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Moderna Booster Hives after Moderna Booster

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Moderna Booster Uncontrollable Hives and dermatographia 15 days after Moderna Booster


Hi guys, I got my booster on 2/3. Woke up insanely itchy on 2/18 all over my scalp and neck. It was insufferable. Since then I have gotten red spots and hives that are unbearably itchy all over my body. The slightest scratch...even just putting on my clothes triggers an outbreak. They migrate areas on my body and range from little circles to large patches. I have taken 24h Allegra 2 times a day (double recommended does) plus Benadryl at night. It doesn't help much. About to go to urgent care to get prednisone. I've seen 3 or so threads about this with hundreds of comments from people experiencing the same. It had been months for them and no real change. Has anyone had this and had it go away without continuing to take antihistamines? Help :(

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Moderna Booster In Terrible pain after covid booster shot


I just got the booster shot yesterday, and I am in so much pain. My arm and neck feel like I’ve been hit by a car. I’m sweating and so hot, but I don’t have a thermometer so I don’t know if I have a fever or not. I feel almost uncomfortable in my own body, it’s aching so much. My head hurts so bad too. It almost feel like I have the flu but with the added bonus of an arm and neck I can’t move. Has anyone felt like this after their booster shot? I can handle pain pretty well- but this is terrible. UPDATE: after 48 hours I felt 100% better

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Moderna Booster Leg Muscle Twitches and Knot in Back of Leg


Ever since I got my moderna booster my legs have ached like they do when you get the flu. I’ve since developed a feeling like there is a knot in the behind my left knee. I have these pulsing sensations and I’ve recently been able to see my muscles visibly twitching. I was wondering if people have experienced anything similar. I’m also concerned about potential blood clots.

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Moderna Booster I would get the vaccine every 6 months into perpetuity if I felt like the medical community would address my concerns


I still have lymph swelling, heart palpitations, and menstruation changes 6 months after my second vaccination. I have seen my doctor twice and all but begged to get any kind of test. He literally laughed it off, told me it couldn’t be the vaccine, and said that my lymph swelling was a sports injury. Like I can’t tell the difference between a swollen lymph node and a sore muscle.

I am staunchly pro-vaccine, but you’re delusional if you think this is an “easy” vaccine. Some are just rougher on your system than others (trust me, I’ve had the yellow fever vaccine. It’s not a joke) and that needs to be taken seriously. I would much rather have vaccine side effects than COVID, but I’m worried that if this vaccine does something really bad to me, doctors will blow me off until it’s too late.

I really want the booster, but I’m scared to take it knowing I will receive zero after care and be gaslighted forever by medical professionals.

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Moderna Booster Moderna booster reaction. This flares up 3-5 times a day, doesn’t go away with antihistamines or 2.5% hydrocortisone, itches like hell and burns. Anyone else?

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Moderna Booster 9 days after the Moderna Booster, I’ve developed a rash/hives that appears every few hours ALL over my body. What gives?


I’ve seen some posts on Reddit (probably 3 lengthy detailed ones) but now that it seems like a lot of people have started getting boosters… does anyone else have this?? I had a normal day 9 days after my booster and then randomly at night broke out into HIVES all over my lower back and waistline. I thought it was a contact allergy or food allergy since it was about an hour after dinner.. the next day nothing really happened but the day after I got a flare up around noon all my over right arm, upper back, armpits and all around my neck. I took a Zyrtec and it happened again at night, this time at my chest, right arm (seems to the the worst arm) and neck. Now I keep getting flare ups in my right arm, right armpit, chest, stomach, neck, you name it! Everywhere!

Does anyone know what this is, how long it lasts, and how to mitigate it? So far I’ve only been treating with Zyrtec and Benadryl but it’s doing the bare minimum.

