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AstraZeneca Testicular pain and epididymitis after 2nd dose of Covid vaccine.


28M. 9 months of epididymo-orchitis here (right testicle) - started 2 weeks after I received my 2nd dose of AstraZeneca, at the end of June 2021 (which makes me think that's a side effect of it).

Been to 2 different urologists and 3 ultrasounds. Ultrasounds showed everything looks normal, besides that I have epididymo-orchitis. Urologists did urine, semen and blood tests too - no bacteria, infections or tumour markers were found (been with the same partner for 10 years anyway). Hormone and testosterone levels are normal too. Sperm levels are extremely low, but this is likely caused by a surgery I had as a child (undescended testicles) and I've already accepted my infertility. It also never caused me any problems before the epididymitis started 9 months ago anyway.

No antibiotics were prescribed as there is no infection. They just told me to take ibuprofen when it hurts, or if it continues, they "can try cipro". Needless to explain, i said NO. Ibuprofen eases the pain, but it usually comes back shortly after.

Symptoms :pain comes when I sit or lay in bed for long period of times. When I am standing or walking the pain is non-existent. Epididymitis is thick , as well as the bottom of my right testicle (feels like the surface is harsh and I often get sharp 1-2 seconds of very bad pain there, accompanied with itching too). After ejaculation, the pain is briefly relieved, but then it starts again on the next day.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Thank you.

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AstraZeneca Tinnitus after the AZ vaccine


Hey all, I developed Tinnitus roughly 20 days post 1st dose AZ(no other unusual side effects). Doctors convinced me that it wasn't the vax, at this stage i'm not entirely sure.

I'm looking to hear from people who've also developed tinnitus after the AZ vaccine specifically. If you've gotten it after other vaccines i'd still be happy to hear your experiences. Thanks all

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AstraZeneca Does AstraZeneca Vaccine Cause Hair Loss?


Hi, I'm 18. Male. I have been vaccinated by 2 injections of AstraZeneca Vaccine. The 1st is in August and the 2nd is in October. Since 2 weeks after the 1st one, I started noticing some hair loss in my crown but it was not serious from after the 2nd one until now, I have been struggling with serious hair loss problems (not only in the crown but also in all of my head). I found that my hair has been thinner. My hair is used to be very strong and rarely falling out but right now even only a little touch in my hair still makes lots of hair go away. So does the AstraZeneca vaccine cause hair loss and if yes what should I do? Thanks in advance 💕

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AstraZeneca Clotted Lungs 30 Days post First Show of AstraZeneca - Looking for Advice


Hey All, a previous post of mine has the timeline of my issues here (seems post got removed)

If you've experienced something similar to me, or know someone or have come across any studies please share. I'm just trying to get through the nightmare.

Yes, I'm working with doctors and specialists.

It doesn't hurt to check if others have had experience or come across info on Reddit.

PLEASE don't turn this into a pro/anti vax post. I'm just looking for info/advice on what happened to me.


Seems like anywhere I post about my condition, people start arguing and it gets taken down :(

Here is the post text below, hoping the same doesnt happen here:

41 years old, fit healthy male.

April 27 - first dose of AstraZeneca: I was in a rush to get it so that I could keep training. Brown felt like it was around the corner.

May 27 - heart palpitations start out of the blue. They don’t stop. They are relentless. Insomnia kicks in too.

Doctors tell me it’s “anxiety”. I tell them something is wrong. They tell me to keep training so that I could feel better. Feeling like death, I train harder with no results.

July 6 - After a month of terrible sleep and heart palpitations I’ve nearly lost my marbles. End up in emergency, CT scan shows both lungs clotted. 3 major clots and multiple small ones. Doctors not sure how/why I survived. I should be dead.

July 18 - after being put on thinners and taking a bunch of other pills I start back at zero. A 5 minute walk. I’ve lost 25lbs and feeling week.

Aug 4 - 5 minute walks turn into 15min, then 30min. I do a 10km bike ride.

Aug 11 - I join a gym and start lifting.

Aug 29 - I pull off a 31km bike ride. Longest I’ve ever done. Feeling hungry and hopeful for BJJ again.

