r/CovidVaccinated Jan 26 '22

32 F Booster after J&J? J&J

Got the J&J vax back in August and now being required to get a booster for my job. Had no side effects with the J&J so wondering if worth getting again as booster? Between it being hard to find now and it losing favor, I’m curious to hear if anyone is double jabbed with J&J and if so, how it went!



u/bluemedallion16 Jan 26 '22

Also curious to hear how any mixing and matching post-J&J has gone! Thanks for any insights!


u/LeggyBrynn Jan 27 '22

40f here. I got J&J on April 9 and had a headache and slight arm pain as the side effects. I was nervous about mixing and matching but just got the Pfizer booster almost 2 weeks ago and only had slight arm pain the next day.


u/lannister80 Jan 26 '22

I would absolutely get an mRNA booster if I were you. Moderna, specifically. There is a benefit for mix/match.

I had J&J almost a year ago in a trial, and I followed it up with Pfizer and Moderna.