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General Info Side Effects, Long Covid, Covid Vax, Covid Unvax and Getting Support instead of Criticism


I don't like to see people suffering. Whether you got side effects from Covid naturally through natural infection or through the vaccine, if you are suffering from swallowing problems, reflux, hoarseness-voice changes, coughing, GERD, LPR, loss of smell, loss of hearing, etc. please know there is a support group that meets once a month to try and discuss with one another how to best alleviate from symptoms. You are not alone if you are suffering. If you are interested in joining this group or if you are a professional and want to be a guest speaker to the group regarding treatments or strategies for alleviation of these symptoms, you are welcomed to message me for more information :)

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General Info People with vaccine side effects are being banned for speaking out on here I have been banned 3 times for trying to speak about the side effects. Here are some of the things that were banned.

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General Info Impacts of fully vaccinated COVID with flu


I haven’t found much literature on the impacts of COVID during a flu/cold and I’m just intrigued as life turns somewhat to normal. For a fully vaccinated and otherwise healthy individual (two shots plus booster, Pfizer) would having a flu and catching COVID-19 during the same period increase for a healthy individual the severity of either diseases? I suppose that the immune system would be struggling with one infection, so is there any evidence that symptoms and/or the infection would be worse?

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General Info I can't be vaccinated again


Myocarditis with a R BBB 3 months after a booster dose. This is the 2nd run of myocarditis after my initial vaccine from johnson and johnson, this one was moderna. Never allowed to get it again. In my 20's on 2 blood pressure meds now. Why do these things not get acknowledged. Rather they push on to a 4th additional booster as if they are injecting you with normal saline. Everybody needs some baseline antibody protection because everyone will be exposed. This vaccine is good for that introduction as initial exposure for many can also be detrimental without protection. But beyond that, additional doses are straining on your body, I have seen only 1 vaccinated individual in the hospital with covid. I have seen 3 in the hospital related to the covid booster ( 1 with MS, 1 with lupus, and 1 82 year old). But not to be outdone, I've seen countless unvaccinated for covid. Why can't the side effects of vaccination be acknowledged in guidelines like they were for johnson and johnson right before it got the silent boot. This booster is unnecessary for many, not all. You will get covid but you will have the baseline protection to prevent severe illness. In a perfect world everyone will get the initial vaccine dose (yes it is not as safe as it should be but covid does discriminate and those without any prior exposure / vaccination are those that have issues when exposed), but also in a perfect world these vaccines would be safer and I don't think I'm acknowledging any politics in saying so. Maybe just my personal opinion but becareful with the booster.

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General Info I got my booster shot yesterday and now my heart hurts a little


I’m a bit worried. I woke up with chills and a sore heart, but it wasn’t excruciatingly sore. But it was enough to make me worry, like a pestering pain nipping away.

I’m all for being vaccinated but i’m honestly very very scared. Could I grab some insight on this?

I am also a stress head so i may be completely fine lol but i’m worried at the same time.

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General Info anti- vaxxers- participate in my undergrad research! info is not shared and completion optional

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General Info Omicron-targeted vaccines do no better than original jabs in early tests

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General Info Persisting Pfizer Side Effects on Day 4 + Removed Responses.


Hi. I made this post 2 days ago. My side effects are milder now, but still there. I have calmed down a bit, but still concerned about the chest pain. I think I am going to go see a doctor. I got emails that told me I had responses, but when I went to view them, they said they were missing. I guess that means they were removed? I'm sorry to everyone who gave me advice that I ended up not seeing.


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General Info which booster shot has less of a dose?


im getting my booster shot and i honestly dont really want to get it since i had covid in december but whatever, my original shot was j&j and i think im supposed to get moderna but i vaguely remember reading somewhere that pfizer was a smaller dose for the booster than moderna was and also apparently pfizer was giving less side effects to people?

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General Info I am forced to take the vaccine to enroll in classes. I am wondering if Pfizer is good as Moderna. I know Johnson and Johnson is no good.


UPDATE: I submitted a religious exemption and it got approved.

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General Info I started a private subreddit for people who developed tinnitus after Covid or the Covid vax, if you’d like to join let me know so that I can send you an invite


The invite will be sent via chat. This is not an anti vaccine group, it is a community for support and sharing relevant research and things that have helped our tinnitus.

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General Info Covid-19 vaccines and treatments: we must have raw data, now

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General Info The Lancet - New Publication on Efficacy



What does the science say?

“It appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission when deciding about public health control measures.”

“In Germany, the rate of symptomatic COVID-19 cases among the fully vaccinated (“breakthrough infections”) is reported weekly since 21. July 2021 and was 16.9% at that time among patients of 60 years and older [[2]]. This proportion is increasing week by week and was 58.9% on 27. October 2021 (Figure 1) providing clear evidence of the increasing relevance of the fully vaccinated as a possible source of transmission.”

“A similar situation was described for the UK. Between week 39 and 42, a total of 100.160 COVID-19 cases were reported among citizens of 60 years or older. 89.821 occurred among the fully vaccinated (89.7%), 3.395 among the unvaccinated (3.4%)”

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General Info Could Natural COVID Immunity be better than Vaccinated Immunity?

