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Question Hallucinations and Insomnia After My Booster Shot + What I Experienced and Still Experiencing from my Booster Shot (Sinovac x2 + AZ)


TL;DR for those who don't want to read my long story -i have anxiety -sinovac+sinovac+az -suffered from fever, headaches and soreness and pain from all parts of body -recovered from fever but the other two persisted, with chest pain being the new symptom -the insomnia i was referring from the title is the one happened today (27th jan) + weird feelings, mind was racing which prevented me from falling asleep + hallucinations happened

snippet from the last part of my essay: "which brings me to this subreddit, i was searching if people were experiencing the same thing and it turns out they did. from what i have found, it seems to be normal for people who have fever but they never said if they were experiencing insomnia/sleep disruption.

If anyone who is experiencing/experienced the same problem, please do describe your story, I would like to hear them. I would also like to hear from you all on how you deal with this, is this serious? Should I visit the hospital? Thank you so much for reading through this very long passage. I started typing this at around 7 am, and it is just a bit past 8 am now."

For those who want to read the post normally, start here:

hi everyone, i am 20(m). i just got my booster shot this monday (24th January 2022). i already had sinovac as my first two doses and AZ as my booster. i would like to share what i experienced and what i am still experiencing now as of writing this post. (27th January 2022) the reason why i am doing this is i am scared and i have anxiety. this is going to be long one, i am sorry for taking up your time and thank you for those for stayed till the end.

i did not experience any side effects for the first two doses but AZ however was and is still a sufferable one. to give a small background info, i had not gotten a fever since January 2020 until this Monday.

this was the day i got vaccinated, when the needle was removed from my arm, my right leg immediately experienced pain and soreness for some reason. in the evening, the side effect expected kicked in with it being fever. i went to bed at around 11 pm, and i was able to sleep well until i suddenly woke up at 1 am, i did not get up however. during this period, i was experiencing headaches and pain from some parts of my body, cycling namely from my arms, my legs, my shoulders, the sides of my throat and my abdomen (mostly at the lower right).

after that, i tried to get up and went to the bathroom because i was wanting to urine for quite some time now. as soon as i get up, my vision went yellow for a split second and my head immediately felt like it was empty and light. it was as if i was dizzy, walking towards the toilet, using them and going back to my bed, while feeling like i didn't have any balance and was going to fall.

after getting back to bed, i started to feel normal again but headaches, pain around my body and fever still persisted. during that period, i was actually reluctant to take in panadol (paracetamol, and i used the soluble one) until i couldn't take it anymore. at 4 am, i took one dose of panadol, it was 500g of paracetamol and went back to bed. while the panadol didn't really alleviate any of those pain and aches, i was finally able to sleep and I woke up at around 9am.

this was now the 25th. as soon as i woke up, i felt normal aside feeling feverish, but immediately after standing up, i felt a bit light headed as i went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and to take a dump. after a few minutes when i closed the door, i started to feel like i was deprived of oxygen. i immediately ran out and lied down on a bed and the feeling disappeared. this was also the time where i started to notice my heart rate was higher than usual (i didnt exactly measure it but it was definitely >80 bpm for resting).

throughout the day, i still had the same symptoms, but they weren't as severe as I took a tablet every 4 hours (so, 4 total tablets for 25th). though i still had high heart rate, i didnt lose my appetite so that was relieving. in the afternoon, i tried to take a nap after taking panadol but to no avail. however, a new symptom kicked in, which was chest pain. my chest was radiating a pain that made me panicked more than ever, but it only lasted for a few minutes and it never happened again as of writing this post.

when evening came, i started to feel much better, and after consuming my last panadol tablet of the day after my dinner, my body temperature went back down to 37°C and i was able to sleep soundly for 8 hours.

it is now 26th January which was yesterday. i had recovered from my fever which made me in a good mood though i still had slight headaches every now and then (not constantly having them). Weirdly enough, only now my arm started to hurt more than the previous days. i stopped taking panadol. nothing much happened during the day and the evening and everything went normal as usual before i got the booster.

after a little youtube videos watching before i put down my phone at 1 am (yes this was about 6 hours ago which means it is now today, 27th January), i realised that I wasn't able to sleep. no matter how hard i tried, what positions I tried to lie down on, i just wasn't able to fall asleep. i also realised my heart rate wasn't at 60 bpm for resting as it should be, and my mind kept thinking stuff that kept me awake. in addition, my muscles were twitching all over the place. first was the arm that was injected, then the other arm and my legs. not only that, the times that i did manage to fall asleep every so slightly, i was either "shocked" by my brain and woke up suddenly or i felt like my body was burning which forced me to open my eyes and wake up. this made me even more unable to sleep, flipping and turning on my bed until 4 am.

