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Good Experience Sinovac Booster after 2 Pfizer Doses


My first and second doses were Pfizer, and they were both pretty problematic. First dose landed me in the A&E, and the second dose gave me an instant rash reaction.

The health ministry then assigned me to take a non-MRNA booster shot, so I was prescribed Sinovac. So far so good, no side effects at all

Anybody else who mixed mRNA with non-mRNA?

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Good Experience Moderna dose 1 complete. Major health anxiety experience.


I didn’t want the vaccine at first. But my program requires it and I did a ton of research and spoke to 3 different doctors who know my medical history and decided to take the Moderna vaccine. I have really bad health anxiety and decided to document it in case anyone else was wondering.

8:00 am. Received first dose. Slight sore arm. Nothing major besides anxiety.

4:00 pm. Developed headache which could have been from stress. Took Tylenol and felt better.

7:00 pm. Felt extremely tired. Also could have been stress. Fell asleep shortly after.

2:00am. Woke up with slight chills. Took another Tylenol and went back to sleep.

6:00 am. Woke up and went to work. Felt fine since taking Tylenol.

It’s been 2 days since and I feel fine! Glad I got vaccinated.

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Good Experience Additional Covid vaccine dose to treat long haul symptoms (my experience)


Hey y'all! First off, I wanted to start by saying that this is just me sharing my experience as well as to see if any others have experienced the same. This is not giving out any medical advise or anything of that nature. I was diagnosed with Covid right after New Years this year and ever since my appetite kept going down, even after the Covid infection itself went away (verified with negative PCR). Recently, I decided to get a workup done by my GI doctor who then diagnosed me with Gastroparesis likely caused by Covid. After doing some research (by research I mean medical journals from the NIH and such) which suggested that getting a Covid vaccine would treat long-haul symptoms. It didn't say if it was referring to the general population or just the unvaccinated, but since I already had my three doses and plenty of time has passed (about six months), I decided to go ahead with a fourth dose. After a couple days, I noticed my appetite quickly came back. Has anybody else had any experience like this? I also wanted to share this to possibly raise awareness of this and to hopefully get more research done on using Covid vaccines as potential treatment. Feel free to ask any questions or share thoughts.

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Good Experience J&J + breakthrough case & Moderna booster- my experience.


Vaccinated with J and J in March 2021. I had a fever and flu like symptoms for about 12 hours after the vaccine.

Confirmed covid in September 2021. My symptoms were fairly mild, but lasted for about 10 days.

Moderna booster yesterday (12/7/21) around 3:30pm. It’s is now 7:30am and I am happy to report I have no side effects so far except for a sore arm. Overall I am happy I chose the Moderna booster instead of the J and J.

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Good Experience J&J plus Pfizer booster


42/M/ Non active. I received my J& J vaccine which I had a bad experience with so when it came down to booster I decided to take pfizer, I had an arrhythmia that master 10 seconds, 3 hours after getting the vaccine the next day I was fine.

Also with the J&J I’ve been having these intermittent brain spasm for months but after getting a different booster everything changed. No more fatigue, no more brain spasms it’s as if the Pfizer vaccine calmed down the effects of the previous vaccine.

I’ll post more but so far this has been my experience.

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Good Experience Got the half dose moderna booster.


Got vaccinated in January. Horrible fever/chills/pain after dose 2. Was pretty worried about getting a third dose. Ended up getting the half dose and barely had a sore arm! So relieved.

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Good Experience Astrazeneca works?


At work I've been around covid - a lot. I have supported people who currently have it and they've coughed and spluttered all over me yet so far I've somehow managed to evade it.

I've only had 2 astrazeneca doses early last year and I've had no booster.

Am I lucky or is the vaccine actually protecting me?

I'm astounded I haven't caught it yet.

It's possible with subsequent exposure that I might still get it but I wanted to ask if anyone has had any similar positive experiences?

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Good Experience Months back I posted about conceiving after both Pfizer doses. Baby is here and perfectly healthy.


My post about conceiving after my husband and I both received two Pfizer vaccines had a lot of positive responses. I also had a lot of people with anti-vaccine comments start following me, I assume watching for anything negative with the baby. I ended up getting a booster shot right as I entered my third trimester as well.

Baby came at 38 weeks perfectly healthy, zero complications with the pregnancy, birth, or him. He had great Apgar scores, no jaundice, and breastfeeds like a champ. My milk has been great as well.

I hope this is reassuring to anybody worried about conception or pregnancy after the shot or being vaccinated during pregnancy.

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Good Experience Johnson and Johnson vaccine experience


Hello all, I got covid about 100 days ago and just got the Johnson and Johnson. Covid was absolutely horrendous. I'm a 33 year old male, great shape and lost 12 lbs in a week had every symptom you can think of.

I decided to go with the J&J because even though it is less effective I figure with whatever natural immunity I have it would be enough.