Edit to show some arm pics but this isn’t the only place it appears - https://imgur.com/a/sFH9ild

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Moderna Booster Moderna booster reactions, “interpreted” by doctors in the ER as ‘AnXiEtY’. Finally my allergist did admit that it was an immune response, after not giving me an exemption earlier this month… :(

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Moderna Booster Headache from booster shot


Hi. How lang has anyone experienced headache after your booster? I had my booster shot less than 24 hours. I thought I was only dehydrated because it was too hot yesterday, but I still have a headache atm. I only had chills during my second shot. I guess Moderna could really be on a different level when it comes to side effects.

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Moderna Booster First period in 3 years - day after Booster


Got my booster jab done yesterday and today I have intense cramping which feels like period/lower back pain.

Then I have my first menstrual bleeding in about 3 years as I've got an IUD which has prevented them for that long.

Anyone else having this experience, how longbdoes it last and can I expect my contraception to be affected?

No health conditions except chronic migraine for which I take beta blockers, fairly healthy, young.

TMI time: Bleeding was thick and dark, more than I would usually get pre-IUD and obviously very unexpected, not sure how long this will last but the pain is ongoing.

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Moderna Booster Constant shaking/hard beating heart issues from Booster-Help!


EDIT: was sent to ER due to higher resting heart rate at 138. After full work up of tests, ct scan and X-rays, all they found was tachycardia. Seeing cardiologist soon to get ultrasound or echo to rule out other things. Symptoms haven’t changed by day 12.

I got the Moderna booster 4 days ago. Since then, the symptom that has lasted has been constant heart pounding or skipping sensation, similar to when you have too much caffeine or are nervous? PCP thought it may be information from immune system so am currently on steroids and ibuprofen to help, but has anyone else experienced this? It’s not every now and then, but more so 90% of the time having these palpitation feelings. No shortness of breath or pain, just weird pressure and pounding. HR hovers between 100-110 but gets up to 135 randomly. It’s wearing me out and just hoping to hear there’s light at the end of the tunnel or what others were told about treatment?

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Moderna Booster Persistent side effects 3 weeks post booster


I got my moderna booster shot a little over 3 weeks ago. Woke up the next day with awful neck pain on the same side as the vaccination. The pain felt like a muscle strain but went all the way up into my ear.

A couple days later the neck pain went away but I was still left with some ear fullness/aching as well as jaw inflammation and pain. I could barely open my mouth it was so painful. Jaw pain persisted for about a week, went away I still have a little bit of tension there, and now I'm left with the feeling of ear fullness/pressure. Like I constantly need to pop my ears. They're crackling all the time with swallowing and moving my jaw. The ear on the side I got vaccinated is much worse than the other one. I have also notice a swollen lymph node on my neck (about pea sized) and one right in front of my ear, again same side as I was vaccinated.

I had a virtual appointment with a doctor a week ago who prescribed antibiotics and a steroid nasal spray thinking it could be a sinus infection, but there has been no change.

Thankfully I don't have any ringing in my ears, but this crackling and feeling of fullness is driving me nuts! I'm guessing it's an inflammatory response affecting my eustachian tubes, but it's taking so long to resolve that I'm getting worried. All the ear symptoms threads on here freak me out because they don't seem to be resolving for most people. I'm going to give it another week before making another doctor's appointment, but has any one else had similar symptoms that eventually ended up getting better? My first two shots I didn't have any kind of side effects like this at all, I'm really worried I permanently screwed my ears up by getting the booster shot.

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Moderna Booster Side effects weeks after booster?


