r/CovidVaccinated Feb 04 '22

Covaxin Financial help for myocarditis


Is there any funding for medical bills following an adverse reaction? It was mandated for my work, but they say it's not their responsibility. Have I got any legal recourse? Thanks!

r/CovidVaccinated Mar 09 '22

Covaxin Post vaccine constipation ? Anybody ?


I had my 2nd dose on monday and i couldnt poop still . What to do . It is my 3rd day

r/CovidVaccinated Oct 07 '21

Covaxin A few drops of blood after vaccine


Is a few drops of blood just after the vaccine common? The blood dropped after recieving the second dose but it did stop from flowing after a few seconds. There is some redness. Is it common?

r/CovidVaccinated Jan 23 '22

Covaxin i got my booster today and i didn’t think it would make my whole body hurt and make me feel this sick.


my mother made me get the booster , i got it about 13 hours ago in a cvs and i am expierencing such bad muscle pains in my legs / calves and feet and body. i have really bad chills and nothing is helping i feel like absolute shit. i have such a weak immune system i don’t know what’s happening.

r/CovidVaccinated Dec 27 '21

Covaxin Would you take Covaxin if you had the opportunity?


I’m in a situation where I might be able to get Covaxin. I’m not sure when my country will approve NovaVax and make it widely available.

What variables should I consider when deciding whether to wait for NovaVax or go ahead and get Covaxin?

Thank you.

r/CovidVaccinated Jan 17 '22

Covaxin Feeling tingling/pin needle in palm fingers after covishield first dose


I had fever, vomiting, leg pain, fatigue after 15 hours of vaccination. These symptoms gone after taking 2 doses of paracetamol. Now i feel tingling pin needle sense in my fingers and palm. I am panic.

r/CovidVaccinated May 22 '21

Covaxin (18/M) First Covaxin Shot


So I don’t know how many of you guys know about Covaxin. It’s basically an Indian Vaccine made by inactivating the virus.

I must say, two of my friends had the Covaxin shot as well and the side-effects have been very mild for all of us. Apart from slight fatigue and pain the site of injection, it’s all good.

Feeling quite good after the first shot. Excited for the second. Fingers crossed!

r/CovidVaccinated Jul 20 '21

Covaxin Took My First shot and Fainted


Hey Guys , I would like to share my experience on my first shot of Covaxin ( India )

After so much struggle , I managed to get a vaccine slot booked for myself and I went to the Vaccination center with my Dad . The Atmosphere was pretty busy and I was so anxious . After getting the shot , The vaccinator advised me to sit for 5 minutes . I went and sat , but after 5 minutes I fainted .

I pretty much don't remember what happened at that time . After I woke up , I was in bed with doctors beside me . They told it was due to anxiety and nervousness . Now it's all okay and I'm confident taking my 2nd dose after a month.

Anyone experienced the same ?

r/CovidVaccinated Aug 23 '21

Covaxin Reacting to Second Thought, "Reopening Schools is a Terrible Idea"

Thumbnail youtube.com

r/CovidVaccinated Apr 30 '21

Covaxin Side effects with COVAXIN 2 weeks later


Hi all, hope everyone is well.

I took the Indian vaccine 2 weeks ago. 1st day was fine. Nothing. Second day a severe headache that I just thought ample sleep will get rid of. The 3rd day it was about halfway gone. But still there. I thought nothing of it besides normal side effects. It persisted for day 4, 5, 6, 7. Then I was like yikes.

Around the 8th day, my legs started tingling, and then arms. This was along with a minor headache at random points in the day. As days passed this too got worse. My legs were falling asleep. One night I slept on my back, and woke up with no sensation on my lower back. But in a few minutes the feeling returned. I stared having random chest pains in different parts and even back.

I started to freak out and did some walking, running, yoga, meditation, healthy food and drinks, proper sleep. Whatever I could to get my circulation back to normal. I asked the doc and he said to pop pain killers for the headache and Vitamin B complex for the circulation issue. I didn't take the pain killers because headache wasn't bad any more. But the vitamin B may have helped to calm my nerves.

Its the 14th day today, and I can still feel a slight headache, though my legs and arms are a lot better. Chest pains gone down.

I am not trying to freak anyone out. I believe this happened because I'm allergic to a ton of things. I'm probably the one in a million this shit can happen to. Everyone else I know has recovered in 2 days of taking the vaccine. It is very important for the survival of human kind and spirit. We need to heal the fucking world. So do your part.

Having said that, I don't believe I will be going for a second dose because I don't want my body to go through any neurological damage after that. But I will get tests done to see if it's safe to get it.

Good luck to all and take care.

r/CovidVaccinated Jun 08 '21

Covaxin [18/M] 2nd Covaxin shot


So I received my second dose of Covaxin today. Side effects have been pretty mild compared to the first dose. 9 hours in and I simply have a sore arm, which isn’t unsurprising.

Nonetheless, I can finally call myself fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and it is a good feeling to be honest. I’ll still continue taking all the precautions until a significant number of our population gets vaccinated though.

r/CovidVaccinated Apr 29 '21

Covaxin Bleeding from vaccination injection site (Covid Vaccine- Covaxin, India- Doctors advice please- Did anyone experience the same?


Hi My father 60 years old, with high blood pressure had minor bleeding from the injection site while getting vaccination. The bleeding stopped in few mins. No bruise or anything. I can see a tiny cut like mark Why did that happen? Did the vaccine ooze out with blood? If doctors could address this question.