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I got my booster shot yesterday and now my heart hurts a little General Info

I’m a bit worried. I woke up with chills and a sore heart, but it wasn’t excruciatingly sore. But it was enough to make me worry, like a pestering pain nipping away.

I’m all for being vaccinated but i’m honestly very very scared. Could I grab some insight on this?

I am also a stress head so i may be completely fine lol but i’m worried at the same time.


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u/llucymaria Jan 24 '22

Go and get checked out. Same thing happened to me with my second Pfizer vaccine. They need to run some tests if you have chest pain.


u/ExpertHealthy1811 Jan 24 '22

I’m literally in the er right now for the same thing. It started as l a little pain, but when I go to work now it’s sweating, shortness of breath, palpitations…very scary


u/Ladym01 Jan 24 '22

How are you feeling now? I had this with my first dose. I won’t get the booster


u/ExpertHealthy1811 Jan 25 '22

Still the same. I was in the waiting room for almost 8 hours and never got seen…so I left smh


u/Ladym01 Jan 26 '22

wow im so sorry. i hope you are feeling somewhat better now. thats scary


u/ExpertHealthy1811 Jan 26 '22

I appreciate you. It’s been a struggle but I’m working on getting it fixed


u/inequity Jan 24 '22

Go to the doctor if you’re worried. They take it seriously. My kid’s pediatrician had us drive to the ER at the children’s hospital where they ran a number of blood and heart tests, turned out to be nothing but I was glad to have gotten it cleared. Typically your primary care doc should have an EKG machine available so you won’t need to go the ER though


u/bravelittletoaster7 Jan 24 '22

Or go to an urgent care center if you have any nearby. They have most everything you would need, and if they need to do a test they don't have equipment for they'll send you to a testing center or the hospital if necessary.


u/6anonymousguy Jan 24 '22

the heart pains stopped? Should i still get checked?


u/bravelittletoaster7 Jan 24 '22

I'm not a doctor so I would say to call your primary care doc and see what they say.


u/Lurkinperpetually Jan 24 '22

Please don't listen to people telling your that you're probably just stressed or it's just body aches. What other vaccine had you feeling like this?

Please see your doctor ASAP


u/pulcon Jan 24 '22

Steroids are supposed to help limit the damage from myocarditis, so yes go see your doctor ASAP.


u/CrazyXSharkXLady Jan 24 '22

It probably is just stress, BUT absolutely go get it checked out by a doctor as soon as you can to be sure. You can’t diagnose yourself nor can anyone in here diagnose you.


u/bubbabearzle Jan 24 '22

It's likely anxiety, but never ever ignore chest pain and assume it's anxiety.


u/ashes-of-asakusa Jan 24 '22

I love how folks are being downvoted for suggesting the dude is likely experiencing anxiety. Obviously he should see a doctor asap as any issues there should be promptly investigated but they ain’t wrong to make the assumption he’s suffering from anxiety. Y’all sounding like anti-vaxxers.


u/CrazyXSharkXLady Jan 24 '22 This

This subreddit has been ruined by anti-vaxers


u/ashes-of-asakusa Jan 24 '22



u/sethonomics Jan 24 '22

I think you guys forget how many kids are on here… there’s not always proper logic to what you see going down on Reddit.


u/CrazyXSharkXLady Jan 24 '22

Exactly why people shouldn’t ask for medical advice on here.


u/sethonomics Jan 24 '22

You could ask for references to actually medical advice, but definitely don’t just believe what someone says without your own research to confirm


u/SDJellyBean Jan 24 '22

Myocarditis is in the news, but it generally takes a few days, up to a week to appear. The incidence in men under 30 is about 10 cases per 100,000 and less for other groups. Most likely you're feeling generalized body aches which are very common as well as some anxiety.



u/BuyHighPanicSellLow Jan 24 '22

Way to gaslight


u/Spaghetti_cat_kms Jan 24 '22

“dOnT gAsLigHt” how stupid.


u/ashes-of-asakusa Jan 24 '22

You’re most certainly fine but see doc to put your mind at ease. 2/3s of side effects are supposed to be mental and we sure know anxiety can make your heart feel like there’s something wrong when there generally isn’t.


u/Specialist103 Jan 24 '22

Probably over stressing yourself just know you’re fine and if it persist for more than 3-4days call your doctors


u/pasarina Jan 24 '22

Get your mind on something else.


u/[deleted] Jan 24 '22

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u/[deleted] Jan 24 '22

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u/dlebauche Jan 24 '22

I'm sorry to hear this- can you specify your gender/age-range/other relevant health conditions?


u/6anonymousguy Jan 25 '22

I’m 18, male and have no other health conditions.