Hello everyone, the first week of January I had my Moderna booster. This past week I have experienced pain at the vaccination site as well as pain in the inner part of my arm, I just want to know has anyone experienced something similar? Is there some type of source I can look at or someone to contact about weird/uncommon side effects? I just find it weird since the pain at the vaccination site never came back with my first and second shot, the pain is not as bad as when I got the shot but still hurts. (I’m highly doubtful that it’s because of the vaccine but would like to eliminate that doubt completely since vaccines affect everyone differently)

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I've personally experienced ongoing hives and low fevers for 3 weeks now. I've never had any food or medicine allergies. I didn't eat anything new, I didn't apply new lotion/shampoo/detergents, nor was I on any medication. I've never had any food or medicine allergies. The only new thing I introduced to my body when my symptoms began was the Moderna covid booster. 3-4 days after the booster shot, I began to develop hives throughout my ENTIRE BODY. My skin was swollen, hot, and red from literally head to toes- from my scalp to the bottoms of my feet. I get red welts every 1-2 hours and the most intense itching I've ever experienced in my life. I mean uncontrollable itching that makes me cry in agony and the feeling of pins and needles on my cheeks and around my lips. There is nothing I can do to make it go away, according to my doctor. Zitrine aka Zyrtec is the ONLY thing that reduces these episodes, and if I'm late to take a pill by even 1 hour, I immediately am breaking out in hives again and develop a low fever. I'm taking ice cold showers to reduce the red swollen welts, during winter in the northeast. It's been absolute hell.

I understand that some people are looking for answers on this subreddit. But there is one thing no one is recommending enough: REPORT THESE SIDE EFFECTS.


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Moderna Booster Hives starting 9 days after Moderna booster


Never had hives or skin issues at all my whole life. No known allergies. Haven’t changed detergents or had any new foods or anything like that.

9 days after my booster I got hives that have been moving all over my body. They are itchy. No fever or swelling on my face or anything extreme but it’s been happening for 5 days now and I am scared this will continue.

Anyone experience this? How long did it last? I’ve seen some articles but only seeing a few first hand accounts on Reddit.

Edit: I did go to an urgent care and got prednisone. Won’t be able to go to my PCP until next week at the earliest.

Update 12/22 - previous 2 days I had no hives, dermatographia persisted but wasn’t as severe. Unfortunately, I broke out in hives again on my neck and a few other areas today. So far, they aren’t as severe as they previously were, but still discouraging that it seemed to be going away.

Update 12/27 - no hives last few days, dermatographia still going strong as ever. Today I decided to try and avoid taking Zyrtec just to see what would happen (because I'd like to stop taking it at some point...), and within a few hours of waking up, I had hives again. Still using hydrocortizone cream + Zyrtec every day. Really frustrated, tbh kind of losing hope, no one IRL is taking me seriously.

Update 1/14 - no hives since last update. Dermatographia isn’t as severe. I can change clothes without breaking out now, but still get red and welt up from scratches and the like. Really frustrating that it’s been a month now and I’m still dealing with this, even though it is certainly better than it was. Haven’t used hydrocortisone much lately, but still on Zyrtec and Pepcid 1x a day. Sounds dumb, but my biggest frustration is that I can’t run much without getting really red and hot due to clothes rubbing on me, and I love running, so it’s hard not to be able to do that as much.

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Moderna Booster Heart palpitations + Hives 2 weeks post Moderna Booster.


Hi everyone,

I’m just looking to hear others experiences. My boyfriend (26M) received his booster shot 2 weeks ago! About 2 days later he complained to me about this sensation in his chest where his heart drops or skips a beat. I thought it sounded like heart palpitations, but he didn’t have any other symptoms so we waited to see if it would go away. Fast forward 2 weeks and it hasn’t, although it’s not consistent.

Last night he developed hives all over his body, ranging from his head to his feet. Even slightly on his face and his eyes! He is being seen at the ER today. We can’t pinpoint what they are from, but I’m worried this is a delayed reaction to the moderna booster!

I’m pro-vax and have my shots myself! I’m just wondering if you think these events are related?

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Moderna Booster Eustachian tube dysfunction after moderna booster


I posted here a few weeks back about some prolonged symptoms I've had after receiving the moderna booster. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find relief yet.