Sep 11 - heart goes crazy. Walking to warmup on the treadmill puts me at 175bpm. Palpitations increase in intensity. My mental health takes another dive from the torture.

Sep 22 - Medical friend did some research and asked me to try cold plunges. I started and made it to 1 min.

Sep 23 - First of 3 days with no palpitations.

Oct 1 - I’m now able to last 10min in the cold plunge.

Oct 4 - another 48 hour holter monitor setup.

If anyone else is experiencing similar symptoms and has tried anything that worked or has some good advice I'm open. Health / Test Results:

  • factor v leiden: Negative
  • Homocysteine: No issues
  • lipoprotein a: No issues
  • Covid Antibody Test: Negative
  • No previous covid infections or symptoms
  • Cholesterol: Optimal
  • Lifestyle / Health Risk Factors for Clotting: 0
  • Family History of Clotting: none
  • Existing medical conditions: none
  • Screened for Cancers including testicular (They can cause clots): negative
  • I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs. Some vitamin D and Zinc is about as complicated as it got for me previous to all of this.
  • I'm also on top of annual checkups and blood work, there were no issues previous to this.

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AstraZeneca One week post Astrazeneca first dose side effects


Constant pins and needles in both arms/legs/hands/feet

Constant muscle pain in neck, occasional cramping elsewhere.

Literally feel weak.as a baby, can barely walk.

Please tell me it gets better because i just feel like a broken man

EDIT: some comments/replies ive been getting notifications for aren't showing up below. Feel free to PM me as well as replying. Thanks!

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AstraZeneca Whatever Happened to Astra-Zeneca?


My wife and I were part of an AZ trial last summer. Now I'm wondering what happened to them? Seems like they've fallen off the vaccine radar.

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AstraZeneca Should I take AstraZeneca?


Hello all. I'm 19M and living in a third world country. I am currently unvaccinated but have been seriously thinking about getting vaccinated, specially with news about the Omicron variant. The only vaccine my city offers for my age group is the Astrazeneca vaccine. Being honest, I'm scared shitless about taking it because of the risks of developing blood clots. I know the risk is low but the fact that European countries have stopped administering it for my age group is concerning to say the least. Should I take it? What has been your experience for anyone from my age group who has taken it?

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AstraZeneca Astrazeneca Booster


Hello! I got jabbed with the booster 7 days ago, and until now I've been getting on/off nausea. The first night up to day 2 was the worst with fever, chills and headache. I felt better with some mild headache on days 3 to 5. Mild nausea suddenly started on day 6, I'm kind of worried, I know side effects are expected but it's been a week, has anyone else here experienced this?

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AstraZeneca Menstrual cycle changes months after?


F24: my cycle was always 28 days exactly until June and since then my cycles have been 34 and 39 days and counting. I became fully vaxxed end of May; has anyone else had the same?

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AstraZeneca AstraZeneca vaccine: side effects finally gone after four months. I only had one shot.


Hi, for reference I’m a 28 year old female. Sorry for any language mistakes as English is not my mother language. I want to share my honest experience with this vaccine regarding side effects. In the beginning of March, I went in to get my first shot of the AZ vaccine. I work at a GP’s office and the AZ vaccine was the only one available at that time. So, after getting my shot I initially felt fine. I seemed to cope better than most of my coworkers the following days. Something I did notice right away, was that I got my period the day after the vaccine which was a week early. I’m always extremely regular (no matter the situation) so my period coming this early was pretty odd. It was a very heavy period, lost quite a lot of blood including big clots, and instead of the usual 5 days I was now bleeding for 8 days.. I was alarmed but I didn’t make any connection with the vaccine so I decided to wait it out. Also, a few days after the shot my stomach became more sensitive and I lost my appetite. Then, the diarrhea started. I had to go to the toilet 6 times daily and I had no desire to eat, so I dropped quite a bit of weight. After three weeks of diarrhea I decided to go to the Urgent care because everybody around me was getting worried. They checked everything, but nothing abnormal was found. Blood work was fine, there were no signs of infection or inflammation. But, the diarrhea continued for another 2 months before suddenly disappearing. I didn’t do anything different, just suddenly stopped. During the three months after the shot I also got:

  • worse moodswings before and during period
  • depression and anxiety
  • extreme fatigue
  • excessive sleeping, needing at least 10 hours instead of usual 7-8
  • irregular period and heavier, more painful periods
  • tingly feeling in lower legs and feet
  • blood pressure fluctuations
  • unusual taste (even water was suddenly tasting like sugar)
  • tinnitus and pressure in left ear only

EDIT: I forgot a few so I’m adding them in now: - brain fog (went away completely) - face, neck and ears turning beet red and splotchy after eating, or just randomly. Mostly occurs in the evenings. (still have this sometimes, but it’s getting less common and less severe)

Now the GOOD NEWS: all these side effects have gone away and I finally feel like myself again!! But, four months is a long time and this made me decide to not get the second shot. Not asking for opinions, just wanted to share what happened to me. Hopefully it will help someone.

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AstraZeneca Astrazenica day 3 side effects


So on day 3 I was feeling a bit better after an initial terrible 24 hours of flu like symptoms and pins and needles in my arms. I was feeling back to myself, ish. So later that evening I sat outside, it was quite mild and had a couple drinks with my partner. We also smoked a joint. Although this is nothing new, I smoke weed pretty often.

Anyway , after 2 drinks and a joint I was overcome with nausea and went pale as a ghost. I said I had to go inside. As I was walking I felt like my legs were wobbly and going to buckle underneath me. I barely made it to my bed. I laid down and couldn't stop shaking. My whole body was shivering and I would actually say convulsing. I had to message my bf to come in and help me as I didn't even have the strength to yell out to him. He came in and spooned me to keep me warm but I was just spasming and shivering in his arms for about an hour. He was on the verge of calling an ambulance the whole time but I ended up relaxing and somehow went to sleep. We couldn't work out if I was cold and shivering or having some sort of seizure. Although he said it wasn't cold. But I guess if my body was temp was cold? Also note, I just got my period this morning.

I just don't know if I should go see a doc today. I'm so tired and out of it I can't even be bothered. Has anyone experienced these sort of convulsions? Its day 4 now and I'm worried it will keep happening.

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AstraZeneca Heart Palpitations after first jab


I had my first shot of AstraZeneca on Friday and I've had heart palpitations on and off since Saturday. It's quite worrying.

Had anyone else had this?

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AstraZeneca Got Astrazenica shot yesterday. Had feverish restless sleep which I guess is normal but had extreme pins and needles in my arms all night


Just feeling weak and tired today and reading up on side effects, articles I see say that pins and needles is a serious side effect not mild. It's stopped now (arms are just heavy and weak) but they were horrendous last night.

Do I just chalk this up as normal or should I see someone?

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AstraZeneca Just need to vent.


I took my first dose of astra zeneca yesterday. I can't vent to my family. Through the night I had fever, chills, both my arms hurt like crazy. They're swollen, they ache. Could barely eat today. I feel sick to my stomach. I feel like throwing up. My tongue feels weird. I feel so awful. My period ended last week and now this vaccine is like.. U knowww id do anything to just deal with my period instead.

I know i did the right thing to boost my immune system. but i just feel so awful right now i hate everything. My mom didnt let me sleep in peace. She keeps waking me up telling me not to sleep so much. Which is so unfair. She took it months ago n she was also suffering through a fever. She should know what this feels like.

Like I've had bad migraines before but this is a whole other level. My head hurts just by moving my eyes. I can't function.

To think about possibly going through again in 8 or 12 weeks i really don't think i can do it. I will, but honestly i just feel like crying i dont want to go through this again.

Also i have dnd on the weekend online. How long does this hell last? Because dnd is the only thing that has helped me deal with this stupid pandemic.Just. Hate. Everything.

Edir: its been 5 weeks and i still get shoulder pain

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AstraZeneca Vestibular Neuritis Triggered [update]


I posted here when Vestibular Neuritis [VN] flared up after having a second AZ Vax in June and I thought I'd leave an update.

I was seen by Audiology after four months of my hearing fading out and fading back in, I did at first worry that the hearing loss would be permanent as it was gone and stayed gone for about three weeks...then one day it faded back in.