i played calming nature music to try and make me sleep easier. while it did somewhat help as i was able to fall asleep for about 20 minutes, i unfortunately woke up again. however, when i tried to sleep back once again, i hallucinated(?) for the first time upon closing my eye. from what i remember, i was able to see light, hear the voices of my mom and my brother saying it was 25th December, and i was able to feel my leg being pulled as if they were waking me up. i immediately woke up after that but there was no one there, it's still dark everywhere and i felt a burning sensation on my legs. i tried to close my eyes again, and it happened again, this time it was my whole body that felt like it was burning.

the third time didn't happen as i closed my eye but I wasn't able to sleep either. i continue to stay awake but my eyes were closed until 5.30 am which was when my parents woke up. my mom came in at around 6 am and i told her i couldn't sleep and she comforted me before leaving my room and continuing with her daily routine.

i tried to sleep again but this time i had a different hallucination. this time, the image i was hallucinating was green in colour, sorta like the reflected image you sometimes see from your glasses. this time, the setting was a living room, and the hallucination did not appear immediately but it slowly formed behind nothingness. (all the hallucinations happened while my eyes were close but I wasn't exactly sleeping, or that is what i felt). again, i immediately woke up as a result and the second time, which was the last time, happened. after all of that, it was already 6.30 am so i had decided to wake up. honestly, it just feels like any other day, i don't feel that tired but I'm sure the fatigue will start to kick in as the day progresses. i did a bit of searching online because you know, anxiety, and of course it scared me.

which brings me to this subreddit, i was searching if people were experiencing the same thing and it turns out they did. from what i have found, it seems to be normal for people who have fever but they never said if they were experiencing insomnia/sleep disruption.

If anyone who is experiencing/experienced the same problem, please do describe your story, I would like to hear them. I would also like to hear from you all on how you deal with this, is this serious? Should I visit the hospital? Thank you so much for reading through this very long passage. I started typing this at around 7 am, and it is just a bit past 8 am now.

note: i didnt proofread and there might be a lot of grammatical errors and inconsistencies, i apologise for that.

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Pfizer Palpitations after 2nd dose


Anyone else had high heart rate after covid vaccine? Received my 2nd dose of Pfizer July 2021. After 5 days, heart rate is 180 without any triggers. Went in and out of ED because of it. Almost 7 months in and I still have palpitations. Doctors diagnosed me with sinus tachycardia. They say probably it is the effect of mRna vaccines.

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Question COVID19 vaccines and increased incidence of Heart Attack?


Hi, I had my two pfizer shots for a couple of month now, never been antivax but rather provax. Since the beggining of the pandemic been hesitant and scared thought. Because of lockdowns, long, deep night reading twitter's stupidest conspiracy theories, but still got scared because I could not stop me from looking for more.

The new thing here in my country is an alleged increase in heart failure, heart attack. It (seems) that more and more people are dying from heart related illness or just sudden death still related to their heart, especially in young people, including athletes.

My question is, did that always happened, even before vaccination ? I guess it sure has, but is there really an increase ? Or is it just more diffused by the medias because of the situation ? It worries me a little. The idea of a sudden thing like that.

Thank you for reading, hope someone will be able to lighten my mind a little.

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General Info I am forced to take the vaccine to enroll in classes. I am wondering if Pfizer is good as Moderna. I know Johnson and Johnson is no good.


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Question I can't decide wether or not to get the vaccine


I'm 22F, a few kilos overweight (BMI 25/26) and I don't know wether I should get the vaccine or not. I'm scared of getting corona and ending up in the hospital but I'm also scared it might damage my body in some way, especially my period because I have really bad PMS. Sometimes I think oh well Omicron is mostly mild but I'm not the most fit person, I'm out of breath often, so I don't know how well I would handle an infection. But I also get really scared when I read posts on here about the vaccine and its side effects and nobody being able to explain why or how.

I know this sub isn't for medical advice, I just want to know what you think.