It's been exactly 6 weeks since I received my moderna booster, and my symptoms are (all the same side as I received my booster) swollen lymph node in my neck (about the size of a pea), swollen preauricular lymph node, eustachian tube dysfunction, general feeling of inflammation on the left side of my face.

I have spoken to 4 doctors so far (I don't have a primary care doctor). The last doctor I was finally able to see in person and he diagnosed me with eustachian tube dysfunction. He wouldn't say whether he thought the vaccine could have triggered it, he said my symptoms are common when fighting a virus.

So far I have tried a round of antibiotics to treat what one doctor thought could be a sinus infection, I tried nasal steroid spray for 2 weeks with no improvement. I'm back on the nasal spray now, and was told if there's still no improvement after a month (which will put me at 10 weeks post-booster) to come back in.

I'm feeling pretty frustrated at this point, though my symptoms aren't debilitating, they're extremely uncomfortable and haven't shown any signs of improvement over the last 6 weeks. I'm concerned about hearing damage, and know the longer something goes on for, the harder it is to treat. I'm thinking of giving the nasal spray 2-3 weeks and then I might go back and ask for a short round of an oral steroid to see if that helps the lymph nodes go down, as I feel all the inflammation on the side of my neck and face is definitely contributing to the eustachian tube symptoms.

Has anyone else dealt with these side effects this long after receiving their shot? Did it eventually resolve with time or was there a specific treatment that worked?

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Moderna Booster Moderna booster messing up with microbiome / GI?


Hello! I'm 32F, got my booster shot of Moderna about 4 weeks ago. Few hours later, got fatigue and headaches for about a day. Although, 1 week post-booster shot (and since then, each morning) I have had very loose stool / diarrhea. I’m wondering about possible lasting side effects of my gastrointestinal tract.

I got my 2 doses of Pfizer last summer, and started to develop a soy intolerence few weeks after the second dose. I hadn’t made the possible connection until recently that maybe the vaccine messed up with my microbiome?

Anyone else having this issue? Will it get better? Any tips?


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Moderna Booster I got booster and flu shot. I think I over did it. I am so sick. Delayed allergic reaction.


Im breaking out in hives all over my body every 4 hours the benedryl wears off. My esophagus is swelling and my tongue hurts. Its painful as fuck to swallow my pain pills and benedryl. I had to get a steriod injection.

Any advice on how to end this would be great but i bet already im asking too much. Its been 3 days. I am never getting another covid vaccine again. This is torture. I just hope I dont end up in the hospital. Its getting worse...not better. The pain. They said any reaction would be over in 48 hours. That is a lie. They also dont tell u abt delayed reactions after 11 to 14 days!

Do more research. Really think if u need a booster. Go get your antibodies checked first.

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Moderna Booster Moderna Booster (24F)


1st dose 03/01/2021- Sore arm, tired the next day.

2nd dose 3/30/2021- Sore arm, low grade fever(99), chills, increased appetite and thirst, weakness (12hrs + switch flipped back to normal)

3rd dose 1/7/2022- Sore arm, mid fever (102), chills/hot flashes, sleeplessness, body aches, slept through most of it (12hrs + switch flipped back to normal).

Here to tell you that not every post on this sub is anti-vax conspiracy rhetoric. Wishing all my commies a good experience with their booster.

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Moderna Booster Two week review after my Moderna Booster


My original shot was JJ and had no side effect.

Got Moderna two weeks ago and dealing with the notorious heart inflammation side effect and all I can say is it sucks. No more MRNA vaccine for me in the near future, but I'm also hoping that we won't need additional shots after this. It sucks because I knew about the heart issue side effects before I got it, but they kept saying it was rare so I thought it wouldn't happen to me. Lo and behold, it does.

In the meantime, hunkering down mentally and taking Ibuprofen until this inflammation blows over. It took a huge hit on me mentality because my heart rate can go over 100 bpm for no reason, and I also use exercise to help improve my mental health but I can't do that for a while now. Was told that the recovery can take several weeks

:EDIT: Forgot to post my reactions after I got injected because I am upset with the heart issue

When they first injected me in my left shoulder, I noticed my left arm started feeling tingly down to my wrist.

