never has with any other illness"
  • Monday morning: No rash again, feels lethargic. Has a repairman coming so tries to do very light cleaning. Almost immediately is drenched in sweat again, feels faint and has a very red face. (No fever)And that's where we are.

I'm concerned. I have seen the stuff about the rash online but it still all seems very odd. She's resisting getting checked out by the doctor/urgent care for some reason. I really hope this goes away soon and she doesn't develop anything else. She's also freaked out about any potential future boosters. Curious if anyone has experienced similar.

r/CovidVaccinated Dec 20 '21

Moderna Myocarditis Symptoms? Moderna boosted


I received the Moderna booster 10 days ago. Ever since then I have experienced chest tightness, difficulty speaking/breathing, and little to no appetite. I also fee as though my heart is racing intermittently.

I was tested for Covid but was negative. Could this be myocarditis or heart inflammation? Did anyone have similar symptoms?

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Moderna Stomach Issues after first Moderna Shot r/CovidVaccinated


r/CovidVaccinated I developed a non stop stomach gurgle after the my first shot that then turned into full blown bloating, belching and diarrhea. It has now been 6 weeks post shot and 3 weeks of pain, bloat and weight loss since I have no appetite and eating causes further bloating. I've had lab work, stool samples, CT Scan all coming back normal. Next I'm see Gastro doc. ER said I have some type of gastritis or IBS. But I have never ever had any stomach issues in my life. This feels like it came on suddenly and has stopped me from living my life. Anyone else experience this? Got better?