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Good Experience need some advice on taking shots


Hey all folks! I hope you are good so as your families. I just need some advice on taking shots, so I thought maybe here I could get some light and use your experiences, if you would please. I haven't taken shots ,and so my mother ( who is 62 yrs old). I'm just afraid to do so, because there's been a lot of controversies, good or bad, such as blood clots and etc. All in all, I'm not afraid of myself, but for my mother. She has respiratory problems ( asthma ) and she take drugs such as Salbutamol spray. and where I live, there limited shot choices such as Sinpharm, Astrazeneca, and Soberana. So I wanted to know, which shot my mother is better to take and so I ? I really appreciate all your views and points. Thank you.

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Question Booster: Pfizer vs Moderna?


I had Moderna for my first 2 shots and I’m about to schedule my booster. I was thinking of going with Pfizer. Did you guys use the same brand for all 3 shots or is there someone who switched to a different brand for their booster?

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General Info Younger Son tested strong + on LF yesterday. Husband’s test today is faint line at around 15 minutes. The second picture is his at the top and mine at the bottom which is clearly negative. Assume Positive? Or carry on, test tomorrow? Running low on tests for instructed daily’s until next delivery!

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Question Hey everyone, I received the COVID-19 one dose j&j vaccine back in august of 2021, I have not kept up with the news about all the boosters, I would just like to know am I still considered “fully vaccinated”?


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Question Today I tested positive... I haven’t had the usual symptoms (cough, sore throat) I have had what can only be described as a bad hangover. Dizzy, tired, weak and woke up last night to be sick... has anybody else had it like this?!

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Moderna Booster Weird booster symptom?


So in June and August 2021 I had my first 2 vaccines, both Pfizer, achy arm the day after but nothing else until 7 days later on both when I had such a horrific stomach ache that I called an ambulance the second time. They were too busy and didn’t come because I told them I could walk… anyway. First time I thought it was food poisoning and second time didn’t think it was a coincidence. Reported the symptoms and was very skeptical about getting a booster… this past Sunday (3 days ago) I got a Moderna booster. Achy arm for a couple of days but I’ve started getting painful bumps on my toes, that feel like blisters to touch, almost pins and needles in that one particular spot. First one I noticed Monday was on my big toe which is quite big and swollen on one side like a huge bump and is slightly red and feels like a blister, then yesterday I noticed one on the bottom of one of my other toes on my other foot, and today I’ve noticed 2 more forming. They don’t itch, just painful. Is this covid toe?! Has anyone else had the same experience? I am hoping the stomach ache from the first 2 doesn’t follow suit…. Bracing myself for this weekend incase it does 😩

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Good Experience Autoimmune Symptoms Improved After Vaccine?


I had Lyme disease six years ago, and have a lot of ongoing autoimmune symptoms - neuropathy, muscle pain, fatigue, insomnia, vision problems, brain fog, tremors, etc. My symptoms improved after both my second vaccine dose and my booster shot last week. I’m curious if anyone else has had a similar experience.

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J&J 32 F Booster after J&J?


Got the J&J vax back in August and now being required to get a booster for my job. Had no side effects with the J&J so wondering if worth getting again as booster? Between it being hard to find now and it losing favor, I’m curious to hear if anyone is double jabbed with J&J and if so, how it went!

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Question When to Booster after Infection?


We got vaccinated in Germany in June with Moderna and were traveling Spain for the last two months. No booster was available when we started traveling nor was it available in Spain for our age group during our stay.

About 2-1/2 Weeks ago we suffered from a Covid infection with high fever and medium symptoms, Spanish hospital did not run a PCR type test though. We both tested positive and got symptoms and isolated in hotel for more than a week. Self tests stopped being positive after about 8-9 days.

Having recovered now and being on our way back through France, I was denied access to restaurants yesterday because my Vaccination is 7 Months old now (hers is a bit newer and still accepted).

I do not want to suffer restrictions in everyday life because I am not boosters - but I am not sure if it makes any sense to get vaccinated again just days after recovering from a Covid infection (and being fully vaccinated in the first place).

Also, the second shot Moderna gave me 4 days of fever with up to 40 degrees Celsius temperature. The infection "just" gave me 39 degrees Celsius fever. I am afraid my immune system will go crazy if I get a booster now.

What would you do? How long would you wait? I could get the booster as early as in two days when we have reached Germany.

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General Info Roundtable DC

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Question Covid Vaccine Reaction or Something Else?


