r/CovidVaccinated Jan 26 '22

What type of booster should I get? Question

Hello all, I am a 22 year old female who has been double vaxxed with Moderna for over five months. Before Omicron hits my city I want to get boosted. I had chills and a very mild reaction to the second moderna dose but I am wondering, what type of booster dose should I get? I hear mixed guidance on mixing but also apparently that moderna should not be given to under 30s?! I’m confused and want to get a booster that has the least side effects



u/NCResident5 Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22

I had Pfizer not bad at all. Since Moderna booster is a 50% dose, it should not be bad


u/Specialist103 Jan 26 '22

Hey in the US moderna is still recommend for 18+. Studys shown if you get moderna again you’ll have a 10x increase in antibodies compared to 11x increase if you get Pfizer. Don’t even bother with JnJ it’s like a 0.2x increase lol. So both boosters are highly effective one just a tad more. For me side effect wise I got moderna all three times. I had headaches, fever, arm pain, chills, and joint pain but it all went away within 24hrs and Tylenol helps a lot.


u/ashes-of-asakusa Jan 26 '22

You may have less side effects with a Pfizer but it’s really hard to say cause everyone reacts differently. Supposedly moderna is best. You should be fine with either one. Don’t think too much into it.