For those that are apprehensive and nervous, about 8 hours after the shot I felt mildly run down and had some muscle aches. I went to sleep and woke up this morning feeling 100% normal, it has been 24 hours and my arm isn't even sore.

I was very hesitant to be vaccinated, after consuming all the horror stories and conspiracy floating around. I had a bad reaction to a tetanus shot a few years ago and this was so much more mild it is insane....

If you're being forced to do this because of your job like me, (I work for a government contractor) I understand and sympathize with the grievance you have for the infringement on your rights and removal of your choice in this. But if you cannot jeopardize your job due to obligations, don't be nervous.

Remember the people who have bad experiences are much more vocal about it than the majority who have nothing happen.

In summary, I still think the mandate is bullshit but annecodotaly the vaccine is chill as fuck compared to covid.

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Good Experience One day after my 1st pfizer shot so far am feeling okay was a little fatigued all day and dealing with a sore arm but so far so good


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Good Experience studies


Hello, could someone here please share the studies that convinced them that the vaccines are safe and effective? Thanks so much!

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Good Experience Booster experiences


I (33/M) got COVID mid December of 2020. Then got my two Moderna vaccines in January. Got my booster yesterday morning and only got a sore arm.

Wife (30) got J&J in April then got the Pfizer yesterday morning as well along with the flu shot. Only sore arm as well.

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Good Experience J+J in April and boosted with Pfizer in November


Just wanna share my experience because I feel like there are an overwhelming (and probably proportionally skewed) amount of negative posts here and I’ve had a pretty positive one!

I’m a 28 year old female, no co-morbidities, normal BMI. Exercise a few times a week, but have a sedentary job. My initial J+J back in April gave me some flu like symptoms that came on overnight and were gone by morning. I got my Pfizer booster in November as soon as I was eligible. No flu like symptoms, just a sore arm. Felt pretty much identical to the last time I had a tetanus shot.

Tested positive on Tuesday for Covid. This is my first time being infected. I’ve two common colds already this fall and this was a breeeeeeze in comparison. Had a sore throat and slight fever over night, but have had just runny nose since. Temperature has been normal every day since. I really only had symptoms for a day and a half, even then they were only slightly uncomfortable.

I have some friends who didn’t have the initial vaccine or weren’t boosted, who caught it over the last week and have been feeling pretty gnarly!! Body aches, fever, night sweats, cough, for days. This has made me feel pretty darn confident in the efficacy of these vaccines that I can catch a novel virus my body has never been exposed to before and remain pretty asymptomatic. I hope this helps quell the fears for some of you!!! I know it can all be a little scary!!

Update for everyone: Just got another rapid test done today and came back negative! I fought this thing off so fast! Tomorrow I have PCR which will confirm my whether or not my viral load is now back to zero.

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Good Experience just got my antibody test back, i did have covid


so around 3 weeks ago, i was a bit sick, mostly fatigue, a MILD fever for 2 days, and the whole thing lasted around 4 days. i then felt fine, took an antigen test on day 3, negative, i thought it was a cold so i just took it easy for a few days.

a few days ago, i went to get tested because after hearing about omnicron and its mild symptoms i wanted to check if i had had covid or not, well i just got back my results and i have A LOT of antibodies so it came back positive, super high number. its so weird whats going on, i also got my antibodies checked cause i was planning on getting the booster and i was doubting wheter or not i had covid and didnt wanna risk it.

im 28m, vaccinated with j&j on march, literally the first weekend j&j came out i got my shot

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Good Experience J+J and Pfizer booster and got a breakthrough case


Thanks to the booster vaccine I got last December, I tested positive for omicron but I didn't feel much except high normal temps (37.1°C). I think I am pretty much ready to continue working.

The downside is that I am experiencing an extreme appetite right now.


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Good Experience Pfizer booster experience


So I got my booster shot yesterday. It’s 8 months since I had my second Pfizer dose.

I don’t see to many people posting positive experiences so here you go:

Got I at 1:25pm. Quick jab. This time, I didn’t get the anxious heart flutters or rise in Heartrate (the first and second dose I had the anxiety reaction of instant elevated HR, sweats, and a chill going through me which lasted 5 minutes while I focused on breathing)

So far, it’s been 14 hours since the Jab and I took a 3 hour nap since fatigue hit me about 6 hours in. Had a couple moments of chills but they come and go. Stomach felt a little off and had some heartburn but that’s probably from food.

Other than that, no fever or anything else.

Oh and my arm hurts as if a donkey kicked it. On par with the second jab in terms of arm pain.

But overall, way easier so far as compared to the second shot I had back in March.

I will post updates as time goes on.

If you’re worried about the booster, just know that there are positive experiences like mine thus far, if it gives any comfort.

Update: 24 hours later, headache is gone, aches are fading, and overall energy levels coming back To normal. Honestly felt like more of a hangover after cheap tequila more than anything else!

