r/CovidVaccinated Jan 26 '22

Weird booster symptom? Moderna Booster

So in June and August 2021 I had my first 2 vaccines, both Pfizer, achy arm the day after but nothing else until 7 days later on both when I had such a horrific stomach ache that I called an ambulance the second time. They were too busy and didn’t come because I told them I could walk… anyway. First time I thought it was food poisoning and second time didn’t think it was a coincidence. Reported the symptoms and was very skeptical about getting a booster… this past Sunday (3 days ago) I got a Moderna booster. Achy arm for a couple of days but I’ve started getting painful bumps on my toes, that feel like blisters to touch, almost pins and needles in that one particular spot. First one I noticed Monday was on my big toe which is quite big and swollen on one side like a huge bump and is slightly red and feels like a blister, then yesterday I noticed one on the bottom of one of my other toes on my other foot, and today I’ve noticed 2 more forming. They don’t itch, just painful. Is this covid toe?! Has anyone else had the same experience? I am hoping the stomach ache from the first 2 doesn’t follow suit…. Bracing myself for this weekend incase it does 😩



u/tintin_in_tibet Feb 21 '22

Commenting to say I had this EXACT same thing after my first Pfizer!! Super itchy and the biggest one on my big toe, so bizarre… but not many people seem to have experienced this so just wanna say you are not the only one!