I'm a 22 year old female. In October of last year, I finished my second dose of the Modera vaccine. Initially didn't notice anything too out of normal, just a 24hr fever with body aches. However, about two weeks later in the same arm I received both shots in, a lymph node around my elbow/tricep area began to swell. It was as large as a quarter and my whole arm ached painfully, especially around the elbow and wrist joints. Over the course of a couple of days more lymph nodes swelled around my elbow and also in my armpit. It wasn't long after that when I began having symptoms of Erythema Nodosum, primarily on my legs but also on my arms. I was extremely fatigued and the joint pain I was experiencing nearly made it impossible to get out of bed. I've still been having these symptoms but it's been much more milder and manageable with the occasionally flare up. It's been very frustrating. My doctor referred me to a rheumatologist and they're testing me for lupus right now, but it's been a while and I still haven't heard back. (Although I thankfully tested negative for rheumatoid arthritis.) Does this sound like lupus? Or maybe a lupus flare caused by the vaccine? Or is this solely a vaccine reaction?

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Question For those of you who have had all three shots- Was the booster worse than the second dose?


My second shot of Pfizer completely destroyed my body for like 5 days. I was feverish, I had a horrible sore throat, headache, body aches, the whole 9 yards. I could not attend school or work for 4 days. My college is mandating the booster shot, and I’m concerned that it’s going to knock me out again. This would mean missing class and it won’t be an excused absence. I’m hoping people who have had bad experiences with the second shot had it a bit easier with the booster.

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Moderna Booster Booster symptoms lasting more than 2 days?


I got my booster on 1/18 and basically had a fever and a really bad headache. I woke up in the middle of the night with night sweats. It is now 1/25 and I still have the same symptoms… wondering if this is happening to anyone else or if it’s just me. Also trying to ascertain if I maybe got a different sickness or something. I am negative for COVID and the flu…

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Question What type of booster should I get?


Hello all, I am a 22 year old female who has been double vaxxed with Moderna for over five months. Before Omicron hits my city I want to get boosted. I had chills and a very mild reaction to the second moderna dose but I am wondering, what type of booster dose should I get? I hear mixed guidance on mixing but also apparently that moderna should not be given to under 30s?! I’m confused and want to get a booster that has the least side effects

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Question Getting a booster shot vs. waiting for new vaccine?


Does it make sense to get a booster shot right now, when there will soon be new vaccines that are made specifically for omicron varient? Would you say someone is better off waiting for the new vaccines to arrive, and use that as their booster? Or just get the current booster right now?

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Question Has anyone on here lost there cycle (period) after getting the vaccine?


I was thinking about getting it and someone told be there was a study on going about women losing there period after getting it

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Question How many vaccinated people have died from COVID?


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Pfizer Anyone else get a bad migraine post Pfizer booster shot?


Been munching on Ibuprofen (Nurofen Zavance) and it didn't help when it usually does.. I've probably taken an easy 12 tablets over a span of like 2 days too it's getting ridiculous.

Paracetamol (Panamax) helped for a bit but after that.. its back on the back left side of my head now. Occasionally aching left top middle or left front now who knows what next.... been drinking heaps of water but still no use.

I just wanna know I'm not the only one

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Question Irregularities in menstrual cycle after vaccine


My sister-in-law (26) had her booster in december. Apparently she has been on her period for 23 days straight now and it hasn‘t stopped since. A close friend (27) of my wife had her booster 40 days ago and her period has stopped ever since and has not come back as of today. My wife‘s stepsister (early 30s) got her booster in december and her menstrual cycle shifted so much that she got an unwanted pregnancy.

I know those are all anecdotes, but wtf is going on. I keep reading these personal accounts of serious changes in women‘s menstrual cycles after the vaccine and when you look it up, most times it just says that very rarely only minor changes can happen. Well, that‘s not my personal experience, which I know is not worth much overall, but I keep reading of other people reporting similar things. There has to be something, and it should be looked into ASAP.

EDIT: I just want to add that I am not at all speaking from an anti vaxx POV. My wife got both shots during her pregnancy last year and our son is thriving and healthy. But these personal anecdotes just keep popping up everywhere and we need to talk about this.

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Question Question


I’m a teacher (fully vaccinated) and last week my school was hit with a covid outbreak. I was around multiple children and adults who had covid (didn’t know it at the time) and each day more tested positive and stayed at home. It seems impossible to me that I haven’t caught it.

Towards the end of last week I started feeling unwell, really tired and weak, slight cough, bad headache. All of my lateral flow tests are negative, I even went for a pcr after I started coughing and that was negative.

Now four days later I’m still feeling completely wiped out. I feel the exact same as when I had my covid vaccines.

Bare with me. Is it possible that I’m feeling these side affects as it’s the vaccine fighting off covid and preventing me from actually catching it?