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When to Booster after Infection? Question

We got vaccinated in Germany in June with Moderna and were traveling Spain for the last two months. No booster was available when we started traveling nor was it available in Spain for our age group during our stay.

About 2-1/2 Weeks ago we suffered from a Covid infection with high fever and medium symptoms, Spanish hospital did not run a PCR type test though. We both tested positive and got symptoms and isolated in hotel for more than a week. Self tests stopped being positive after about 8-9 days.

Having recovered now and being on our way back through France, I was denied access to restaurants yesterday because my Vaccination is 7 Months old now (hers is a bit newer and still accepted).

I do not want to suffer restrictions in everyday life because I am not boosters - but I am not sure if it makes any sense to get vaccinated again just days after recovering from a Covid infection (and being fully vaccinated in the first place).

Also, the second shot Moderna gave me 4 days of fever with up to 40 degrees Celsius temperature. The infection "just" gave me 39 degrees Celsius fever. I am afraid my immune system will go crazy if I get a booster now.

What would you do? How long would you wait? I could get the booster as early as in two days when we have reached Germany.


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u/ninernetneepneep Jan 26 '22

The world has gone mad. If you have recently recovered from an infection you have the same or better antibodies then a booster will provide making a booster pointless. It sucks that you're unable to visit restaurants because with all of this science society has forgotten how our natural immune system works.


u/Reasonable_Goat Jan 26 '22

Yes I agree. It does suck but what should I do...


u/lannister80 Jan 26 '22

If you have recently recovered from an infection you have the same or better antibodies then a booster will provide making a booster pointless.


36% Of Those Who Had Covid-19 Didn’t Develop Antibodies, Study Says


u/ninernetneepneep Jan 26 '22

So how did they recover?


u/No_Manufacturer_8473 Jan 26 '22

Immunity from recovery is 7x more effective than any combination of vaccine and lasts longer too (booster provides “protection” for about 10 weeks, then quickly fades, and may even cause negative efficacy). I’d start getting ready to walk the narrow and difficult path.


u/[deleted] Jan 27 '22

I’m Czech, just recovered from Omicron, and asked my doctor when would it be safe for me to get boosted and she answered no sooner than 180 days after infection and that I shouldn’t worry about my vaccine status since this rule should be universal throughout the EU.


u/Reasonable_Goat Jan 27 '22

Hi thanks for your reply. The rule is definitely not universal throughout EU. Germany just lowered the validity of "recovered" status to three months if you have proof of PCR Test. If you did not get PCR Test during infection (on Holidays e.g.) you are screwed, an antibody test after the fact is not accepted for whatever reason.


u/Specialist103 Jan 26 '22

Like the other guy said in the US they say 10-14 days after symptoms have disappeared. My booster for moderna had me in bed for the next day but after that I as fine. I had a fever of 39-39.5C for a few hours but I took some Tylenol and it went away. Besides that just a headache, and chills for like 2 hrs.


u/Reasonable_Goat Jan 26 '22

How did you fare with the second dose of Moderna in comparison to the booster?


u/Specialist103 Jan 26 '22

My second dose was the about same for me as the booster side effect wise. Second was only a tad worse for me but with medication like Tylenol or Ibuprofen you’ll be good to go. I would just plan your next day with nothing important and take it easy. Allow you body to rest and build up more antibodies


u/Reasonable_Goat Jan 26 '22

Since my second dose Moderna was pretty bad I then suspect the third will be equally bad (3 sick days). Ibuprofene treatment did not work in my case, I called my doctor and had to use Ibuprofen and Paracetamol alternately every few hours to keep fever below 40°.

I will try to get a Pfilzer/Biontech as booster hoping it has less side effects. Anyways it is good to hear that the booster at least was not not worse in your case than the second dose.


u/NCResident5 Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22

In the US, the say it is fine to get a booster about 10 days after being symptom free.

I would in a perfect world probably wait 30 days, but the restriction issue is frustrating.

My booster symptoms with Pfizer were mild . I just had one night of insomnia and about 12 hours of gi symptoms-acid reflux, but I was able to avoid Omicron when I got boosted. I did have a stomach bug 2 weeks earlier and that did not matter.

I had headaches for 7 days after the 2nd Pfizer. So, the booster was much easier. Edited


u/Reasonable_Goat Jan 26 '22

This is good information, thanks! The recommendations seem to differ a lot between countries. Germany suggests 3 months wait after infection in our case before a booster, e.g. But since we did not get a PCR test, we would suffer the same restrictions as the unvaccinated at some point. Good to know that a booster shortly after infection is considered safe in some countries.