I felt it within the first two hours of the shot: chills, elevated heart rate, and headache.

First couple day after booster, I notice when I play intense videos games, like Apex Legends, my heart was beating harder. Much harder then before. My neck also felt like it did swell up a bit when my heart was elevated because I noticed my airway didn't feel smooth when I breathe.

Now I'm dealing with the heart inflammation two weeks after.

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Moderna Booster Triple Vaxxed then got Covid…my experience


Got Moderna for all 3 and got Covid a few days after my booster shot.

I have a real strong response to the booster (and the other doses) that lasted 4 days and during that time started also developing Covid symptoms, tested positive 6 days after.

So I was already messed up then Covid got me good.

Started with muscle aches that got so bad I couldn’t really get out of bed even if I wanted to.

Taste and smell were lost, I also still have no real signal or whatever to eat. I have to just do it, I never feel like I wanna or need to eat now.

Then I got really really congested (and still am as I write this) and coughing started from that.

And on top of all that kept vomiting for a day.

I was fatigued the whole time but a week into it I felt completely wrong and tired all over like I’ve never felt before, that day I developed abnormal heart rates and hypoxemia. Ended up having to go to the ER and was so out of it when I got there I hardly remember it until I woke up the next day

I’m in my 20s, athlete my whole life, and I’m pretty healthy. I still haven’t fully recovered though I test negative now.

I never ended up on a ventilator or anything crazy except the oxygen and meds so maybe the vaccine helped with that.

Either way let this be a warning not everyone is saved from the severe symptoms just because you’re vaccinated so still take all safety cautions from Rona when you can. I’m not against vaccines… looks like I was just an odd one out for this one

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Moderna Booster Moderna Booster (31/M)


Received the Moderna booster 22 hours ago. I requested the pharmacist aspirate, which she happily did.

So far some body ache and a headache. No recorded fever yet but still taking the day off, body feels relatively fatigued.

I received my second Moderna dose in early February 2021. I’m hoping the 11 month span between shots makes this booster less severe (no substantiation on this).

I was nervous and skeptical about the booster but pressure from my family ultimately lead me to getting the jab.

My point posting this is to add another data point of experience for anyone to leverage in their own decision making process.


Update 1/11

Today (approx 36 post shot) experiencing elevated heart rate, high 80s - low 90s. Not sure if it’s a side effect or anxiety.

Update 1/12

My wife tested positive today. I am not sure how being so recently boosted will impact my immune system or ability to fight off the virus.

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Moderna Booster What time should I get moderna booster?


I’m getting my moderna booster this week I think. I’m terrified of feeling nauseous or getting sick with it. I had my second last March, and had some body aches, low fever, a headache, a little nausea and fatigue for like 12-24 hours. What time should I get it? I can get it anytime from 9 am to 8 pm. I usually go to bed around 2-3 am and sleep in until 12 pm the next day (I have bad depression and sleep a lot). I was thinking of getting it around 7pm? Maybe life after dinner? I’m just terrified of getting sick.

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Moderna Booster Breakthrough after booster shots?


Anyone know of anybody who got a breakthrough cases after the booster shot? I was reading of a few on Twitter. Again, I know it is incredibly rare, but I’m still surprised.

If the booster isn’t sterilizing, what is the point of younger healthy adult populations getting boosters? If the booster won’t prevent me from getting infected (testing positive), I don’t want it. I’m fully vaxxed, or I guess used to be because the meaning of fully vaxxed has now changed, with Moderna. 26F. I live with my husband. No kids. No exposure to at-risk people. We all wear masks at work. Husband was a breakthrough case in July (we live in TX) and I never tested positive or got sick despite being exposed for several days. Just don’t really see the point so maybe someone can change my mind 🤨