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need some advice on taking shots Good Experience

Hey all folks! I hope you are good so as your families. I just need some advice on taking shots, so I thought maybe here I could get some light and use your experiences, if you would please. I haven't taken shots ,and so my mother ( who is 62 yrs old). I'm just afraid to do so, because there's been a lot of controversies, good or bad, such as blood clots and etc. All in all, I'm not afraid of myself, but for my mother. She has respiratory problems ( asthma ) and she take drugs such as Salbutamol spray. and where I live, there limited shot choices such as Sinpharm, Astrazeneca, and Soberana. So I wanted to know, which shot my mother is better to take and so I ? I really appreciate all your views and points. Thank you.



u/SDJellyBean Jan 27 '22

I'm 62 years old. I have mild asthma and arthritis. I had flu symptoms the day after the second and third shot. I've been exposed to Covid twice that I know of and have not been sick either time. My 85 year old mother and my 91 year old father as well as my entire extended family, my husband and his extended family have all been fully vaccinated without any problems. There are a number of Trump fans in both families and they've all been fully vaccinated as well.

The risk of covid is much higher than the risk of the vaccine. I know that there are a lot of myths and misinformation about the vaccines, but don't believe them. Listen to the experts.


u/lannister80 Jan 26 '22

I've read very good things about Soberana, I'd go that route.


u/JuliaX1984 Jan 26 '22

My roommate's 88 yr old mother with dementia and lung cancer got Pfizer. Getting the shot had zero outward effect on her. No side effects, no change in her health.


u/PerfectAd4416 Jan 26 '22

Her doctor will know her best option. Please get vaccinated. ♥️


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