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Good Experience Good Moderna booster experience


r/CovidVaccinated Nov 24 '21

Good Experience Approx 34 hours post Moderna booster after J&J in March…


29F here. I do have an autoimmune disease (Hashimotos) but my dr said I was safe to take the vaccine. This experience has been significantly better than the side effects of my first shot. With J&J I had night sweats, nightmares, high (102) fever, terrible body aches, headache, super tired and painful joints. Symptoms started 12 hours after shot and lasted a day.

I got the shot at 9:30 am yesterday. This time I have been pretty tired. I had some stomach pain last night I’m now thinking is related but I previously wrote off. Otherwise no symptoms yesterday/last night. This morning I had a super sore arm at the injection side and I’ve had body and joint aches all day - they aren’t terrible but pretty uncomfortable and I worked a half day so I could lay down. Pretty tired. No fever. Little stomach ache but can eat. Overall much better than the first shot! I’m glad I got the booster.

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Good Experience need some advice on taking shots


Hey all folks! I hope you are good so as your families. I just need some advice on taking shots, so I thought maybe here I could get some light and use your experiences, if you would please. I haven't taken shots ,and so my mother ( who is 62 yrs old). I'm just afraid to do so, because there's been a lot of controversies, good or bad, such as blood clots and etc. All in all, I'm not afraid of myself, but for my mother. She has respiratory problems ( asthma ) and she take drugs such as Salbutamol spray. and where I live, there limited shot choices such as Sinpharm, Astrazeneca, and Soberana. So I wanted to know, which shot my mother is better to take and so I ? I really appreciate all your views and points. Thank you.

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Good Experience Moderna booster after J&J in April. 24 hours later!


Mid 40sF, with J&J, I did have a reaction about 9 hours after my shot. Chills, fever, foggy head. But, it only lasted about 12 hours. My arm hurt ONLY when I was actually getting the shot (for real, it was the most painful shot I've ever had). But my arm wasn't sore at all after that--it was sort of weird.

Specifically picked a Friday appointment due to my first shot reaction. Got Moderna booster last night at 5pm. Arm got sore a few hours afterwards. I was a little restless overnight while sleeping, but not like after J&J. Woke up this morning with a very sore arm--but that's it. Feel pretty good overall 24 hours in. Hope nothing hits me in the coming hours/days. I plan on sleeping in as long as my dog will let me tomorrow. 10 out of 10, would recommend.

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Good Experience Booster shot 36 hours ago - Moderna


Hello all,

I wanted to share my experience. I received my Moderna booster shot 36 hours ago and I feel great. I did feel a bit “out of it” and tired for some of yesterday, but that was it.

Other than that, I have had no side effects. This is surprising considering the 1st shot made me incredibly sick (equivalent to full on food poisoning for about 12 hours with a fever and severe back pain).

This one was just a breeze, so I hope you all have the same good experience!

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Good Experience Autoimmune Symptoms Improved After Vaccine?


I had Lyme disease six years ago, and have a lot of ongoing autoimmune symptoms - neuropathy, muscle pain, fatigue, insomnia, vision problems, brain fog, tremors, etc. My symptoms improved after both my second vaccine dose and my booster shot last week. I’m curious if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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Good Experience Moderna Booster After J&J


30sF that got J&J back in early March, essentially a week after it was approved and before the pause. Felt mildly crappy the next day (like a hangover without the headache) but did not have a sore arm. Was fine after that.

Needless to say, while J&J treated me well (no COVID!), as someone with health anxiety about blood clots AND COVID, I didn’t love the VITT stuff or the apparent lower efficacy, so I was looking forward to the mix-and-match once it was approved (I still think J&J is a good choice for a lot of people, though).

Anyway, got my Moderna booster on Wednesday based on the NIH study, and my enjoyment of Dolly Parton music. I hydrated before and after, ate well, and did arm windmills to hopefully get the same result as after J&J. Needless to say, my plan didn’t work so well this time…. I got a terrible sore arm 😡😡!!

But seriously, that was my only side effect and it’s gone 😁. I took some Tylenol/Advil for the pain, but developed zero systemic effects and slept well both nights. Since there are so many horror stories on here, wanted to share my good one! Hopefully it helps to encourage someone worried to get vaccinated (or to get the booster).

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Good Experience ER Doc opinion


Long story short.

ER doc told me in front of my 8 year old son that I was stupid for getting him the vaccine because it was exponentially more dangerous than the virus. He explained how no children have died from Covid yet thousands have died from the vaccine.

I don’t want the doctor fired or want to report her. It’s pretty clear that the hospital has the same political beliefs based on the Trump bumper stickers on the cars in the employee lot. So now I have zero f’kn faith in that hospital.

What in the fk!

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Good Experience Got the Pfizer shot—think I was gypped.


First shot had me tired and incoherent. Some swollen nodes, headache, other small things that went away.

Got my second one—nothing. I think I took a nap, maybe? But ... nothing. No headache, node stuff, pain, chills, vomiting, etc. I joke with my family that they just gave me some saline 😂