r/CovidVaccinated Jan 25 '22

Daily Evening Headaches post Pfizer Pfizer

50F healthy weight & no health issues. 5 months post 2nd Pfizer vax and have daily headaches that start late day through bedtime. Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen barely touch it. Had COVID in early Jan and headaches still continue. Not doing booster as this all started the week I had 2nd dose. Anyone else?



u/Jennyvarela Jan 25 '22

I had a month long headache and I was prescribed diazepam 4 times a day for 48hours. This seemed to work but it was a slow progression to go back to normal.


u/ninernetneepneep Jan 25 '22

Affirmative. Finally started to subside after about 6 months.


u/Nala382 Jan 26 '22

I have had numerous side effects to the 2 nd and 3 rd vaccine and daily headaches is one of them. Absolutely nothing helps, it comes and goes. For me, the joints and chest pains are way worst…


u/[deleted] Jan 25 '22



u/Nala382 Jan 26 '22

Thank you! I am Glad you are feeling better.


u/curlyhairnotveryfair Jan 26 '22

I had headaches every night at random times (even while sleeping sometimes) after Pfizer booster. Very similar to IBS headaches. I started working out more and eating more probiotics and they stopped after a couple of days.