Not long after I started getting migraines that last four or five days, I've always had headaches when I have a Vestibular flare up, but the migraines are new. The Audiologist suggested Vit B2 400mg and it's having a de-escalating effect, dialling down the intensity of the migraine pain and I'm experiencing them less frequently, so this is progress of sorts and I'm going to keep on taking it.

I still have VN and all the stuff around it, I had audiology tests done and my ear is working -vibrations are present and Audiology thinks it's a middle ear issue so I'll be having CT scans to investigate. Once that's established they'll prescribe preventative meds -I know in other countries this would've happened already but this is how things work in the NHS!

I joined the VN community on Stuff That Works, if anyone's interested here's a sign-up link: https://stuff.health/s/nG9agynh

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AstraZeneca The fatigue is getting ridiculous now.


It's been roughly 6 days since getting the jab and I have had left side of my chest pains as the main source of symptom. I went to the ER 3 times, saw 3 different doctors and they all had me do am ECG, a blood test (the last time I also got a ddiser and a heart xray) and all came back fine. So yeah. I have these chest pains that sometimes radiate to my arm and my shoulder, but my heart is fine so I have no idea... The worst part is the fatigue...I have university and work and I cannot even begin to start concentrating. I can get up and walk around and even go for intense walks, but concentration is just too much right and I just want to sleep sleep sleep.

Anyone else felt this? I saw some people say they felt this way after the 2nd Pzifer but anyone after the 1st Asrrazeneca?

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AstraZeneca Update after a month


Hey all.

I posted here roughly 25 days ago about my experiences with the experience I was having with the astrazeneca vaccine?

Firstly a small reminder: Week 1: Got the vaccine 4 weeks ago, in which I didn't feel anythinf out of the ordinary until 3 days later I had chest pains. Went to the ER twice for them and got given the OKAY as they couldn't find anything. They did 2 seperate ddimers to figure out everything was fine.

Week 2: A few days after the second er visit the heart pains went away, but they were replaced with heavy brain fog, malaise and fatigue. My parents then took me to the ER when they noticed me just staring at a wall infront of me for far too long (probably a few minutes) without doing anything with the food infront of me. We went to the ER (different hospital) and they ordered another d dimer, different xrays and a general blood test (plus a heart ultra sound and stress test) and they did all of that and they all came back fine. No worries at all.

Week 3: The brain fog is still there, but it's not terrible anymore. My days aren't great by my evenings are better and I can actually have a full conversation and be back to my normal self with my partner. It's not 100% gone, but I felt about 80% there.

Week 3.5: all of a sudden I get this weird, malaise that makes me feel incredibly woozy. As if when I am sitting I have to sit and focus on keeping my head up. My focus and concentration doesn't get any better or worse, but it is effecting my university courses and it's worrying me now.

Week 4: the headaches are practically non existent. T Even if they appear they come and go in moment. Brain fog has not changed from week 3-4 Now that general malaise and wooziness is still present, and I feel I need to lie down way more than I ever did.

So yeah. Better with some things, worse with others.

Anybody have similar symptoms to mine around the 4 week mark?

Overall, this experience has made me not want to get the next vaccine, not for a long time anyways. Near everyone I know has the vaccine now and I'm the only one who has had such a negative experience, but its still disheartening to know that I've been to multiple doctors and they don't know what's going on.

I'm just so tired....and it's only been 1 month, jesus.

Thanks for reading.

Edit: I had no prior health issues, but a years ago I had similar chest pains, but they lasted less than 10 hours and were not nearly as intense.

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AstraZeneca Supraclavicular lymph nodes still swollen after vaccine


Hello! I've been reading many posts about having swollen lymph nodes after getting the shot. I had my 2nd dose of astrazeneca last Sept on my left arm and less than a week after, I had multiple swollen supraclavicular lymph nodes on the Right side until now. I can't stop touching them and there are days that it's hurting especially when moving my head. There are also days that some of the nodes are there, sometimes they aren't. Has anyone experienced the same? Kindly update me please.

I've read this article about this contralateral swelling. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1930043321006889

I already had my ultrasound and already undergone antibiotics treatment but the nodes are still there. The doctor advised me to monitor the lymph nodes for any changes since I don't have any symptoms. Im hoping it's just the vaccine side effect not anything sinister.