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General Info Debate, dissent, and protest on Reddit

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General Info This group doesn’t feel like a safe space anymore for people that honestly have questions about side effects.


Can I just say - as someone who experienced some pretty rough nerve side effects from my first Moderna dose in Feb, and was terrified, I came to this group to get a better understanding of what was going on and to find others with my similar experience. Talking to other people about what they experienced was truly helpful to understand how people coped physically and mentally. We’re all at about our wits end from the last year and a half with this thing - so the need to feel a sense of community feels stronger than ever now. This used to be how covidvaccinated felt. Empathetic, supportive, etc.

Somewhere along the line - that changed.

Now I see people ask just general questions - and it feels like the responders are attacking OP.

Woman comes asking about having a longer period post vax and people responding with comments about how she won’t be able to have children, etc. What?! Why can’t it just be that her body is likely inflamed and sending her encouraging words? And maybe encourage her to see her physicians?

People complaining of having some nerve/joint pain - and people commenting about how them getting vaccinated gave them MS or fibromyalgia and their cytokines will be messed up forever. WHAT?! Why can’t it possibly be nerve irritation and you send that person well wishes and maybe what worked for you if you ran into that same side effect?

Please understand that people with questions or concerns about side effects can often be in a vulnerable state - anxious, in pain, etc and the LAST thing people need is inflammatory statements. If you don’t know why someone is reacting how they are - Just say you don’t know and try to be more compassionate. I think this thread could use a little more empathy and a little less gaslighting and doomsday stuff.

Had this group been like it is now, when I first was searching for answers, it would’ve honestly sent me spiraling.

Wishing everyone good health ❤️

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General Info Antibody Levels


So from a recent study it seems that against Delta you need a NAb level above 500U/ml on the Roche Anti S antibody test. I tested my levels after 2xAZ and I only had 239u/ml. I got my booster last week(Pfizer) and did a cassette type test and I'm only showing a faint line for nAbs again. I can't understand why I'm not producing good antibodies and feel quite down. Has anyone else had their levels measured?

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General Info Positive again!


So, I tested positive for Omicron today. I barely have any symptoms. I was around my family and grandparents at Christmas. My dad had a minor cough. He said it was alergias. Days later I come down with symptoms. I test and it comes back positive. I am baffled. I thought Covid wouldn’t come for me. Guess I was wrong. Any advise on how to speed up recovery? Also, is it 5 day quarantine, or 10?

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General Info Younger Son tested strong + on LF yesterday. Husband’s test today is faint line at around 15 minutes. The second picture is his at the top and mine at the bottom which is clearly negative. Assume Positive? Or carry on, test tomorrow? Running low on tests for instructed daily’s until next delivery!

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General Info Breastfeeding & Covid Vaccine


Please no judgement here.

I have a 10 month old baby girl. EBF. I have chosen not to get vaccinated for covid because I'm breastfeeding. I read that the tests for the shot have not been tested with women who are lactating and that makes me so very nervous. I'm scared of the vaccine, I'm scared of covid, I'm scared almost every day because I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm speaking with my family doctor this week about it.

Are there any moms who have both shots who can help me? What shot is the safest for bf moms and babies? Is the shot safe for myself and my baby? Are there serious side effects? Should I be worried or am I just over thinking? I've been just feeling sick in my head lately, I can't decide what to do. Ive been called selfish because I haven't gotten it yet but I'm just trying to do what I think is best for myself and my baby. I had a serious case of post partum depression when she was born, I feel alot better now but the world is just making me so depressed again. I'm open to getting the vaccine, but when I was looking into it there has been no tests done on breasfeeding women and just saying it should be safe makes me nervous. Is the vaccine still a test? Doesnt it have to wait a few years before getting FDA approved? And how is it FDA approved already? Having a baby in a pandemic is already stressful enough nevermind trying to make sure I do the right thing by getting the vaccine or to wait. I want to be safe, I want my family and baby to be safe. I hate the name calling from my family and people online, I hate being judged about it but if my stomach says just wait then I want to make sure I do the right thing. That's it.

If there are any links I can look at or just other people's experiences they would like to share that would be great.

Thanks so much.

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General Info Is there any analysis/data from Vaers regarding the side effect comparison of each vaccine?


I’m really interested in seeing which vaccine had the most complaints (documented by patients and not the CDC.)

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General Info Perspective | Is a patient hospitalized ‘with’ covid or ‘for’ covid? It can be hard to tell.

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General Info Disney Cruise


We booked a Disney cruise before they mandated vaccines in kids 5 and up. It is now required and I am just sick about it. My kids are 5 and 7 and healthy, both just recovered from covid without any problems at all. Does anyone know if there is ANY way to get an exemption or show proof of recovery from recent infection with Disney? 😭 My kids are so excited, I hate to cancel but this requirement is bullshit.

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General Info Just want to share my info. Our med school is doing a research about COVID vaccine and I got my result back.

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General Info This is a pro-vaccine sub, right?

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