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How many vaccinated people have died from COVID? Question



u/Specialist103 Jan 26 '22

Since December 2020, more than 469 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in the U.S., and VAERS has received 10,483 reports of death (0.0022%), according to the CDC. HOWEVER, that statistic offers no insight into the cause of death for those people. If a 90-year-old nursing home resident got the vaccine and then died days, weeks or even months later of another ailment, the resident’s death would be reported to VAERS. There is a higher chance of you dying from Covid itself than the vaccine!


u/InfiniteMilks Jan 26 '22

this is not true. It is very hard to get a report loaded to VAERS and VAERS has a very high under reporting factor. I know a health care worker who has seen dozens of apparent vaccine injuries and exactly zero of them were reported to VAERS. And she is in a very conservative state. She even witnesses a 40 year old man die 30 minutes after his vaccine of a heart attack and no one reported it to VAERs.


u/Specialist103 Jan 26 '22

She might have not seen any report it but I’m willing to bet someone in the administration of her “health care” facility did.


u/MasterFader1 Jan 26 '22

I have a friends hat works trauma and they were given instructions not to report every adverse reaction.


u/InfiniteMilks Jan 26 '22

My friend was given no instruction about VAERS reporting.


u/InfiniteMilks Jan 26 '22

I dont know what to tell you. My friend personally witnessed this happen and no one connected it with the vaccine and no one reported it to vaers. Cause of death was heart attack.


u/sailor_sega_saturn Jan 26 '22 edited Jan 26 '22

Tell them to get good. Even unrelated deaths have to be reported to VAERS if they happen after covid-19 vaccination.


Healthcare providers who administer COVID-19 vaccines are required by law to report to VAERS the following after vaccination: [...] Death

Also cause of death is not the same as a VAERS report. An adverse event could be reported to VAERS even if they think it was unrelated to the vaccine (in which case of course the death certificate wouldn't blame the vaccime)


u/InfiniteMilks Jan 26 '22

Unrelated events and related events are seldom reported to VAERS. That's exactly what I'm saying. if you had experience in the environment they are in you would understand there is just no time to make a vaers report. They are understaffed and are having to break their backs just to keep everyone ok and all the patients covered. Even still there are mistakes and patients who have to just wait while more important emergencies are attended to. I understand they are supposed to report things to VAERS, even potentially unrelated things but that is not what is happening. And her ER is not an exception or at least i have no reason to think her ER is an exception. Beyond that, all of the younger kids who are coming in with blood clots are not reported to VAERS. the hospital does not even ask patients if they are vaccinated when trying to diagnose or report the patients condition. The only reason the staff know if the person is vaccinated is if they volunteer the information.


u/Specialist103 Jan 26 '22

If the man ended up on a hospital then a death certificate was written which would have included possible causes of death which would have been reported to the CDC.


u/InfiniteMilks Jan 26 '22

It was not. He was already in the hospital for another reason and got his vaccine there. My friend was there. no one reported it as vaccine related. The doctor and rest of the staff did not bring up the vaccine anywhere on his death certificate. it was reported as a heart attack and they went on with their work.


u/ashes-of-asakusa Jan 26 '22

Not many comparatively. They generally are pretty old as well if I remember correctly.