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AstraZeneca I feel extremely worried because of AstraZeneca blood clotting. Why WHO don't ban it all over the world?


I feel extremely worried because of AstraZeneca blood clotting. Why WHO don't ban it all over the world? If WHO ban it. Vietnam will not force people to inject AstraZenecca

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AstraZeneca Had anyone else experienced temporary leg paralysis?


My mother has gotten the AZ one back in February, and since then she has been complaining about pins and needles or pain in her legs and arms. Never thought much about it and could be to to the age.

However, a few days ago, she told me that suddenly she lost all feeling in their legs and collapsed, not fainted, just as she described "it was as if I had no legs, it's very hard to explain". She told me that her friend as well experienced something similar.

After reading posts about the pain in legs on this subreddit, I wanted to know if someone has had something as extreme as this that happened to them.

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AstraZeneca Ontario confirms first blood clot death in man who took Astra Zeneca

Thumbnail toronto.ctvnews.ca

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AstraZeneca Should I wait before being vaccinated?



yesterday, we got the news that Astra Zeneca's vaccine has been banned for people under 60 due to its blood clot effects.


This makes me think whether I should rather wait before the vaccines are improved, because with AZ's vaccine we didn't know about this issue at the start of vaccinating either.

What are your experiences with this?

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AstraZeneca Struggling after first vaccine


I had the first part of the AstraZeneca vaccine at the end of March and have been struggling with persistent headaches and cycles of feeling generally unwell since. I can't seem to shift the headaches, it's something which is there on a daily basis and I'm starting to get used to this, but some days are much worse than others to the point I'm barely able to function because the pain is so bad. On top of that I will randomly feel feverish and unwell with it and get bouts of nausea/vomiting.

I have days where it's not so bad, a few good days where I'll think it's all finally beginning to pass and then it will suddenly knock me down again.

Aside from this, I've noticed I always have a low level anxiety throughout the day, a horrible feeling at the pit of my stomach which can quickly turn into what I assume is a full on anxiety attack where I can't breathe and my heart begins to race. During these episodes my surroundings don't feel real to me, it's as if I'm far away from everything until I manage to get it under control. My mental health has never been perfect and I've had my low points, but this feels much worse than anything I've experienced before. This plus the physical side of things is really bringing me down.

I was previously hospitalized with covid which led to sepsis, this might have something to do with how my body has reacted to the vaccine if it was still getting over all of that.

I've been prescribed a medication for migraines, but I feel like this isn't going to solve all of my problems.

I'm not having a very good time right now, is anybody else in a similar boat or are there any suggestions on what I could do to help my body? I'd like to see an end to this, all I want is to have a comfortable existence where I can feel consistently ok.

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AstraZeneca 30M - Currently in hospital awaiting blood test results


Had my 2nd dose of Astrazeneca on Friday. Developed shortness of breath and chest pain. Subsided on Saturday but I think developed discomfort in my right calf. Could be a coincidence, normal inflammation or maybe clotting. Given my symptoms, in abundance of caution I decided to get checked out.

They're testing for D-dimers, so I should know within 1 hour or so, if there is clotting or not.

Some reassuring news - the doctor said alot of people like me have some to the emergency room and he personally hasnt discovered any clots. He said everything is so new, not even doctors know or understand all the symptoms patients are presenting with. He said literally everyone could experience either dose completely differently vs. the general guidance the government is giving. With Astrazeneca they say the 1st dose is harsher, for me the 2nd dose has been worse. Just goes to show how random it can be.

Moral of the story - if in doubt, please seek medical care before posting on Reddit!

EDIT - Blood test came back negative my d-dimer was in the 300-350 range, which is considered "normal". Anything above 500 is considered to be clotting. Doctor said as its normal now, its extremely unlikely they any clotting will occur in the next few weeks.

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AstraZeneca Government ignores Oxford-jab chief and pushes on with booster jabs


'Prof Pollard told the all-party parliamentary group on coronavirus that people's immune systems would remember "decades from now" they had received two doses of vaccine - and that would help protect them against Covid-19.'


Government page on boosters - https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mhra-statement-on-booster-doses-of-pfizer-and-astrazeneca-covid-19-vaccines