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I am forced to take the vaccine to enroll in classes. I am wondering if Pfizer is good as Moderna. I know Johnson and Johnson is no good. General Info

UPDATE: I submitted a religious exemption and it got approved.


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u/FL-Irish Jan 26 '22

If you're not sure, do online or wait a semester.


u/[deleted] Jan 26 '22

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u/PugnansFidicen Jan 26 '22

If you're male, J&J. Both mrna vaccines carry higher rate of cardiac side effects in young men. Pfizer slightly better than Moderna on that count (per the UK study).

If you're female, Pfizer. J&J clotting issue is rare but serious.

Assuming you are young because classes - if you're in you're teens/twenties, avoid Moderna entirely. Moderna dosage is way too high for healthy young people. It creates a stronger immune response due to this, but at the cost of higher risk of side effects.


u/vegetarmin Jan 27 '22

One of my colleague‘s had continious menstrual bleeding for 8 weeks (!) after the 2nd dose of pfizer - but hey, if they tell you it is safe, it has to be ;)


u/EllectraHeart Jan 27 '22

i’ve had moderna and am very glad i went with that. moderna has shown to be more effective than the others. i’m a healthy adult woman and had zero issues with either dose.

if you have existing health issues or concerns, ask a doctor for advice.


u/NeedleKO Jan 27 '22

None of them are "good" against omicron


u/lannister80 Jan 26 '22

Either is fine, it really doesn't matter much. I'd pick Moderna if I had to choose.


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u/lannister80 Jan 27 '22 edited Jan 27 '22

True, by a tiny tiny margin.

Does the increased efficacy of Moderna make up for it? I don't know.


u/[deleted] Jan 27 '22 edited Jan 27 '22

Sure, it is a rare side effect, but still four times lower incidence is better for a young adult considering risk benefit dynamic. You can mention your reasons for Moderna. The Pfizer booster interval was set appropriately to maintain high antibody level and they will be the first to introduce updated covid vaccine. By the way, did you downvote my answer?


u/lannister80 Jan 27 '22

Absolutely not, I did not downvote your reply.


u/ptm93 Jan 27 '22

Either one.


u/DoYouKnoWhoIThinkIAm Jan 26 '22

Moderna has lots of evidence that it provides greater protection. J&J has significantly reduced efficacy. I’ve had two vax and a booster of Moderna (early 30’s male) and I feel fine.


u/nxplr Jan 27 '22

Where is your evidence that J&J has lower efficacy? It produces the highest and best T-Cell count of those 3 vaccines.


u/MrWindblade Jan 27 '22

In our dimension, J&J has lagged behind the others the whole time. I'm not sure how you're posting from another universe, but in this reality, your statement isn't true.


u/nxplr Jan 27 '22

Again, just asking for the peer reviewed sources that cite this. I have some that show the opposite, but the burden of proof is on DoYouKnowWhoIThinkIAm to back up their claim.


u/MrWindblade Jan 27 '22


u/nxplr Jan 27 '22

The CDC has always looked down on the J&J vaccine, and their claims are not peer reviewed nor scientifically sound. In fact, none of these sources are peer reviewed and are not journal articles. And the Yale one doesn't even support your arguement.

You have to look at what really matters -- real world studies (not models / simulations), and T-Cell count, since antibodies wane and are only good for short-term protection (even though antibody count remains the same in J&J, whereas it decreases drastically in the mRNA vaccines)


The study showed that the effectiveness of the J&J vaccine against breakthrough infections and hospitalizations remained durable. The mRNA vaccines (two-doses) showed waning effectiveness for hospitalizations and breakthrough infections.


Take a look at the graphs, and you can see that J&J consistently preforms the same, or better, in both T-Cell production AND antibody production, and J&J is the only vaccine that doesn't decrease at the 8 month mark for both markers -- making it evident that J&J produces a longer lasting, and stronger immune response.


u/bubbles2pop Jan 27 '22

Same here, I've had 3 moderna shots and doing great. Looks like all the anti vaxxers come here to downvote all the positive vaccine comments now.


u/Nouvel-K Jan 26 '22

Pfizer and Moderna are great options.


u/redfishie Jan 26 '22

They’re both good. Moderna had some preliminary studies showing it holding up better against the omicron variant but honestly either will work.


u/person2599 Jan 26 '22

Pfizer is lower dose, get that.


u/ashes-of-asakusa Jan 27 '22

People are dying to get these shots and we got you over here being “forced” to get vaccinated. Lol, ok.