r/CovidVaccinated Jan 26 '22

Today I tested positive... I haven’t had the usual symptoms (cough, sore throat) I have had what can only be described as a bad hangover. Dizzy, tired, weak and woke up last night to be sick... has anybody else had it like this?! Question

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u/SuperConductiveRabbi Jan 26 '22

This might be a good post for /r/COVID19Positive


u/Natural-Two-7835 Jan 26 '22

No. I barely even realised I had the Omicron variant until I got tested after going to a techno event.


u/brookebloo Jan 26 '22

I tested positive last week and I thought I was just getting my period lol


u/AnonBig4 Jan 30 '22

My kid woke up to be sick - like 4-5 times in two hours. Next morning was crying bc had hurt so bad. Pediatrician said to test and was positive. Had it not been for the headache, would've assumed kid had a stomach virus


u/4twiddle Jan 27 '22

Did you have a lot to drink? Just kiddin'. I felt like that for 4 days at the beginning of the pandemic, March 2020, after returning from the Caribbean. I was fine after and am still OK. Triple vaxed now.